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Happy New Year 2019!

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  • Happy New Year 2019!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Thank you all for another great year with Tactical Gamer Planetside 2!

    To list a few general highlights of 2018, we have had some very effective joint operations with CML, we good coordination with RITE, and through NATO we are slowly integrating ourselves into the serverwide NC. Over the last year we have promoted several new Corporals who carry on the TG leadership torch into a new generation. Finally, we are one of the few outfits that has maintained a presence since the beginning of the game and continues to grow even so many years in.

    Our squads continue to demonstrate the principles of the TG Primer: teamwork, maturity, and real world tactics. Our veteran squad leaders have continued to lead the type of squads they are known for. More importantly, our rank and file continues to grow, filled with new members who are excited to work as a team. Alongside them are the long-time TG Planetside 2 veterans to show them how TG squads operate. TG squads rely, perhaps more than most outfits, on that core group of veteran members to set the tone. I know every squad leader is grateful for the squad members who help the squad run smoothly by their example. Thanks to the vets, you know who you are.

    2018 was a good year for TG Planetside 2 guys, and we should pat ourselves on the back for it.
    This is not to say there is not still work to be done at an individual and tactical level. (New Years Resolution for me personally--get more headshots!) Several people have expressed interest in increased training in the future to improve our effectiveness. We can and will improve in the coming year. But let's take some pride in where we are as a community.

    Tactical Gamer thrives because each of us helps it along. Well done in 2018 everyone, and let's keep it up in the new year.

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    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Well said Garthra !


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