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Reflections on Running a Tank Platoon

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  • Reflections on Running a Tank Platoon

    Ran a platoon for 3.5 hours tonight. Started out with the idea of putting together pubbies in a pick up squad, ended up with 4 squads of TG et al. Wyattmann suggested joining up with his armour squad, thus a platoon was born. I switched modes to a mixed platoon, eventually ending up with two armour squads and two mixed. Can't say that we had a pure armour platoon but I was working very closely with Wy's armour unit and one other armour unit for a while.

    Was a great experience using Wy as an informal XO -- asked him for suggestions as to next moves -- discussed plans on occasion -- much to be said about conferring with specialized units when acting as PL.

    This is not an AAR so much as it is a round about way of saying that an entire platoon of armour could work, but you will probably end up with at least one squad at any given time that has temporarily exhausted its armour capabilities (resources). Thus the notion of a "pure play" may be somewhat limited.

    Also, I find it essential to have one or two squads available as infantry as this gives the PL more options re targets and strategies (thank you, DaddyofThree).

    When platoon leading there is usually a gulf between what you want and what you get. If you try to close that gap too forcefully you may end up making yourself and others rather frustrated.

    Also of note, a few times I issued some orders that were wrong-headed and my SLs would politely point out some overlooked factor, leading to a quick change of orders. That is the gold standard of teamwork -- collective intelligence. What a kick platoon leading with people that have been doing this stuff for years.

    Occasional, perhaps twice over 3.5 hours, chaos reared its ugly head and cohesion was lost, positions overwhelmed, orders in disarray. Breath deep, pull back, set a safe group up mark, give the troops time to get it together, and the ship is invariable back on an even keel. Never blame the men for the weather when the fog of war rolls in and obscures your best laid plans.

    Enough cliches for now.

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    Re: Reflections on Running a Tank Platoon

    I had a great time last night. I went to check my stats for the night while running armor. I had 10 confirmed kills. I destroyed countless more enemy armor but they jump shipped. I don't even know how many assist I had. These are just my stats as a platoon the numbers should be really high. I know BSG was running an anti infantry lighthing and was just picking off enemy troops.




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