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  • Reconnaissance role

    The role of reconnaisance is one very vital role, one that I -personally- haven't seen used much. To recon, one will have to go ahead of the main group and gather information about something. Those somethings could be: Terrain and enemies.
    To start, you will need to decide how you will be doing this role. It can be done in any class and with several vehicles.
    Starting out in infantry, take a kit that will give you good survivability, preferably the Infiltrator class, as it can move across terrain undetected and has a motion sensor.
    It is ideal to not exceed three people when doing a reconnaissance team, and is ideal to be a lone infiltrator, that way your chances of being spotted and killed are lower than with two or three.
    When you start to approach your objective, make sure it is clear before moving in to start investigating, even then you should not need to approach it unless you need specific information.

    -DO NOT Q SPOT, Q spotting is very loud! Do so at your own risk! The only time I would suggest doing so, is for extra information on amount of troops in Sundies and Galaxies OR when your allies are in range and looking for targets.

    -What you should be reporting to your leader. Report what he requires first. If he ask about your position being safe, give him that. If he does not, make sure to at least give him report of the enemies size, what they have (armor AP, HE, how many MAX suits they have, their AA capabilities) and what they look like they're planning to do.

    -Make sure you have clear comms when addressing whomever you may be giving this information to. This is a touchy subject as it is difficult to know when to talk as a squad member inside of a platoon that usually only allows SL/PL chats.
    During the few times that i have done a Reconnaissance role, I gained the ability to speak in platoon sometimes. The rest was relayed via my Squadleader. To ease communication use the Tacticalgamer Teamspeak and confirm with your leader about your method of communications.

    -As infiltrator you can scan buildings and such with a motion scanner, or fire it down at your feet if you're paranoid enough about your position

    Now for vehicles.
    The role of reconaissance in a vehicle is to use primarily the radar abilities. The radars will show enemies as dots on the minimap, this is very useful when in combat as it does give the team the advantage of knowing where the enemy is in a large area of combat.
    -The reaver is the best choice for recon in vehicles. It has a radar of 200 meters and high speeds to allow you to scan the largest of areas.

    -Using the flash is another method of getting good radar range (100m) to scan down enemy movements, it allows you to park it almost anywhere and people will usually disregard a flash in a battlefield. The flash is your best friend as a recon, it allows quick transportation, a radar to cover your position and comes with a WRAITH certification unlock that allows you to cloak the flash as long as you are a infiltrator (passenger is also included)

    Any comments are welcomed, Im sorry for the lack of writing skills and hope its not confusing too much or making no sense.

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    Re: Reconnaissance role

    All very good points, and points that should be considered as well.


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      Re: Reconnaissance role

      Totally agree that recon is underused. Entirely too often we're working reactively instead of knowing what's coming.

      At the moment, I can think of three good instances of recon use that stand out in my memories...

      1) Back in the beta, I created a TR alt and found myself completely bottled up in the northwest Esamir Warpgate by the NC, with tank blockades on all the major approaches. I joined up with a squad and we snuck around far to the north of the main engagements in order to bypass the blockade in favour of taking Haven Outpost. Our priority was stealth, so we stayed below the ridgeline and carefully made our way forward. I had an infiltrator kit, and would pop up stealthed over the hills and let them know if the way was clear or not.

      2) In my old outfit on SolTech, I was having my squad lay an ambush at Howling past against the Vanu to our south, in anticipation of the Zerg. We were set up just below the big arch, around the blind corner, which was the perfect place to catch them unaware, but we had precious little intel from that position. In particular, the rarely used back road would completely bypass us. One of my guys pulled a Reaver and did regular sweeps of the cliffs and back roads, which provided a much appreciated sense of security.

      3) Just the other day, I snuck my Reaver up to the TR warpgate, since we were taking a Bio Lab and I wanted to be able to give the squad forewarning of a Gal drop. There are some nice spots there, and despite a major battle next door I wasn't spotted. In this case the TR just didn't have the manpower to contest the Bio Lab while also butting up against the Vanu, but if they had pulled Galaxies I was in a perfect position to raise the alarm and give a minute or two of warning.

      So I'm totally on board when you say that we ought to be doing it more.

      The question is, how do we fit it into our regular platoon strategy?


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        Re: Reconnaissance role

        I have already address that question in my previous post starstriker. But as my experience with PS2 grows so too does my insight into the mechanics of the game. The biggest opponent in the game is not the enemy as I once thought, but time. To us that play the game, time can be thought of as speed. Consider how long it takes to 'flip' a base, and you can see that given the right conditions the time or "speed" at which it flips is very fast. So, the base flips and now the zerk moves to the next objective, first the aircraft because they are the fastest transport, then the armor the next fastest, and then the infantry.

        Consider the VS, in my opinion they are either west coast or euro players because if you watch the pop of the VS you'll see they are mostly late night players. They by far always bring the aircraft, armor, and then pull maxes. They by far always condense their pop into whatever the alert is, and they have chosen the Matterson server to play on. I say this because on the Waterson server they are beaten all the time and are not considered much of a fighting force. So how do you address the issue of speed.

        Decision making on the part of the PL 'has' to be quick and decisive. If you re-deploy back to the warp gate and sit in a gal for 5 minutes waiting for everyone to show up then you've already lost whatever advantage you may of had by re-deploying and your behind the eight ball now.

        The recon team has to forgo the mindset of 'points=xp experience=certs mentality' which would indicate that the team (and yes I recommend a team) would have to be of a BR ranking fairly high. Higher BR rankings don't need the certs as much, higher BR rankings usually have good certed vehicles, and higher BR rankings understand the game mechanics better. Going from point A to point B is much quicker when you know the map and terrain as higher BR rankings would know. I'm not necessarily favoring higher ranking BR's but once again the whole PS2 issue is speed.

        Recon is as much putting yourself in the enemy's mindset as it is observing, example: They have no aircraft but have a fairly large armor squad and at least 3 squads of infantry.........what will they pull to get them to the next objective and is the next objective a bio-lab that makes the armor useless?, how large is their force now that they have 50% of the continent and do they need a larger force to capture the next objective, what mix do they have in their infantry and will that mix work well for the next objective.

        Recon is as much observing, reporting as it is recommending and all of it has to be as fast as possible, because by the time the intel is related it's changing.

        Just wanted to add that Drona and myself were on Esamir reconing a base for almost an hour, we watched that base change hands 4 different times from NS to VS, then to TR then back to NS and back again to TR while taking targets of opportunity. Very few points were earned and to some it might have been considered boring. But you could see the dynamics of the game in play and for the most part could predict the outcome and seeing a campaign come together was a beauty to behold..............that is the joy of recon.
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          Re: Reconnaissance role

          should have the recon unit move ahead to hack terminals, turrets, and turn points. keep the enemy busy so when the rest of the forces arrive, their focus is on the infiltrators rather than the rest of the squads & platoons advancing. gives any armor a clear advantage on taking up better suppressing positions and allow air units to continue with bombarding and strafing runs.


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            Re: Reconnaissance role

            I actually think the hacking, while possible to be done in advance, should always be an objective of the main force as well. While I've been utilizing the Platoon Hot Drop I've been keen to mandate a few infiltrators, often one being myself, to ensure we have a forward spawn Sunderer.


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              Re: Reconnaissance role

              Also a good idea in a recon element to keep their jobs split up as well. ie: CQ infil to go into the base and hack terminals and such. Long range infil to stay hiddin outside the base for recon and intel gathering. Also backup for the other infils.




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