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PTS Update 2/22/19

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  • [INFO] PTS Update 2/22/19

    And the hits keep on coming with more revisions to vehicle combat and NSO updates.

    NS Operatives
    Fixed a crash when trying to log in with an NSO character.
    First logins should now show team color on the first person arms without having to resupply.
    Voice packs now change correctly if your team changes.
    Operative loadout base body models are no longer caked in white.
    Fixed some janky lookin ankles with Operatives on the loadout screen UI.
    Modified visual FX for spawning, despawning, and changing classes.

    Sunderer and ANT
    Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from -50 to -20
    Dev Note: We've walked back some of the tank shell resistance reductions for Sunderers and ANTs over concerns of their limited maneuverability as larger, more easily struck targets. These changes equate to only one less shot to kill from the Live values (from Magrider AP,) instead of the two proposed with the last PTS update.

    MBT and Lightning
    Rear damage multiplier from 2x to 1.5x
    Dev Note: We're going pull back some of the rear-damage for these vehicles, which will have numerous interactions across many weapons, for infantry and vehicle play alike. The previous 2x bonus damage was intentionally severe, as it was intended as a counter-balance to the stronger forward and side armor given to tanks with the Combined Arms update. In function, players were too rarely able to take advantage of this benefit in common vehicle to vehicle situations, which contributed to feedback asking for a return of more standardized damage values.

    Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from -50 to -20
    Engineers in the rumble seat now repair 50% of their normal repair per second value, instead of 30%.
    Dev Note: With MBT and Lightning receiving less damage from the rear now, we've decided to reintroduce some of the vehicle's survivability against those targets. In most cases, this change increases the number of shots to kill for a composite armor Harasser by one, and prevents them from falling into a critical state as they normally would have, without composite armor. The additional rumble seat repair rate should also help boost the vehicle's overall survivability mid-fight.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    Fixed an issue with the last PTS update where Fire Suppression would quickly heal vehicles to full.
    Warpgates once again block projectile collision from outside.
    Original thread:

    Drew has also posted an update thread on Reddit that details how the DirectX 11 port is coming along:

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    Camikaze's latest video showcases most of the recent PTS changes in the last few weeks if you hate reading walls of text :D


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      Thanks Assault.

      I cant believe they somehow had a bug to allow "projectiles" through warp gates.




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