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CQC Infil Stats,Tactics, and More

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  • [GUIDE] CQC Infil Stats,Tactics, and More

    Well howdy howdy TG,

    I have been really enjoying myself with using the CQC Infiltrator lately so I figured I would make a rather in depth guide and answer any questions I can about stats, tactics, certs, and what not. Here is what I have come up with, feel free to ask questions after reading it or adding to it. (Remember, some of these thing I will post or acknowledge are purely personal choices on my part as well as yours' including optics, attachments, and what not.)

    I will start with the uses of a CQC (close quarters combat) Infil. This type of infil is very versatile and it is only limited by lack of knowledge and tactics.

    Scout: This type of Infiltrator is a very simple yet valuable type, who by using cover, speed, hunter cloaking (infiltrators ability), and his/her recon tool can easily spot all the enemy and give important info to allies and platoon leader with out being seen.

    Flanker: A flanker can be a crucial member for any element trying to assault a structure that is heavily defended. By running through and around the fray, a flanker can find a safe and concealed route to get behind the enemy and get allies into the enemies perimeter with ease.

    Counter-Sniper: Even though a skilled Sniper-infiltrator could easily take up the role of a counter-sniper, a CQC counter-sniper could just as easily take up the task. By using speed and hunter cloaking, this type could sneak up behind an enemy sniper and drive a knife into his spine, saving your allies under fire.

    Counter-Emplacement: This type of Infiltrator may be one of the most vital to any fight. We all have run into a fight and seem to be winning only to have enemy reinforcements roll up in a sunderer and push you back as they take the high ground with snipers, heavies, and mana turrets. A counter-emplacement CQC infil can use his hunter cloaking, and sprint behind the enemy only to drop a grenade or 2 and put a few tangos' down with an automatic weapon.

    Base-Guardian: A base-guardian is simple yet versatile, and can use their ability to hide and take bases from the enemy, then put them down as they try to take it back or stay behind as allies move on to take other bases, while the base-guardian waits in the shadows for enemy to try retaking that base.

    Of course there is several more ways to utilize a CQC infil, but those are just a few i've thought of off hand.



    Bouncing Betty: The bouncing betty is the only offensive utility that the Infiltrator can get. This item is primarily used to cover doorways and avenues of approach. An Infiltrator can hold up to 2 bouncing bettys' each of which cost 75 infantry resource points. Cert: 200,400

    Restoration Kit: This item allows the Infiltrator to heal himself over a short period of time, at the first level you have access to 1 kit, but you can carry up to a total of 4 at a time for maximum survivability, each of which cost 75 infantry resources. Cert: 30,100,200,500

    Medical Kit: This item you similar to restoration kit, but it heals the player instantly. Again at level 1 you get 1 all the way to level 4 when you can carry 4 medical kits. This utility is the perfect item for a lone infiltrator that is not near any medic or source of health. cost 75 infantry resource per medical kit. Cert: 50,100,150,500

    NOTE: I use the Medical Kit exclusively due to how I operate in most mission as a CQC infil, after a fire fight its the perfect quick heal and raises survivability dramatically since more often than not, a CQC infiltrator will rarely have a medic.

    -Passive Systems

    Advanced Equipment Terminal Hacking: This passive ability allows you to hack terminals for personal use and team use and prevent the enemy from using it. Each level increases the speed at which one hacks a vehicle or infantry terminal. Cert: 1,30,50,100,500

    NOTE: I left mine at level one due to the fact that if you need to hack a terminal, you shouldn't be doing it near a or while you're in a fire fight. Also, I personally feel as though its quick enough at level 1.
    -Tool Slot

    Recon Detect Device: This tool is amongst the most vital assets the CQC infiltrator is afforded. This recon dart allows allies to see all enemies, even those that are cloaked. At level 1, you get 2 darts that covers a 25m radius and lasts 20 seconds. Maxed out to level 6 you get 5 rapidly scanning darts that cover a 50m area and last for 45 seconds, which affords your team a larger and longer view of enemy presence.
    Cert: Free,30,50,200,500,1000

    -Ability Slot

    Hunter Cloaking Device: The most important asset the CQC infiltrator gets is the Hunter Cloaking Device. This ability grants you the ability to blend in with the surrounding nearly making you completely invisible, though movement effects the effectiveness of the cloaking. Certs: Free,10,50,100,150,500

    Nano-Armor Cloaking: This ability allows you to take more damage when you're cloaked but at the same time, decreases how much time you can be cloaked. I find this ability to be utterly useless for a CQC Infiltrator since you sometimes need to be cloaked as long as possible, yet this takes precious seconds from you. Certs: 50,100,150,200,500

    -Suit Slot

    Advanced Shield Capacitor: The capacitor enables your shields to reactivate up to 2.5 seconds quicker. Certs: 1,10,30,100,200

    Ammunition Belt: The ammo belt is a very useful item for any CQC infil due to the high rate of fire that their rounds are shot at and the fact that an engineer or sundy isn't always around. Maxed out at level 4 allows you 4 more magazines for primary and secondary weapons. Certs: 150,200,400,500

    Flak Armor: The flak armor reduces the damage received from all explosions by up to 50% which can help when you run into a tank, mosi, or sythe. Certs:1,10,50,150,500

    Grenade Bandolier: The bandolier give the CQC Infil access to up to 2 extra grenades (frag,emp, or decoy) which can help take out large groups of infantry or clean rooms. Certs: 100,500

    Nano Weave Armor: Nano weave armor increases your health by up to 250, which could dramatically increase survivability in almost any fire fight. Certs: 1,10,50,150,1000

    NOTE: I use the nano weave armor because of the health increase, but the ammunition belt is practical due to the extra 100 rounds for the cyclone and extra 200 for the blitz.

    -Grenade Slot

    Decoy Grenade: The decoy grenade emits the sound of gun shots which could distract the enemy into thinking more than one person is in the area or give them false info as to where you may be. The biggest Con to this grenade is the fact that no blip appears on the radar for the enemy to go to so you could ambush them, they only hear gun shots. Cert: 150

    EMP Grenade : This grenade is incredibly useful due to its wide range of uses. It removes the enemies HUD for 10 seconds, but more importantly it removes their armor for 10 seconds, the twist to this is that even thought the EMP blast goes through walls, if the enemy was out of the line of sight, their armor only gets knocked out for 1 second before it recharges. The EMP grenade allows you to take out enemy mines and devices without hurting friendly vehicles. Cert: 200

    Now onto the big topic of any beginner CQC infiltrator.... "what weapon do I use?" I hope that this next part will help you decide and make things easier on you.


    Before I begin with the weapons, I must explain the weapon stats so those who don't understand them, can.

    Accuracy- In planetside 2, people just assume that the smaller the number the better. They are right, but why? Because accuracy is measured in the bullets COF (cone of fire), simply put, the smaller the number means the smaller the cone of fire. Now what do the 5 numbers mean? Crouch Accuracy / Crouch Move Accuracy / Stand Accuracy / Stand Move Accuracy / [Loss Per Shot Fired(Bloom Per Shot) this means, how much is added to the previous 4 numbers PER shot.]. Now another question is "what do the 2 numbers on reload mean?" Another simple answer, the first number is what is known as "long reload" which means you've emptied the entire magazine and notably takes longer, and the second number is "short reload", to get short reload you only need 1 or more rounds in the magazine to have a quicker reload. you can see the difference in watching a reload from an empty mag and one with a round or 2 left. your characters reload will look different.

    Blitz GD-10

    -Equipped with a built-in extended magazine, the Blitz GD-10's increased ammo capacity enables it to put down multiple targets between reloads. NC use only.

    Type: SMG
    ROF: 845 RPM
    Damage: 125/6m:84/42m
    Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s
    Reload Speed: 3.5s/2.5s
    Ammunition: 50/250 (6 magazines)
    Hip Accuracy: 1/1.25/1/1.25/0.05
    Aim Accuracy: 0.3/0.3/0.3/0.3/0.05
    Iron Sight Zoom: 1.35x
    Fire Mode: Auto

    Cert: 1000
    SC: 700

    AF-4 Cyclone

    -The AF-4 Cyclone is a fully automatic submachine gun that has a higher damage output than most weapons in its class. NC use only.

    Type: SMG
    ROF: 652 RPM
    Damage: 167/6m:100/46m
    Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s
    Reload Speed: 3s/1.75s
    Ammunition: 25/175 (8 magazines)
    Hip Accuracy: 1/1.25/1/1.25/0.06
    Aim Accuracy: 0.3/0.3/0.3/0.3/0.06
    Iron Sight Zoom: 1.35x
    Fire Mode: Auto

    Cert: 1000
    SC: 700

    AF-18 Stalker

    -The automatic AF-18 Stalker is deadly in close quarters and medium range combat. NC use only.

    Type: Scout Rifle
    ROF: 652 RPM
    Damage: 143/10m:125/65m
    Muzzle Velocity: 500m/s
    Reload Speed: 3s/2s
    Ammunition: 24/240 (11 magazines)
    Hip Accuracy: 2.5/3/3/2.5/0,1
    Aim Accuracy: 0.1/0.2/0.1/0.3/0.05
    Iron Sight Zoom: 1.35x
    Fire Mode: Auto

    Certs: 250
    SC: 500

    ----------------------------------Blitz GD-10--------------------------------AF-4 Cyclone ------------------------AF-18 Stalker
    Point Blank(Stock)-----------------5 Shots(Head)-----------------------------3 Shots(Head)-----------------------4 Shots(Head)
    --------------------------------- 8 Shots(Torso)----------------------------6 Shots(Torso)-----------------------7 Shots(Torso)
    10m(stock)-----------------------5 Shots(Head)-----------------------------4 Shots(Head)------------------------4 Shots(Head)
    ----------------------------------8 Shots(Torso)----------------------------7 Shots(Torso)------------------------8 Shots(Torso)
    50m(stock)-----------------------8 Shots(Head)-----------------------------6 Shots(Head)------------------------5 Shots(Head)
    ---------------------------------12 Shots(Torso)----------------------------11 Shots(Tors------------------------8 Shots(Torso)
    ----------------------------------Blitz GD-10--------------------------------AF-4 Cyclone ------------------------AF-18 Stalker
    Point Blank(Soft Point)-------------4 Shots(Head)----------------------------3 Shots(Head)-------------------------N/A
    ----------------------------------8 Shots(Torso)---------------------------6 Shots(Torso)-------------------------N/A
    10m(Soft Point)-------------------4 Shots(Head)----------------------------3 Shots(Head)--------------------------N/A
    ----------------------------------8 Shots(Torso)---------------------------6 Shots(Torso)--------------------------N/A
    50m(Soft Point)-------------------8 Shots(Head)----------------------------7 Shots(Head)--------------------------N/A
    ---------------------------------14 Shots(Torso)--------------------------11 Shots(Torso)-------------------------N/A
    ----------------------------------Blitz GD-10-------------------------------AF-4 Cyclone -------------------------AF-18 Stalker
    Point Blank(Suppressor)------------5 Shots(Head)----------------------------3 Shots(Head)--------------------------4 Shots(Head)
    ----------------------------------9 Shots(Torso)----------------------------7 Shots(Torso)-------------------------7 Shots(Torso)
    10m(Suppressor)------------------5 Shots(Head)-----------------------------4 Shots(Head)--------------------------4 Shots(Head)
    ----------------------------------9 Shots(Torso)----------------------------7 Shots(Torso)--------------------------7 Shots(Torso)
    50m(Suppressor)------------------11 Shots(Head)----------------------------6 Shots(Head)--------------------------5 Shots(Head)
    ----------------------------------13 Shots(Torso)---------------------------12 Shots(Torso)-------------------------8 Shots(Torso)
    -------------------------------------Blitz GD-10--------------------------------AF-4 Cyclone -------------------------AF-18 Stalker
    Point Blank(Suppressor and Soft Point)--4 Shots(Head)----------------------------3 Shots(Head)--------------------------N/A
    ---------------------------------------8 Shots(Torso)---------------------------6 Shots(Torso)--------------------------N/A
    10m(Suppressor and Soft Point)---------5 Shots(Head)---------------------------4 Shots(Head)---------------------------N/A
    ---------------------------------------9 Shots(Torso)---------------------------6 Shots(Torso)--------------------------N/A
    50m(Suppressor and Soft Point)---------10 Shots(Head)--------------------------7 Shots(Head)---------------------------N/A
    ---------------------------------------16 Shots(Torso)-------------------------12 Shots(Torso)--------------------------N/A


    I placed optics last because it's completely personal preference. Now as we all know, PS2 has about 6-8 optics per weapon, so which one should you use? That is up to you, but i will tell you which one I use always. On my Blitz GD-10, I use the HS/NV Scope 1x. Here are some questions I get about my choice.

    "Why do you use the NV scope, when you cant see as far?" -You can actually still make out a target at 50m+ and if you goto the VR and look at the 50m target, it's actually quite a distance. And besides, I run around with my weapon at my hip, until I acquire a target then i bring up my sights. Besides, I don't try using my SMG as a sniper rifle.

    "Isn't easier to see targets through regular optics?" -It's actually easier to spot a target since the human body stands out from the background when in night vision.

    "Wouldn't a 2x optic be better?" -Yes for some it may be, but again it's all preference.

    I hope you were able to get something good out of this information, and again feel free to ask questions, request things, or add input! All is welcome.

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    Re: CQC Infil Stats,Tactics, and More

    Excellent review and some interesting point you've addressed. The utilization of the infil/sniper/recon class has been under appreciated and by bring these points to light, maybe.....just maybe we will see a bigger role provided to this class in the bigger campaigns undertaken by our outfit.

    Remember that SOE is 'suppose' to give some love to the infil come will be interesting to see what they choose to do and how we can incorporate it.


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      Re: CQC Infil Stats,Tactics, and More

      Excellent guide Doc, much appreciated.

      “Big Brother is Watching You.”
      ― George Orwell, "1984"


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        Re: CQC Infil Stats,Tactics, and More

        not a problem penny, I intend to make more guides built like this with weapon breakdowns and such, so if ya'll have more info other than this just let me know, and if you have any classes you wish me to take the time to test




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