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So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

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  • [INFO] So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

    For the past couple of days, Finestyle and myself have been running Auraxium in a Harrasser beating the living tar out of each faction. I don't keep track of the stats but Finestyle noted yesterday that we had a 80 kill and 5 death KDR. For those without a calculator, that's a 16:1 KDR. The hardest thing we had to do yesterday was to find targets to engage.

    Now granted every time you go out your not going to have the same degree of success. As the night waned on we were having a more difficult time engaging and the KDR went down (in defense of that statement I have to say it was 0500am, Finestyle's time).

    So to that end I would say a 6:1 KDR would be acceptable. So how do you achieve these results?

    1) Driver - The driver has to be in 3rd person view.

    I never drive in 1st person. 3rd person gives you better situational awareness. 3rd person allows you to sight the targets better and gives you better understanding of the terrain. 3rd person lets you put the harrasser body between the enemy and the gunner who is repairing in the back.

    When engaging the enemy "never" go in places that you don't know how your going to get out (being trapped by terrain is a certain death).

    Use the terrain to duck in and out of and providing the enemy only an idea of where you are. USE THE MINIMAP.........this aspect is the least used item when running a harrasser, know where the enemy is at all times.

    Use the terrain to hide behind, just letting the gunner see and engage the target without allowing the enemy to shoot the harrasser.

    Use the nimbleness of the harrasser to get behind the enemy if possible (the weakest spot on a maggie or lightning).

    Run & Gun, never stop when engaging the enemy 'thinking' it's safe to repair, know it's safe before stopping(I've made this mistake way too often).

    Learn to use the sliding aspects of the harrasser to do 180's when ESF engages you, you can turn a lot faster than they can, use it to your advantage.

    Never, but never go blasting over a hill just because you can. Your liable to end up on top of a enemy armor column (We did this yesterday) or you might flip the harrasser.

    Engage the enemy 'at distance', what I mean by this is that you are always scanning the horizon looking for targets. I often spot the target before the gunner and then point them out. Engaging them at distance means you can get 1 to several rounds on them, once they start smoking you can make a run at them.

    2) Gunner - The gunner has to be in 3rd person until they engage a target.

    In 3rd person you have the same situational awareness as the driver, so the driver shouldn't have to point out targets. Once you see the target go to 1st person and engage. After the target is down go back to 3rd person.

    Target selection - you have multiple targets, which one do you go for first? Some would say a Sunderer, but what if there is a Maggie or Lightning or both?
    The Maggie will take you out the fastest, engage the Maggie first at distance if possible. Point the Maggie out to the driver and get confirmation on it's location by Q-spotting. Count the 'on-target' shots off so the driver knows where you at with taking it down. The Lightning will more than likely engage you, but hold off until the Maggie is down, then engage following the previous example. Then address the Sunderer at distance if possible, otherwise Run & Gun.

    Infantry are extremely difficult to hit, you can get a headshot on infantry but you have to be right on them (Halbred). If gunning a Halbred then shoot at their feets, The Halbred has no splash damage, shooting at their feet will kill them in 1 shot.

    Leading targets - This has to the most difficult aspect to learn. You as a gunner are bouncing around, going in an out of 'mechanical lock' (the highest and lowest angle the gun can elevate). You have to learn to take the shots available. For me personally I find my first 5-10 minutes when first gunning the most difficult. After that I fall into a 'groove' and can place most shots on target. Maggies move more side to side whereas the lighting is forward and back, anticipate this when gunning so your ready when it happens. Harrassers are the same as the lightning but faster. Again from my own personal experience I have found that a good sniper is a good harrasser gunner but it's not a 'rule'.

    Counting shots - Counting shots lets the driver know 2 things, how weak is the enemy armor and how many shots you might have left. The driver has no way of knowing without looking at the harraser icon on the side how many of your shots are on target. nor does he/she have any idea how many rounds are left. You have to let him/her know how weak the enemy is (by letting them know how many rounds are on target) and how many rounds are left. Usually if your down to 20-15 you have enough left to lay suppression fire on targets while going back to re-load.

    Remember this: on "stock" targets.
    Maggie = 5 rounds
    Lightning = 4 rounds
    Sunderers = 6 rounds
    Harrassers = 3 rounds
    If they have composite armor or nanite repair then your laying rounds on them until they are down (especially if they have a army of eng'ies standing around repairing as your shooting).

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    Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?


    3) Harrasser setup - My Harraser has the following: Acquisition time fully certed, Surge chassis fully certed, Composite armor all but last slot certed, Turbo all but last slot certed, Halberd (I have all of the guns but only used the halbred because of it's diversity) Reload fully certed - Ammo all but fully certed - Optics (zoom, and thermal), camo for the occasion and blinged out. On Optics, I personally never use them except for my sniper and the rocket pods on my Reaver. But let your gunner chose which optics they prefer and use that. If you're going to pull a harrasser, then re-kit to a engy, otherwise you can not repair on the fly. As an engy you should strive to have your repair tool fully certed (I use it more and more every day, you will too).

    Running with 3 people - a driver, a gunner and a engy in the back.

    My personal preference is to always run with only 2 people and the reason is that with all that a driver and a gunner has to do, they never realize when a 3rd person might have been shot out of the back. Therefore your Running and Gunning without a person you thought you had and you die faster thinking the guy in the back is repairing. Having 2 people means you have to slow down every once in awhile and repair which gives you mental 'downtime' (I usually have to concentrate so much I don't read any chat text and only catch those VOIP that are directed at me and as some people will attest; sometimes not even then :) )

    As a driver - You always have to be aware of the terrain, I have flipped the harraser more times than been shot. I have learned to 'pick' the places I drive while going through mountainous regions and slow down when I feel it's necessary. My 'up time' has improved dramatically.

    As stated before stay at distance as much as possible. You have more room to maneuver and can go faster when necessary to evade the enemy.

    2 Harrasers - When you have 2 or more Harrassers, then the enemy doesn't stand a chance in armor and many times even ESF's will leave the area (I have and other gunners have shot down ESF's due to the low bullet drop of the Halbred). 2 Harrasers should address the enemy frontally in a criss-cross fashion after smoking them from a distance. By criss-crossing the enemy can not focus on a single target and the chances of getting a good rear-end shot with the harrasser is possible. Also if there is more than 1 target, by criss crossing the enemy might possibly run into each other (it's happened more than once) or at the least become concentrated in an area to become quick targets. If a Harrasser becomes the focal target of an enemy armor then the other can provide support (this 'shout out' must be in comms). Also another effective technique is to circle the armor clockwise vrs counter clockwise which in essence criss-crosses at the front and the back, the only problem is that both harrassers are in armor sights at the extreme front and back allowing them to hit at least 1 of them. But by circling in the same direction at roughly 180 degrees out then none of the harrassers are in sights without the other one getting shots on-target.
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      Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

      Great tips Rage. I bow to your Harasser skills and as always look forward to hitching a ride with you.


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        Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

        Originally posted by Rageq3a View Post
        Never, but never go blasting over a hill just because you can. Your liable to end up on top of a enemy armor column (We did this yesterday) or you might flip the harrasser.
        You're not the boss of me!

        Well written. I've got a couple of points to add.

        1) You can control the Harasser's roll rate in mid-flight. When off the ground, your A and D keys allow you to roll left/right, allowing you to stick your landing without bouncing and flipping, and generally allow you to get get back on the power earlier. 99% of the time you will want both sides of the vehicle to hit the ground at the same time. I've survived some truly ridiculous falls using this.

        2) As a driver, don't make it needlessly hard on your gunner. When fighting, unless you are in imminent danger, try to keep your vehicle rolling at a moderate speed and avoid rapid course corrections. Steady movement at half-speed will be enough to avoid distant fire, dumbfire weapons and C4 attacks while providing an excellent platform for your gunner.

        3) It is exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to repair from the backseat while the vehicle is being driven at high speed. The "sweet spot" just seems to disappear. Remember this as a driver, if you want repairs, slack off the throttle a bit.

        4) When Rage says "use sliding to do quick 180s", use the handbrake (default spacebar) to initiate a drift if you are having trouble or need a really quick 180. When driving through enemy infantry, powersliding allows you to cut a wider swath by presenting the larger side profile of the Harasser.

        5) Be aware of your gunner's max inclination and declination. If you're trying to hit a liberator overhead, parking on the side of a hill will give extra inclination in the uphill direction. When firing down on targets, ease the Harasser's front tires as far downhill as you dare to allow your gunner better declination.

        6) If you've got SC, a horn for the Harasser is useful for signalling gunners, particularly those with comms issues. Flashing your lights helps too.

        7) Engineers, don't forget that you can drop mines out the rear of the Harasser. For gunners not in combat, consider mining chokepoints on the fly.

        8) Boost has magic properties. Besides turning boys into men, it can also be used to recover from a skid. How does adding more power straighten you up out of a slide? Nanites, that's how. When considering how to get down off an overhanging cliff, don't bother just driving down, you'll flip. Instead, turbo jump off the cliff. This prevents you nosing-down and flipping. Look at your landing spot and adjust your roll to stick it. When climbing cliffs, use the turbo just before you start to shed serious speed. If you blow yer... turbo too early, you won't have juice for the top, but if you wait until you've slowed down too much, you won't get the best use of the turbo's magic propulsion abilities.

        9) Standard lock-on rockets will miss if you are travelling at high-speed parallel to them. Your biggest threats are Annihilators and Strikers, (which lead their target, as they are also used against aircraft) lancers, (which hit near instantly) 2/2 MBTs at close range, (which can shred you if you are sloppy) and enemy harassers and aircraft. (which are capable of chasing you down)
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          Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

          Now a thought on some certifications. For those who are interested, my setup:

          Racer Chassis 3 (full)
          Composite Armor 5 (full)
          Turbo 2

          Ammo 3
          Reload 2

          The single most difficult choice a Harasser driver will make is which performance chassis to cert. The harasser lives and dies by its speed and agility, so which areas do you enhance? Try them all out in VR, but here is my take:

          1) The Scrapper Chassis - A safe bet

          The scrapper sticks to the ground on a flat surface. You'll notice you don't skid near as much in corners. In fact, the Scrapper chassis is very hard to send into a skid without assistance from the terrain or handbrake. This makes the scrapper somewhat safer in combat, as you are less likely to spin out, however this also results in a significantly larger turning circle at high speeds if you forget to use your handbrake.

          The Scrapper is also the slowest over terrain of the three chassis. However, the biggest advantage of the scrapper (IMO) is the excellent braking and reverse speed, (60kmh) which allow it to pop-and-shoot very effectively and gives it more versatility in close quarters.

          2) The Surger Chassis - A gunner's dream

          The Surger is touted for its hill-climb ability but really, that is the least impressive of its abilities. The most important thing about the Surger chassis is that it gives you a softer suspension. In a recent IIHS safety test, the Surger Harasser scored a remarkable 1/5 rollover safety rating, compared to -2/5 for the Racer and Scrapper. In other words, the suspension is more forgiving when you cock up your landing. The soft suspension is also better at absorbing the terrain bumps that throw off your gunner. The surger makes the best gun platform of all three chassis, making moving shots easier to land. This is (IMO) the biggest reason to pick the Surger.

          Due to the slight increase in uphill speed, the Surger is actually the second-fastest chassis available. It is also (IMO) an absolute joy to drive. Forgiving, but frisky at the same time. Not quite enough to break me off the Racer chassis, it's more a pleasant ride than a white-knuckle rollercoaster.

          3) The Racer Chassis - Tim Taylor Approved

          Here it is, that manliest of chassis, the Racer. To heck with grip, to heck with brakes, to heck with ride comfort and safey, give me pure, unbridled speed. This chassis clocks out at 100 kmh compared to the 85 of its compatriots, which may not seem like a lot, but you will feel the difference. More importantly though, the Racer gets up to speed quicker. What the racer gives a driver is the confidence that no matter what ground target he is up against, he can catch it, or he can outrun it if things go bellyup. The increased momentum you can gain before a hill also makes the Racer one of the best hill-climbing chassis, often out-performing the Surger.

          With the increased power comes more frequent sliding. A good driver can control these, even turn them to his advantage, but driving the Racer is not easy. Increased speed means a need for stronger brakes, which it doesn't have. Increased power needs better grip to prevent loss of control, which it doesn't have. Higher speed means more need for increased gunner stability, which it doesn't have.

          That said, my biggest complaint about the Racer chassis is that its ability overlaps considerably with the Turbo. While the Racer chassis maintains the max turbo speed of 125 more easily, the other chassis have no trouble reaching 120+ for brief spurts, and proper use of the turbo will result in a Surger or Scrapper climbing a hill nearly as well as a Racer.
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            Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

            Great tips, I really enjoy gunning/driving and will definitely untilize all this knowledge
            |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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              Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

              *Newly discovered* - When your upside down in a Harrasser, if you hit your turbo it might....just might set you up right again. Finestyle and I both did it today and it worked 2 out of 3 times.

              Considering the amazing amount of success we have had against enemy armor, and infantry transport units, I'm considering getting a few guys together to make up a 'rat patrol'. Rat Patrol was a mobile assult unit used in Africa by the allies to address Rommel's Panzer division during WWII. Basically it compromised of special jeeps outfited with .50 cal machine guns and was featured in a old TV show (Rat Patrol) in the 60's. You can still find some of the old TV shows on youtube.

              The guys in the 'rat patrol' when the order is given to assemble, would pull the harrassers of their choice and start to address enemy armor. Just as there is a air unit and armor unit, this would lend a extra feature to our outfit. I would propose that the members of the rat patrol train in order to be the most effective against the enemy.

              What does the outfit think about the proposal?
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                Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

                Despite not being born till 91' I somehow managed to grow up watching Rat Patrol during my young and impressionable years. It is a worthy title for our merry band of hooligans.

                It might be worth drafting up a proposition for an in-house squad. I'm a supporting member, you're a supporting member. That's a start right there.

                309th Cavalry Regiment "Rat Patrol"

                Specializing in Reconnaisence, Harassment, and Hit-and-Run tactics, the stunningly attractive men and women of the 309th utilize Fast Attack Vehicles and Light Armour to exploit the enemy at every turn.
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                  Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

                  It had crossed my mind, but IHS's have to be comprised entirely of supporting members and since some people may not have the means or desire to become a supporting member, I wouldn't want that to be the stopping reason for them not to participate. Let's face it, whereas I personally have invested a lot of money into PS2 it is a FTP game which in itself has attracted many players.
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                    Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

                    There is the irregulars.

                    Also I see no issue with just compartmentalizing TG members in the PS2 outfit in certain roles.


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                      Re: So you say you want to run a Harrasser uh?

                      I just wanted to add something here as well........certain drivers like certain gunners and certain gunners like certain drivers. They run with each other for a few days and they get to know each others style of play. That's not to say that they don't get "testy" with each other from day to day, everyone sees things differently, even those that run with each other. That being said, it is always better to run with someone you know and learn their style of play. You will become more effective on the battleground and both of you will benefit from taking the time.

                      If you like the way someone plays and they aren't part of your 'unit' then ask them how they address certain situations and why. Much of this game is twitch playing and they may not be able to give you and exact answer. My twitch headshots as a sniper have grown exponentially, case in point.




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