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  • [INFO] PTS Update

    The release date for this update may be a typo, but here's some of the recent changes:

    More stuff coming to PTS soon, but here's some changes to take a look at right away. Currently there is a bug preventing creation of new NS characters that should be fixed in our next update.

    Server Side Changes

    Zone Performance Improvements
    Zone Stability Improvements

    Numeric Vehicle Health Display Option
    Drawing more attention to the alert icon whenever you close the map.
    Right clicking on the vehicle quick-spawn on the redeploy screen should remove your selection.
    Vehicle Balance
    VLG (Valkyrie)
    Speed 25 -> 50
    Max Speed 125 -> 150
    Reload Speed 2000 -> 1500
    Lockon Acceleration .25 -> 2
    Lifespan 5 -> 3.5
    Lockon Lifespan 4.5 -> 3.4

    Hellion (Valkyrie)
    Ammo 50 -> 60
    Max Damage 167 -> 200
    Min Damage 125 -> 143
    Dev Note: The VLG may be a bit overtuned. We'll be keeping this on test until we do some actual playtests for NSO. At this point, we can review how powerful it is, and potentially pull it back some.

    Bug Fixes

    Symbiote implant cancels Join Combat.
    On Large Outpost Capture alert, cut off Outposts will no longer count towards score.
    General NSO fixes, and content additions.
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    I'm glad the creation of NSO characters was noticed, or read from my bug report. I tried and failed to create one. When I tried again my name was taken but the character was not on my list.

    I do like the Valkyrie changes too. It gives us more incentive to try the VLG. The old problem was that the Valkyrie flew faster than the "rocket".




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