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Considerations for updating SOPs

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  • Considerations for updating SOPs

    I wanted to get some feedback from the community about whether or not the SOPs should be updated to better represent the current conventions. Seasoned players will most likely know these things or could guess, but there may be some slight differences between leaders which could cause confusion, also new players to the outfit could benefit.

    Specifically these terms are used frequently by various leaders/players but I couldn't find them in the SOPs:

    Hold Spawns
    Short Range / Close Range / Mid Range / Long range (sometimes with trailing AI AV AT) (also could supply examples of each)
    Battle Comms
    [Person] Has comms (Please take comm)
    [Person] Has point (Please take point)
    Spawn beacon down (is it taken out or just placed?)
    Base locations, shorts fats skinny, door 1...x

    Beacons could probably be added to the list of things to ask for SL?

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    Since during the meeting spawn beacon (i.e. squad beacon) terminology was my example for an SOP we can work on:

    I often hear ambiguous terms used to describe the status of the spawn beacon. "Down" can mean placed on the "down" on the ground, or it can mean "down" as in "off" or the opposite of "on". I think there's a few other variations that can be interpreted either way. Can also apply to other deployables, like engineer walls and turrets, motion spotters, shield recharging fields, perhaps even construction system buildings.

    I only say that we should use unambiguous terms that anyone not in TG would understand. If we want to standardize that to Online / Offline, or Placed / Destroyed, or something similar that's fine, but more important to me is that we don't use ambiguous terms.

    I personally (usually) say "Placed" when I... set... one, "Online" if someone asks for its status and I see its... still going..., "Offline" when I see a spawn beacon is ... no longer there... and "Destroyed" when I shoot one until its... dead.

    Even in typing that last sentence I have to be careful not to use ambiguous terminology.

    If we wanted to specify "correct" terms, I'd suggest alive/dead or online/offline. I have a slight preference for not regulating this strictly other than to be aware not to use ambiguous terms.


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      Hello everyone

      I am going to address some of these points from my perspective.

      Hold Spawns:

      Everyone should "hold spawns" UNLESS told to do otherwise.

      When you start the game, you spawn into the Warp Gate, then join a TG squad.
      First, have a look at the map to make sure you are on the same continent.
      Second, look to see where the SL and OR where the bulk of the squad are.
      Next, if you have not been greeted, assigned a task or briefed, make your self known.

      "This Bravo 4 Standing by at warp gate, What does the Squad need?"

      Once you are with the squad, when you die, HOLD SPAWN (and wait for a medic)

      This will hold true until the Squad lead has stated a spawn instruction

      NOTE: If the SL feels the current situation is no longer viable he may call HOLD SPAWN, to this when you die, refuse revives and hold spawns.

      Periodically let the SL know you are holding spawn

      "This is Charlie 7 Holding spawn!"
      "This is Charlie 7 Holding spawn. Where do you want me to spawn?"

      Why should we HOLD SPAWN?

      We hold spawn so that everyone has the chance to spawn at the same time and same location and group up together as a squad. It also allows everyone's beacon timers to reset.

      If everyone spawns randomly, chances are you will not spawn together, so the squad will not be as effective.

      When you do spawn, look for your squad members and make your way to the closest one, ideally at the spawn or close to the spawn while under cover

      If your unsure, buddy up with someone, until you regroup with your team mates.

      This should not be a problem if the SL is on top of the situation but sometime the SL can go down and not have eyes on where the squad is located.

      But Delta 4 garbed the point and we won the base.....
      So... was he been a team player, working with the squad or solo on his his own gain?
      Did he have the support of the squad and the SL?
      Why is the rest of the squad dead and holding spawn?
      These questions are rhetorical the fact of the matter is, unless the SL has told you to spawn when you can when you die, bad practice but sometimes unavoidable, HOLD SPAWN.

      Also when the SL sees that everyone IS dead and HOLDING SPAWN, they have time to look at the map and make a decisions on the next course of action. (use this time to take a small brake before a faster paced squad starts again.)


      For setting beacons the word "Deployed" sounds like "destroyed" and should be avoided, leaving question on the current status of the beacon.

      For setting a beacon, before the new changes, we found that the follow worked well:
      The SL would Drop a beacon and say "Beacon SET" following by information related to that act.
      eg when use it or where to land etc.

      The above can still be used but with an added step.
      SL requests a beacon:
      "Alpha 2 can you drop a beacon at your location please" or "A2 drop beacon"
      Alpha 2 Drops a beacon and says "Beacon SET" no need to add more. as the instruction is in response to the SL's request.

      On a side note - Spawning and re pulling assets:
      Beacons should be treated the same as a vehicle and MAX asset,Upon request.
      Do not pull assets unless ask to by the Squad lead.

      This can also be joined with, "please keep the same kit until told otherwise".

      So if you were a sky guard before you died, the chances are, you will be required to remain as sky guard and pull again, but, ask anyway, as the plan may have changed.

      If the Squad lead has stated "A2 you are now our dedicated Galaxy", your job would be to maintain a gal. With this responsibility, it would be good practice to keep the SL informed of situations that can stop you from doing this task.

      "A2 unable to pull new gal, Gal is down."

      "Gal to SL ......AA is too hot Gal has peeled off."

      We now have a new tool in our tactical box, anyone can now drop a beacon now. To avoid confusion I would like everyone to treat it an asset highlighted in the side note above.

      If you are setting a beacon without asking,
      • you may displace a strategically placed one.
      • You are now on calldown so cannot set a new beacon if requested.
      • You can give away the squads location.
      Please ask the SL before dropping a beacon.

      So Who's beacon is it anyway?

      You see a beacon on a tower and the whole squad is active.

      "A7 Beacon other there" Was this a request to drop a beacon, did you see a beacon?, is it friendly or enemy?

      "NW Tower High/Top enemy beacon", now everyone know your looking an an enemy beacon and where is it from your location.

      leading to:

      "Beacon removed/Destroyed"
      • if everyone uses "beacon set" there should be little confusion as to what just happened.
      • If the beacon was removed within a few minutes and no other beacon talk was called, the SL can assume you are talking about the aforementioned beacon.
      While "NW Tower beacon destroyed" would carry more weight as it roughly follows the "label" it was first given even without the work "Enemy"

      Battle Comms:.

      For me "battle comms" is a polite way to ask the squad to stop chatting away and focus on task in hand and look out for targets around them.

      Handing over comms:

      I am the SL, why did I give A2 the comms?

      I give someone the COMMS when they have a better understanding of the situation to assist in how I am running the squad at that time. This can be temporary or sustained.
      • I could just need a few seconds to take a breather, look at the map, or simply not be in the same location.
      • Some members are better suited to a task then myself so I may Give them "the comms" at that time.
        • Garthra as point man, would have a different view of the battle field then myself which I can use directly to the squad advantage by giving him full control of that situation. Once he feel the job is done, he can return the comms back to me.
      While not part of the SOP, and not "back seat leading" this is a tactical decision I will sometimes use if I feel it would benefit the current situation. I keep the SL star and and control of the squad able to change my planes at any time.

      This requires that the appointed person has the ability to think on their feet, and feedback Intel as needed. It also requires that they wish to be assigned that task in the first place, TS is your friend.

      Fire team lead:

      A fire Team lead has less control of the whole squad but has control of his fire team, now with the voice channel FIRETEAM he can communicate with his fire team without stepping over the SL comms.

      An FTL can be the whole squad or a single player

      How the Squad leader uses Fireteams: Diamond, Hearts, Spades and Clubs Icons are a tactical choice and will be different with every Leader .

      Point man:

      A point man is simply a member of the squad that is assigned with getting the squad to task.
      • Everyone can follow them (even if going the wrong way) teamwork
      • The SL can use the point man to make sure the route is clear before bringing the whole squad to task while keeping cohesion
      • The point man can used to observe a situation that may hinder the squad achieving the task. allowing the SL to rethink the current tactics.
      • The point man can be the one who calls out targets and even request to preposition to better solve the task.
      The point man could also be assigned as an FTL to make it easier for everyone to see them. The SL should inform the point man or the FTL the extent of their new position and what is needed stating how much leeway they will be given to completing the task..

      SL states "Heats head back to the last base and retake the point". Heats FTL will have FULL control of that situation including Kit changed AND vehicle as needed. While maintaining communication with the SL.

      SL states "Heart head to the North tower, Spade head to the south tower." plus relevant orders

      Both FTL will have no control over kit changes as they are working WITH the SL, unless otherwise stated or requested.

      I have skipped the following as they may be linked elsewhere or to give other a change to contribute.

      Short Range / Close Range / Mid Range / Long range (sometimes with trailing AI AV AT) (also could supply examples of each)
      Base locations, shorts fats skinny, door 1...x
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