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Hover-Dogfighting Example: MrJengles Vs Master (GOTR)

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  • [VIDEO] Hover-Dogfighting Example: MrJengles Vs Master (GOTR)

    Onlooker: "It's like watching aerial ballet with smoke and fire."

    This is an old fight but I thought it'd serve as a good example as there's only so much words can explain. This is typical hover-dogfighting recorded from Master's POV, and features several maneuvers, dangers, and general practices. Also, I thought it might be fun to watch if you're interested, you don't have to be a pilot.


    -Round 0 is not shown, I was rammed by another Scythe at the start.
    -We didn't really lay out any rules. At times I had an advantage because Master was engaging based on both of us facing eachother, while I was engaging based on whether he knew I was there or not (I.E. heard me and starts to turn to face me). Neither of us wanted to destroy the other before they had time to react, and I felt that was a good middle-ground between organised fights and the advantage of sneaking up on someone.
    -However, there were also a few GOTR pilots watching the fight, they weren't helping, but I still had to figure out which was Master, resulting in him seeing me first sometimes. Even when he waits for me to turn, he's already in an effective position and aiming at me.

    Round 1:
    4:05 - 5:20

    The perils of the flight ceiling shown well here. Also, note that I flip upside down and use up thrust both to get away and to take full advantage of the situation by hovering underneith Master.

    Round 2:
    8:20 - 10:10

    Notice that I fly in high, again. Master performs lots of reverse maneuvers to prevent me getting good angles and lots of hits.

    My favourite part of the whole video is 9:30 - 9:46. With Master winning the fight, I first throw off his aim by using vertical thrust, both up and down. Then I throw myself to the side but curve inwards to close the distance, as well as down to continue being unpredictable. Master hesitates, and we end up closely circling eachother (him in reverse).

    Notice how you can clearly see my Reaver looking slightly too far behind him, and vice versa. At 9:43 I disappear off his screen, which on my end meant Master's aim lagged even further behind than usual. I took the advantage, rolled 180, and flew back the other way while opening fire. Despite losing, that whole process was enough to catch up and essentially turn the round into a draw.

    Round 3:
    20:10 - 21:00

    In this opening I head for the wrong Scythe but hear another above me and guess who it is. I assume the hardest time to aim would be right after I fly under him, so wait until then to execute my maneuver.

    Interesting... I perform a variation of the maneuver Starstriker brought up here. Only, I don't flip upside-down first then loop so that I end the right way up, instead I half-loop at an angle and exit by flying on my side.

    Round 4:
    30:50 - 31:45

    Again, I hear Master approach me before I see him and before he fires.

    Throughout these dogfights, Master proves more accurate at long range which is why I attempt so many head on passes. While I dodge well this round, my head on passes are terrible and cost the whole fight. I hope my ability to lead targets has improved since then, and the nose-gun offset being corrected should help.

    Round 5:
    39:00 - 39:50

    This time, it's Master hearing me before he sees me. Listen to the very distinct sound of my Reaver approaching at full speed.

    I recognise this and engage before he faces me, deliberately staying out of sight as much as possible. Notice my contrails give away my position.

    Round 6:
    44:40 - End

    I fail to sneak up on him again.

    |TG-Irr| MrJengles - You know you want to say it out loud.



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