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Lets Talk: About Force Disposition

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  • Lets Talk: About Force Disposition

    As we delve into higher level play, platoon and up, and start to experiment with how to manage Joint Operations between the Ground and Air assets the fun subject of force arrangement comes up! In other games we are left to what, generally, the map makers wanted to allow us to use. In PS2 we are granted a unique opportunity to craft our force in any way we see fit. The power of this is incredible but too many choices tend to lead to indecision or attempting to do everything and ending up doing nothing at all.

    In my mind moderate specialization is best. You can't have a force be too much one thing as it will quickly be countered. Conversely you can't have a force be too many different things or risk being ineffective. This leads me to suggest "Compartmentalizing" units according to some basic concepts.

    So I postulate the following general terms for force types:

    Mechanized -- The generic term for a dedicated ground force of mixed infantry and armor elements. I'd hazard that it'd be a Platoon Strength force with a ratio of 4:1 operating a vehicle or being on the ground. In a Platoon of 36 this yields 27 infantry and 9 vehicle operators.

    Airborne -- Generic term for an Infantry force reliant on Airborne Insertions. This includes Galaxies, future aircraft, and drop pods. Consider that the Lodestar is a confirmed future unit and a combination of Airborne/Mechanized is not unheard of!

    Armor -- Generic term for a purely armored force.

    Close Air Support/Air Superiority -- Generic term for a purely aviation focused element. This will require much testing and learning.


    Dinner -- The generic term for any small infantry element operating without support from a vehicle platform.

    What I am curious about is other people's concepts of force types and what they should consist of. For example should our Reavers be using A2A or Unguided Rockets now? Should our ground pounders be all fielding, simultaneously, smoke? Or should at least one lightning have the Vehicle Radar?

    Etc. Etc.



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