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PTS Update 1/30/19

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  • [INFO] PTS Update 1/30/19

    There's been another PTS update that focuses heavily on fixing many of the issues with the NSO operatives among other things:

    Nanite Systems Operatives (NSO) Fixes and Changes

    We've completed much of the remaining functionality for the Nanite Systems Operative faction, and fixed a multitude of reported issues. Please continue to provide bug reports as we move closer to a release date.

    NSO characters can once again be created.
    NSO characters are now assigned to the correct factions.
    Fixed an issue where certain NSO first person animations would cover the screen with the character's shoulder.
    Grenades and utility objects are now properly purchasable.
    NSO Construction objects can now be purchased in the depot and from the ANT.
    NSO characters are now immune to damage in Warpgates.
    Personal/Squad Waypoints now appear on the map.
    Radial Menu can now be used.
    You will no longer start with a spawn beacon in-hand.
    Sunderer spawns show up correctly now for NSO players.
    NSO can heal and revive players on the team they have been assigned to.
    Lock-on weapons can no longer target allied vehicles.
    NSO players now have voices and sounds based on which team they are assigned to.
    Teleporters accept NSO characters now.
    The marketplace now shows the correct weapons in the depot for NSO.
    New weapon directive categories have been created for NSO. These directive categories differ from those of VS, NC, and TR characters.
    Models have been updated for the Hardlight Barrier, Proximity Mines, Frag Grenads and Sticky Grenades.
    Directive rewards are now available for vehicles and infantry in the directive tree.
    NSO Players can now look at and use ASP.
    NSO vehicles no longer show as faction tinted in the preview window.
    Grenade Bandolier interacts correctly with all NSO grenades now.
    NSO Liberator default weapons now match the other factions.
    Changed the default starting knife to a more suitable placeholder.
    NSO characters can now enter VR Training of the faction they are currently assigned to.
    Known Issues with Nanite Systems Operatives
    NSO character models are caked in white on the loadout and death screens.
    Mine Carrier, Demolition Pouch, and multiple ranks of various mines are broken.
    Various icons missing or using filler data.
    Various directive rewards have yet to be established for NSO characters.
    Health bars aren't showing above spotted targets.
    Explosives aren't showing icons when spotted, or when friendly.
    NSO characters can still deal friendly fire in VR Training.

    Infantry Adjustments

    Anti-Vehicle Grenade (Heavy Assault)
    Inner blast radius from 1m to 1.5m
    Armor penetration bonus from 50% to 100%.
    Dev Note: These changes provide a modest damage boost against armored vehicle targets, and more consistent damage in other situations.

    Vehicle Adjustments

    Walker (Sunderer version)
    Walker refire rate from 120ms to 100ms
    Dev Note: This buff puts the Sunderer's Walker anti-air weapon's refire rate in line with the MBT/Harasser/ANT variants, while still having a shorter falloff. This, alongside the Ranger changes below, should make the Walker a more considered choice within the current Ranger meta.

    Ranger (All Vehicles)
    Ranger magazine size from 70 to 60
    Ranger ammo capacity from 800 to 780
    Dev Note: This soft nerf doesn't do much to change the overall power of the weapon, but provides more opportunities for air vehicles to escape if the gunner isn't landing their shots.

    Resistance to Walker (type 22) from 75 to 72.5
    Dev Note: This change moves the Walker's damage output against Liberators a bit closer to the Ranger without usurping its role at closer distances.

    Decoy Flares (All Air Vehicles)
    Cooldown from 40/35/30/25 seconds to 35/30/27/25 seconds.
    Duration from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
    Descriptions updated.
    Dev Note: The cooldown adjustments are geared toward helping newer players make use of this ability without requiring the later levels of the ability. The duration increase provides some additional usefulness in air combat, and while fleeing hostile territory, without being so much of an increase that A2G vehicles get free reign on infantry combat areas.

    Barrage (Prowler Ability)
    Particle FX redone.
    Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds at all ranks.
    Dev Note: The placeholder shield visuals have been removed, and the ability has been made more available at more ranks.

    Flanker Armor (MBT/Lightning Defensive Slot)
    Flanker Armor now also provides resistance to Infantry Launchers (resist type 34) and A2G Warhead (resist type 23) damage.
    Percentage at each rank from 5/10/15/20% to 10/15/18/20%.
    Dev Note: Flanker Armor was hard to justify using, given other alternatives, due to its niche nature. The adjustments here are intended to make Flanker Armor more useful in more situations, while also making each rank more new player friendly to cert into.

    Misc Fixes, Changes, and Additions
    NC Lightning fires projectiles again.
    Daybreak costing Laser Sights show the right percentage now.
    Leadership and Objectives directives have moved from the Infantry tab to the Strategic tab.
    Eliminated a number of decals created by explosive weapons.
    Vehicle Smoke Screens should no longer be blinding during certain times of day, and additional adjustments have been made to the visuals.
    VE-H Maw's reloading particle effects should no longer reappear in the world at places players have previously reloaded.
    Fixed an issue where the Magrider's Saron would muzzle flash when transitioning to third person view.
    Removed the Gallow's CCLR optic which was shared with the Shortbow. Shortbow still retains access to it, and won't need to be unlocked again if you had already unlocked the optic on the Gallows.
    Shortbow's CCLR optic now uses the correct icon.
    Target Focus and Safeguard implants are now equipped by default on new characters.
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    Thanks Assault9 . All it took to trigger the Ranger minor nerf was me maxing out my Vanguard's Ranger. Is there anything else you guys think is too powerful?




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