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  • CQC Infiltrator Tactics

    Howdy Howdy folks

    I realize i play as a medic for the majority of the time, but I have found that I thoroughly enjoy playing as a CQC Infiltrator due to its versatility and ability to confuse and scatter enemy forces. Now I wont tell you how to build your class towards this tactic, but I will tell you how mine is set up:

    Blitz SMG: NV 1X Scope ( i prefer this due to being able to pick out targets easier and quicker and you dont really need a long distance optic since you will be up close and personal).
    Foregrip ( I use this for obvious reasons, the Blitz has more horizontal recoil than it does vertical. Getting this attachment negates almost all recoil.)
    Soft-point ammo...... need i say anything? you kill more with less

    Skills: I just focus on stealth cloak because you dont need much else other than a defensive skill.

    Now, if you decide to go and use this class as a member of a squad or to any PLs' if you decide to dedicate a CQC Infil squad i recommend you have each member sneak about with a battle buddy that they are comfortable with. Also the last thing i have to say is from a video on the forums I have seen, never run in the buildings and this is from a real military tactic but this applies to EVERY TG member.... pie your corners into all rooms and openings, if you arent sure what it means to pie corners I will try to get a video posted on this tactic for clearing rooms and buildings or you could ask me when i get on each night.

    Thanks for reading and remember.... it's a game, have fun!

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    Re: CQC Infiltrator Tactics

    I think there's another thread on this very forum dealing with the room clearing basics! :)

    I think infiltrators might be the exception to the running in buildings rule, since they're usually cloaked. The goal isn't to be able to react quickly, but to minimize the time you're in line of sight to avoid being spotted.

    I've mused about running infiltrator squads a few times. I don't run with an SMG, but I've got a semi-auto sniper with a silencer I use in close quarters for that class and it gives a lot of versatility.

    There's not a lot of things you can do with massed infiltrators in a lot of situations... there's a lot of situations they're just not equipped to handle, and without medics and engineers they have difficulty with sustainability. However, I think there might be a niche for them in a large base assault. While the main force keeps the enemy distracted, infiltrators can hit generators, control points, and terminals. When the enemy force starts streaming in piecemeal to compensate, they can ambush them. That kind of back capping is usually done by a single person, so 5 people opening up simultaneously would be a hell of a surprise!

    Might also be able to get some mileage out of putting down a lot of AP mines.


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      Re: CQC Infiltrator Tactics

      One of my fav tactics is to mine a generator then compromise it. Good times!!


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        Re: CQC Infiltrator Tactics

        You don't want to run in a building even as a cloaked infil because it could be die just as quick cloaked or uncloaked although I have found that cloaked you seem to have a little health left. What you can do is get a better 'lay of the land' in a building though because even though you should use proper entering techniques, cloaked you can just stand at the door and see who is in it, unless you have a keen observer in the building, at night it's almost impossible for them to see you unless they are running high detail settings on their graphics card.

        AP mines are your friend........use them, I do not use them to kill the enemy but to let me know where they are. The damage they receive from the mine will put them at a short burst kill, just remember that unless you have taken down their respawn sites they will be back. I can't stress the importance of the flash radar if you decide to be an infil............cert it to the max, it last longer than the recon darts and goes further out. Since you are a squishy you want to know where they are and what they are doing............get the flash close enough and you'll know how many enemy are in the building and where they are located before you ever get to the building.




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