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-Brainstorming- The 'Metagame' and how to Exploit it

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  • -Brainstorming- The 'Metagame' and how to Exploit it

    Something I wrote for the NCC. Will come out with a more detailed explanation of the metagame. I do not expect or even want everyone to read this but rather I want those who care to think on such a level to contribute in a dialogue with how they feel the game operates.

    Meta-Game, as a term, has been terribly abused by the Forum Community to imply some 'end game' or 'grand scale' progression. Right now that doesn't exist and that is not what I'm talking about. Rather I want to talk about how the current game works and what that means to how we can best exploit a series of strategies to obtain 'victory', however short that could be.

    I will give a few examples of how the current meta-game works:

    1) Continent Bonus is the 'goal'. To destroy one faction's bonus is the best way to show your love; to take a continent is the best way to say 'we rock'. Basically the large, outfit level, goal.

    2) Facility Stalling. To deny a continent lock or to continue holding one we see many factions holding the following: Biolabs, Tech Plants, and Amp Stations (in that order). This is a result of an easy defense against many forms of combined arms, the general large scale of the battles which promote chaos and increase difficulty, and the large length of capture times.

    3) Numbers Win. The larger you outnumber the other guy the better your chances. Simple rule, old as dirt. Add maxes for extra fun!

    4) 'Ghost Capping' aka no one defends. -Defense is boring so a few small squads exploit the lack of defense to open up and keep a constant battle and serve to create a 'wack a mole' mini-game.

    The point of this exercise is for us to see how the game works and try to theorize a grand scale form of cooperation. I want to propose the following observations:

    1) The best fight at a facility is no fight. We have the wonderful mechanic to be able to destroy important facility infrastructure when the base is not even in play.
    TG has, on many occasions, taken a fight to a biolab before it was in play to specifically take out the SCU-SG and the SCU. This method of fight is very possible for small unit ops and has allowed a half platoon to take many a biolab (on Indar too!) without much a fight.

    2) Exploit the Hex system. If you must defend, defend everywhere. This adage is true and since no one defends... well the more Hexes they can attack the more places no one defends... Do not open up massive gaping fronts and maintain them over a long time. Rather if you must have a wide front quickly advance and choke it! It is much harder for an enemy to move from their Warp Gate to three heavily defended points than for them to choose from ten.

    3) Exploit Influence mechanics. So facilities capture REALLY SLOWLY, even at 100% influence. On the other hand 'Small Outposts', generally all non-facility one point regions, captures REALLY FAST at 1% influence. Take those facilities without a fight first, break the back. As the battle is already won at the facility the enemy is probably tripping over itself to take it back before you cap... this is why you then gut the influence they possess by taking the surrounding 'quickly capped' small territories.

    4) Exploit the Zerg; You would be fascinated how many people want to play this game on a teamwork scale. I know a lot of outfits like TS and use it as a recruiting feature, in many ways TG loses many potential recruits because we use Ingame VoiP first, however we can field multiple platoons of 'Non-Outfit Members' in a very organized way due to such structure. No matter what we need to harness the zerg even if it is only one platoon leader bringing in fodder to the battle.

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    Re: -Brainstorming- The 'Metagame' and how to Exploit it

    Bravo, very good, agree with a great deal of what you have said there. Would post more but on phone.


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      Re: -Brainstorming- The 'Metagame' and how to Exploit it

      I have read your post multiple times. But I cannot make out the point. Certainly these are accurate observations, but also quite obvious ones it appears to me (with exception of 2. 4. which I tend to disagree, as most of the times I run with or lead a squad of pubbies, the vast majority of the squaddies doesn't care at all about teamplay and is spread over the entire continent. And the ones that actually follow the leader tend to not communicate, even when he explicitly asks for acknowledgments for example.). Thus I asked myself, is there an aim behind your post, or is it's sole purpose to share those observations of yours? Can you further explain that?


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        Re: -Brainstorming- The 'Metagame' and how to Exploit it

        On the issue of exploiting the Zerg. I do not know how it is done or what specifically can be expected, I personally have low expectations so that they get surprised quite frequently, but it is something that must be done and is something that must be considered when talking of the 'Meta-Game'. I personally have seen a whole platoon of largely smurfs all isolated within a 500m^2 area. This same platoon would create large armor convoys and more as well. Certainly, though, they are largely quiet.

        The point of the post was to share the observations but to also stir a little conversation about what might be right/wrong, why, if there is anything to add, and how to best exploit these observations.

        For us to catalog the way the game works we can then explicitly create a way to victory.




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