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Honest Question. Would you say the forums are dead?

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  • Honest Question. Would you say the forums are dead?

    I don't know if its just me but I feel like the forums have been super dead in the last 6 months. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks.

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    No. The forums aren't for everyone. They move at a different pace than Discord and have a different purpose. Everything that we say on Discord is forgotten. The forums are where we go when we want lasting impacts to how we play the game.

    I do think that the introduction of Discord has helped in the decline in forum usage though. Keep in mind by asking on the forums you will get biased responses too.


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      Biased? How so?


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        Biased? How so?
        Because only members who are watching the PS2 channels for changes will see the question, and that does not mean if they see it, they will respond to the question.

        As for Discord - it has helped with access to the forums in many ways. Some of what is posted discord is mainly day to day chatter and would be useless posted on the forums unless it was a discussion that could be brought up on forums about bugs, tactic or events or in Game requests.

        When an events is arranged like the Armour Community Event on Saturday 13th 2019, Discord was the fasted way to communicate to EVERYONE active from ArmA, Squad, and Planet Side 2 about the event.

        The forums were then used for information about what was need to play the game, mods, etc and to direct everyone to the ArmA SOPs.

        Discord was also used to setup the roster, which was then posted and updated on the forums.

        One of the Needed MOD is linked to Team Speak to allow usage for Task force radio.

        I feel like the forums have been super dead in the last 6 months
        Do you(anyone) look only at PlanetSide 2 channels?
        Do you(anyone) respond to everyone's post?
        What stops you(anyone) from writing an AAR or responding to other members posts?

        Most members just like to read and do not wish to comment, or do not know what to say constructively.

        Last time I did a Forum Poll we had 29 forum members respond, some of these members did not play PS2 BUT were watching the forums.

        I high portion of our PS2 Members have not posted on the forums since they sent an application, some have left the outfit, but still post AND read here.

        The forums have 122 Active Members at this moment, but again many of them are not PS2 Players

        In conclusion, while forum posts may well have gone down in the last year, we do not have know how many 'unique ' visitors we have on the forums, but have a closer idea of who is active on Discord (861 Members) AND TS when an event is on.

        Feel free to revive old topics about tactics at that time and see if they have changed with the new game additions or for any topic you(anyone) feel may be of benefit to the TG community.

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          The forums are quite useful, though their use as a social platform has wanned.

          Far from irrelevant however, if that's what you meant.

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            Hate to sound noob-ish, but what is our Discord info? And do we use it to communicate in-game or are we still using Teamspeak? If we are using both, is it event-specific or should we be on both?


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              Discord is just used for the text chats that don't make sense in a forum post. Such as squads starting. TS is still used for backup voice comms.



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                Team Speak is still our Back up comms and we also like to have anyone leading a squad (even a closed squad) to have it loaded up so we can communicate and work together and discuss any plan of action.

                Discord is good for letting others know a squad is running or if you need help.

                We have used the Discord VOIP many times to resolve game and forum Issue,

                If you do need help pop yourself in the channel "PS2 VOIP - Need Help?" or PM an PS2admin .

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                  Yeah I keep checking the forums and have been making a bit more of an effort to come here, as a relatively new member to PS2 I find the forums are the official meeting room and the discord is the mess hall. Its great for general chatter but this is where I check the rules and such outside of asking if I can't find something, which usually ends up linking me back here to the relevant area.

                  I like them both, use them both and I'm a lite user at best.
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                    I find the forum software to be dated and buggy. For example, I can't edit one of my own posts without it being flagged as spam. Many people probably just decide to not use the forums in the same situation.




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