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PTS Update 1/31/19

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  • [INFO] PTS Update 1/31/19

    The latest PTS update from a few days ago:

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    Health Bars should once again be visible on spotted targets.
    Weapon medals are now set up for NSO Sticky Grenades, Proximity Mines, and Frag Grenades.


    VLG (Valkyrie)
    Reload speed reverted to 2 sec. from 1.5 sec.
    Direct damage from 500 to 575
    Lifespan has been reduced further from 3.5 sec. to 3 sec.
    Dev Note: After receiving feedback from PTS, we felt that the reload speed reduced the value of the weapon being wire guided. The damage increase compensates for some of the reverted reload speed, while maintaining the feeling of control.

    MAX Weapon Adjustments

    We spoke about a MAX unit revamp in various streams, and while this is not that, we did take a moment to address some of the New Conglomerate MAX' weaponry, and do some touchups on VS and TR MAX weapons. The NC MAX' shotgun weaponry has been heavily revised, not only to reel in the stopping power, but also to increase consistency of pellets in each shot, as well as diversify weapon roles to a more noticeable degree. Please provide feedback on these changes after playing with them on PTS, as they have changed significantly from their current performance on Live.

    Changes impacting all NC MAX shotgun weapons
    Cone of fire has been standardized (and buffed heavily) across these weapons.
    CoF bloom is now 0.5
    Standing hipfire CoF is now 0
    Moving CoF is now 0.5
    Crouching CoF is now 0
    Crouch-walking CoF is now 0.25
    Maximum hipfire CoF of the movement states above is now 1
    Slug Ammunition attachment has been removed and refunded (currently still available on PTS, but this will be corrected in a later PTS update.)
    Short and long reloads have been standardized for these weapons, so hitting a "long reload" is no longer possible.
    Weapon specific changes are listed below.

    NCM1 Scattercannon

    Damage range from 130 @ 8m - 50 @ 18m to 125 @ 8m to 35 @ 20m
    Pellets per shot from 6 to 5
    Refire rate from 333ms to 500ms
    Ammo capacity from 60 to 54
    Short reload from 2.945sec. to 3sec.
    Long reload from 3.8sec. to 3sec.
    Pellet spread from 3 to 2
    Ext. Magazine size from 4 to 2
    Dev Note: The Scattercannon is the only shotgun that retains the ability to "one-click bodyshot" infantry targets without headshots, but now comes at higher cost through rate of fire penalties, and a slimmer damage margin to secure a one-shot kill.

    AF-34 Mattock

    Damage range from 100 @ 15m - 70 @ 30m to 100 @ 15m - 35 @ 20m
    Pellets per shot from 6 to 3
    Magazine size from 6 to 8
    Ammo capacity from 60 to 48
    Short reload from 3sec. to 3.25sec.
    Long reload from 3.8sec. to 3.25sec.
    Pellet spread from 2.5 to 1.75
    Ext. Magazine size from 4 to 2
    Dev Note: One of the most popular NC MAX shotguns with the fewest drawbacks. We've pushed the Mattock a bit further into its mid range niche by increasing the reliance on accurate aim, while reducing its versatility at close range.

    AF-41 Hacksaw

    Damage range from 125 @ 8m - 45 @ 18m to 75 @ 8m - 25 @ 15m
    Pellets per shot from 6 to 5
    Magazine size from 6 to 8
    Ammo capacity from 60 to 48
    Short reload from 3.2sec. to 3.5sec.
    Long reload from 4sec. to 3.5sec.
    Pellet spread from 4 to 3
    Ext. Magazine size from 4 to 2
    Dev Note: The Hacksaw still retains the highest damage per second of all the shotguns, while feeling a bit better to use, thanks to the cone of fire and pellet spread adjustments.

    AF-23 Grinder

    Damage range from 130 @ 8m - 50 @ 18m to 50 @ 8m - 20 @ 20m
    Refire rate from 333ms to 500ms
    Magazine size from 8 to 12
    Ammo capacity from 64 to 60
    Short reload from 3.4sec. to 4sec.
    Long reload from 4.3sec. to 4sec.
    This weapon is now automatic.
    Dev Note: Despite being the "mag size" shotgun alternative, it didn't have enough of an identity to warrant using over most other options. We've moved this weapon more into a slow, chunky, suppression weapon with a high up time and room clearing capabilities.

    VS and TR MAX units

    While VS and TR MAX units feel to be in a pretty good spot, a few of the underused weapons were too similar. We're making some minor adjustments to help diversify these weapons a bit more.

    Quasar VM1

    Short reload from 2.1sec. to 2sec.
    Long reload from 2.8sec. to 2.7sec.
    Standing CoF from 1.9 to 1.5
    Moving CoF from 2.4 to 2
    Crouching CoF from 1.4 to 1.25
    Crouchwalking CoF from 1.9 to 1.5
    Dev Note: The changes here move Quasar into a bit more of a competitive alternative to the Blueshift or Nebulas, and sits somewhere between them in terms of accuracy and damage output.

    Cosmos VM3

    Short reload from 2.1sec. to 2.25sec.
    Long reload from 3.1sec. to 3sec.
    Headshot multiplier from 2 to 1.2
    Projectile velocity from 500 to 400
    Projectile size increased
    Projectile visuals modified
    Dev Note: This is a somewhat experimental departure from how the weapon used to behave. Instead of being a "higher ammo capacity Quasar," we're moving it more toward an "Unstable Ammunition" style weapon, with less emphasis on headshots and more consistent damage over time.

    M1 Heavy Cycler

    Short reload from 2.4sec. to 2.2sec.
    Standing CoF from 2 to 1.75
    Moving CoF from 2.5 to 2.25
    Crouchwalking CoF from 2 to 1.75
    Dev Note: This weapon was essentially an inferior Mutilator, with no real reason to use it if you had any other arsenal option unlocked. Without wanting to change the weapon too much, we increased its reload speed and initial accuracy to give it a more solid place in the arsenal.
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    NC maxes getting hit it seems. However, I don't think it's that bad.

    Unstable Ammo?
    Medic cashing bonus checks for Freedom..


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      No more shotgun slugs? How am I supposed to snipe cloakers lurking outside a door?
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