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  • A Discussion on Target Calls

    This game, unlike any other, is one of such scale and relative speed that often times when a battle is underway, or at least in close quarters, it is beyond chaotic.

    When coordinating a platoon of 48 people or even two cooperating squads on one Capture Point a pitched battle can create such a constant state of evolution and change that calling out one tank's specific location, even over local proximity, can add needless noise to many others focusing on another tank or an AMS-Sunderer. As a Platoon Leader or even as a Squad Member a call of a specific target is often times noise during heavy battles. During a pitched battle it might, therefore, be good practice for us to get in the habit of merely 'Painting' targets of importance. Painting is the term I apply to the effect of looking at a craft or person and having that information translated to the Map and even HUD. Q spotting is actually nothing more than the 'Audio Cue' from my experience unless the target has 'Stealth Armor'.

    Even telling location of a target you are coordinating your entire team to attack is difficult unless it is assured to be stationary.

    In my experience, until we have only orderly engagements that maintain EASY, DEFINITIVE, and INTUITIVE enemy lines contact calls offer little more than noise. That subject is another one I would like to discus after this; formulating a good strategic planning system (and teaching method) to allow leaders of Squads, Platoons, and Companies, to understand the theories of battles space and how to best maintain them?

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    Re: A Discussion on Target Calls

    Personally, I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, when a squad is acting as a cohesive unit and are operating in close proximity to one another, there shouldn't be a problem with making contact reports. On the other, when the 'fhit hits the san' and all hell is breaking loose, there's just no time to make a contact report, or there are just too many contacts to report.

    Obviously, contact reports should only be made on the Squad channel. Very high threat targets, such as numerous inbound and fully loaded Galaxies or an armor column, should be relayed to the PL by an SL.

    Unfortunately, the Q-spot system doesn't seem to work very well in Ps2. At least as compared to the BF series. From my observations, there are many times that I Q-spot an enemy and it shows on the map but, for only a second or three. Generally speaking, that's just not enough time for anyone to take notice of the spotted enemy on the mini-map.

    Perhaps if we were to follow our Contact Report SOP, we could at least minimize the traffic on VoIP. I hear too many times on the Squad channel, "Hey! There's a tank over there!". Yeah? Over where? What direction is it moving? Where are you?

    When I give a contact report to the squad, I try to use the following format: "Enemy tank northwest of the objective (or other OBVIOUS landmark), moving south" or, "4 loaded enemy Galaxies inbound from the south, high/low". Granted, I'm not fully using our Contact Report SOP, in that I'm not clearing the channel by announcing "Contact!".

    I also think that contact reports are situational, in that if the squad is defending a specific direction, everyone in the squad should see the contact. But, if a squad is defending an outpost and is dispersed throughout it, it becomes necessary to make the contact report in order for the squad to focus it's fire and eliminate the contact as quickly as possible.

    In the end, I think that this issue is another manifestation of our radio discipline problems, and that it can be mostly corrected by following the Contact Report SOP.



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      Re: A Discussion on Target Calls

      As a squad leader in a fierce battle I like to focus my squad on one small objective, like holding the horizontal shield generator for instance. I don't like a lot of contact reports from my squad about anything outside of our sphere of influence. It adds to the confusion. I really only want to know if there is an enemy sunderer parked within a 150m radius. If we are defending an amp station I don't want to know how the otherside is doing until they need back up. I would rather that information stay off platoon chat. Sometimes people in the squad just start calling out everything they see and it makes it hard for the squad to stay focused.

      I think there should be a distinction on what is important for the whole squad or platoon to know about. Examples of what I don't really need; Liberator northeast, 1 lighting driving away towards the east, One guy podded in to the south, etc If we are watching what we are supposed to be watching and working together than the 1 or 2 guys that podded in will meet their end when they try and run our objective. Lets just wait for them to come to us.

      Things to worry about; Sunderer deployed within 150-200m, more than 5 pieces of armor coming from the same direction (this is usually a good sign of an impending large scale assault)

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