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  • "I've got your back!"

    Well howdy howdy TG,

    Well we all run into that situation where if we had just one more gun with us, we would've killed the tango and lived haven't we? Well I haven't been playing the PlanetSide genre as much as the veterans have, considering I've been playing for about 3 weeks, but I've learned ALOT in that time. Primarily tactics, comm control, and teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Yet I find myself in a situation where another player could've helped me live through a skirmish or fire fight but none were near, now whether that was me being reckless and getting that close or just having been cut off is up for debate. I feel like most of the players within TG have found that person that if they said "I've got your back!" they would trust them, but how often do they actually find themselves fighting beside them? Not often enough. One thing I have noticed is that no matter what, my good friend Sothile has been there by my side the second I asked for back up, and though we may get wiped by more enemy patrols that we stumbled across than i can count, we definitely gave them a run for their money and took a few of them out. And our battle buddy tactics never made planning difficult, it never puts strain on a PL or SL and clearing areas is alot easier when 2-3 friends and comrades clear a room side by side and ready to support one another.

    I am aware that these tactics may have been employed on the field for trial or testing, and whether they have succeeded or not is unknown to me, but I feel like going that extra step to determine battle buddy pairs or trios could just prove the enemy an increasingly difficult adversary to fight.

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    Re: "I've got your back!"

    I think it is difficult to organize on a pl or company level, and even in a squad, because turnover is so high (people leaving-others joining).

    However it can perhaps be easy for a squadmember to organize this himself; e.g. a Max requesting an engi, a medic can also follow, or a heavy and a medic.

    I suppose you could try to organize it top down, I haven't really tried tbh. In Beta I ONCE faced a platoon that had consisted of all heavies and medic, paired.

    Paired meaning each heavy in the platoon had his own dedicated medic. They wiped the floor with us :p. I have never seen such a tactic used since. Certainly something to try.


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      Re: "I've got your back!"

      Al I remember seeing that tactic used a lot too.. especially by TE early during/post-beta.

      Doc, the problem is I think the game itself. How often, in real life fights, have you seen people bunny hopping around, or rushing through a hall way chucking grenades and c4 amidst the enemy. It doesn't happen. There is the fast movement and the deliberate tactics - not some chicken running around coke'd up with his head cut off spraying everywhere. Also, the TTK is often too long to kill someone effectively in PS2 (sometimes), which gives them that chance to get a shotgun blast off or drop a grenade/c4.

      However, that being said, there is something to say about positioning. As soon as you cap a point, one technique I've seen to good use is assigning your squad sectors of fire - ex: "1 through 6 cover the west door, 7-12 cover the south door", with the numbers coinciding with players squad numbers. As long as you have a disciplined group, it can work - especially in tight corners/buildings.

      But yes, it is frustrating when you get knocked in the back knowing there was a dude behind you "supposed" to be covering your back.

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        Re: "I've got your back!"

        We need to get into the PR mindset where you cover sectors and let everyone know where you are covering. Too many times I have assumed that the person in the room with me would naturally cover the other door. In this game I find everyone wants to stare at the point as it caps instead of looking for the enemy.
        This leads to lots of dying that could be avoided.




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