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  • Coordination of Communication

    I am currently working on a guide on effective team play (concerning efficient communication and effective coordination and that sort of things)... more or less just because I felt like, it rather than for any specific reason, actually... And I just finished a diagram on communication flow within a structured team (operative complex as I like to call it more abstractly). So, the diagrams shows what I think that an effective communication flow in a team would be. Maybe you think otherwise; if so, I would like to hear your view, so I can eventually make use of that to improve the diagram and also my view on what an effective flow might be in general.
    Also, maybe the diagram could be of use here? If so, feel free to use it!

    Edit: Btw. Also if you like, use this thread to talk about good coordination of communication in general, and maybe in PS2 specifically.

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    Re: Coordination of Communication

    Refined that:


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      Re: Coordination of Communication

      this is some great stuff
      the second one is better because it described what type of Contact reports should be given to the respective command position
      its a great visualization
      In my way i think of comms, The higher the command channel, the less talk
      so a squad channel has its squad members talk and no SM should EVER talk in the platoon channel, only SL's and platoon commander should speak there
      Also, i think all contact reports should be kept within the squad than if the SL deems it important enough, the SL will use platoon chat

      Platoon leaders should give more generalized orders to the SL's instead of micro-managing every nit-picking thing. The SL should be making the "plan of attack" while the PL should only be telling the SL the "point of attack"

      /end rant :)
      |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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        Re: Coordination of Communication

        Yeah. Very well presented. The second one is much better and cleaner.

        I'd love to do fireteam level stuff because a foundational core is important in building up. That being said it'd be very hard to rely on 4-6 people of which three are non-outfit members to keep to the FT SOP.

        On the subject of the Platoon Level and above; one nit pick is that such a level would be the 'Company' Level. The other suggestion would be that there would be a good reason to have a 'Company Commander'. How this could be achieved is unknown though I would suspect Outfit Communication for such an advanced level of play.


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          Re: Coordination of Communication

          Thank you for your feedback, with your help I refined this once more:

          Please feel encouraged to further criticize, so I can further improve it.

          @ di1lweed1212: I think they are rare cases in which communication in the platoon channel by platoon member is useful. Of course oly in very exceptional cases. Also the Pl speaking to all platoon member at times can be of use. But of course I see your point and agree in principle.
          An example: The platoon rides on a road with vehicles and somebody spots a lib swarm approaching rapidley, only few seconds out of firing range.

          @Ytman: I tried to include the company level (called it high command, as there probably will never be a level of command above that).

          Edit: Just noticed the graphic does not explain, what I mean with Tier 1 and Tier 2. I ha din mind, there might be some people, that belong to some of the cooperating outfits, but do not lead the outfit, but rather help the outfit leaders to stick to the "master plan". Though they are not on a higher command level.

          Edit 2: fixed:
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            Re: Coordination of Communication

            One thing I realized. When the branch goes from the leaders to the 'set of all members' it might be a good idea to show that the FireTeam is 'inside' of the Squad which is 'inside' the Platoon. At that point though a clear definition of a line is made and the OLS is only a 'desk jockey' completely separate from the multiple Platoon's he coordinates.

            Here one could see the 'comm lines' in a better way and see how certain methods may interfere with one another and provide noise.

            It would probably be best to just have an inset circle inside each the 'Squad' and the 'Platoon' circles. Technically everyone can hear Outfit Channel but currently we have no SOP for that usage and it can be restricted to certain people.


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              Re: Coordination of Communication

              All right, do you mean it like that?



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                Re: Coordination of Communication

                Thats exactly what i meant! i just didnt feel like typing it out on this dumb little retard itouch keyboard XD
                those exceptions are much needed as they decide the fate of the platoon in some instances

                The second diagram is exactly what i think

                I know what you mean, that variation of the diagram would be useful for the people who dont know the terms of "firetem" "squad" "platoon" and "outfit" as the diagram would become a visual definition of each
                |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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                  Re: Coordination of Communication

                  It looks great. Don't know what else to add.

                  On the subject of comms in the current state, I would suggest the following means->

                  INGAME ONLY
                  FT [Proximity]
                  SQD [Squad]
                  Platoon Leadership [Platoon]
                  OLS Inside [Outfit]
                  OLS Exterior [Command]

                  FT [Teamspeak]
                  Squad [Squad]
                  Leadership [Teamspeak]
                  Exterior Leadership [Coalition Teamspeak]

                  Both lead to their own issues but I know when piloting vehicles it is best for that group to be in a TS channel together.


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                    Re: Coordination of Communication

                    Yes, I was planning on doing a diagram on that as well. Will post it here when I am done.

                    (Edit: polished version:


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                      Re: Coordination of Communication

                      looks fantastic!
                      |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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                        Re: Coordination of Communication

                        Thank you very much!

                        So I gave the other thing a shot (is this even a proper expression used like that?^^). here is what has come out so far:


                        Edit: The text in the upper blue box is screwed up... I will fix that later. It has got to be "one of the SLs is a member of the set of PLs" of course.
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                          Re: Coordination of Communication

                          Looks great (the second graph).

                          There are extensive discussions of comm structure across TG threads going back over 7 years now.

                          It is good to see the issue brought forward here in the PS2 environment.


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                            Re: Coordination of Communication

                            Glad you guys like it.

                            I did some adjustments (cosmetic and substantial ones):

                            Anybody having some suggestion on what would make for a better comm structure than the one depicted in the diagram?


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                              Re: Coordination of Communication

                              The thing I like about it is that the entire fireteam level can be cut out without affecting the organization. (for example, when playing with pub players)

                              Likewise if the higher levels of leadership are not available, the system can be pared down without any reorganization. It's very modular.

                              Recall that when operating with other outfits, you'll need a second TS tab opened with a hotkey to switch between the two.
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