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  • [INFO] Harrasser guide cont......

    Let me start by stating the obvious, this post is my opinion and my opinion only. At no time do I consider myself the ultimate expert on the Harrasser or it's abilities. I'm only stating what works for me, your results may differ.
    Why do I prefer the harrasser instead of a say, a tank...........for the same reason I play the game, it's fun. Not only is it fun, but it's profitable in the way of points and certs which allows me to invest more in my Harrasser which makes it more fun. What does the squad / platoon / unit derive from this? Enemy armor no longer is a problem, enemy assets become thinner, the psychological effect for the enemy is devistating. I've seen enemy actually pack up and leave an area after having their armor taken out so effectively.

    Now that is out of the way......

    I use the G500 with a selectable dpi, the G500 can have up to 5 selectable dpi setting. I only use 3. For driving I use 2500 dpi and the reasoning is that since I drive in 3rd person I need to be able to quickly view the surrounding looking for potential targets and/or engagements. In 3rd person driving the mouse is used to view the terrain and does not affect the movement of the vehicle. I have grown comfortable with that setting. Some players actually use higher dpi settings with the same degree of comfort.

    When 'gunning' I use 600 dpi. The reasoning behind that is because the mouse is used to aim the gun. I personally find that a lower dpi setting allows me to 'get on target and stay on target' easier. It's all a matter of preference. With the lower dpi setting the gun moves slower and so staying in aim works better for me.

    Recently I've been asked "What gun do you recommend", I used the Halbred for everything. I personally think that if you pick a weapon and stick with that weapon, then you will get better at that weapon. Makes sense doesn't it? But why the Halbred......the halbred is a good all-around weapon for me. I can take tanks out with it, I've shot light assult in the air with it, I've shot ESF down with it. So in short it's a good all-around gun. Yes, there are guns that are better in dealing with infantry. Yes there are guns that are better at dealing with ESF's and if you chose those guns and stick with them then your driving style will change to allow you to adapt those guns to other enemy assets. So I recommend the gun you are most comfortable with and are willing to stick with to learn how to adapt them to your needs.

    Smokers - After you have placed X number of shot on target then it will start to smoke (infantry excluded of course). These are called 'smokers'. Smokers are the 'sweet meat' of a harrasser, 1 or 2 more shots and they are finished. Enemy assets do catch fire, they are still smokers. The fact that they are on fire means 1 shot left for the final blow. Any time you see smoke you need to check it out. It might be a friendly, but then again it might not..........I always go for the sweet meat if possible and check it out.

    Chasers - The lightnings, an heavy armor that breaks off of the objective to chase after you are 'chasers'. You want chasers, you beg for chasers, you'd pay for a chaser. Chasers are giving up the comfort of support from their force just to give you points and certs. Don't disappoint them, once they have moved a reasonable distance from their group engage them by attempting to get to their back side (their weak side) and make them smokers. Engage them by moving in a arc around them, use the terrain to do a "sliding" 180 degree turn. Pop out of the terrain where you went in and continue the arc to the other side.....mind you all of this is at distance and your laying shots as you go. Before long the other armor in a shrew mindset want to be chasers too, again don't disappoint them. But be choosy, pick a target and stay on that target until you get to the smoker phase. Granted you might need to lay a shot or 2 on one of the others so anxious to give you certs just to keep them in line. But stay on the first one you choose until it's down.

    Pull: The act of obtain a harrasser from a vehicle terminal.

    Clean Kill: These are the ones that you start and finish the kill, these are the ones that you share the points with your driver. These are the ones you want.

    Asst Kill: These are for the gunner only, the driver gets few points for asst kills. When a driver takes his gunner to a smoker, the driver understands that he is giving his gunner the points. Which is perfectly fine because the driving and gunning postions should alternate between the people in the harrasser. One person 'pulls' and when that Harrasser gets shot down, the other person 'pulls'. Both people should be just as versed at driving as gunning. Meaning that the distribution of points evens out over time.

    Remember from the first Harrasser installment: enemy harrassers first, heavy armor second, light armor third, Troop carriers lastly.

    What is the Harrasser good at and what isn't it good at?
    There is some terrain that the Harrasser does a terrible job in, in general it's the same terrain that armor does a terrbile job. Flat to rolling hills (think most of Esamir) the Harrasser is king of the jungle. Going flat out and leaving smoking and torn armor in it's wake. Mountains are passable for Harrassers but it's also the same terrain that many get stuck or flip in. You can not engage armor in the mountains, unless it's to get to a higher position to scout from or to shoot down on armor from. Harrassers are not good for taking bases, they are excellent for skirting around a base to keep it clean of armor but to give it 1 position to stay in, is seriously limiting the harrasser role and dooming the harrasser and it's occupants to death. Moving from 1 objective to another and giving the harrasser the order to scout the area and engage armor at will is letting the Harrasser play it's role to the fullest. Imagine as a Platoon leader or Squad leader and knowing 2 maggies and 3 lightnings are bearing down on your position, being able to tell 1 harrasser to engage and clear out the armor. It's been done, it's being done, and will continue being done by you or the's your choice. Let the Harrasser driver and gunners tell you what they are good at, or better yet 'Run & Gun' with the guys that love these little buggies and let them show you the potential so you can incorporate them to the fullest.

    Please understand that to the guys who love these things, it's like an addiction. We're fast, we're heavily armed, and we're looking for a battle. Now seriously what more would you want from harrasser squad? If there is a harrasser squad already up and running, they may or may not want to be incorporated into a platoon. That said, at times a Harrasser unit may be so heavily engaged that when asked they can't just break away and join or may not even be able to read a chat line or listen to outfit voip. It's not a snub by any stretch of the imagination, nor a sign of 'not wanting to be with you'. It's just that the guys are so engaged in taking out assets they either didn't hear, read or couldn't respond. Ask again a little bit later.

    If you find these lil' harrasser tips helpful let me know and I'll continue them. If not then thats ok too, you'll see me and the others that love these things flying by you on the way to battle looking for the 'sweet meat' of war.

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    Re: Harrasser guide cont......

    As time goes along, I have noticed more enemy Harrasser squads. This tells me 2 things in general; first the enemy is tired of getting their butts whooped by us, and second they must think it's a good idea too.

    Just today Finestyle and myself were doing our daily Harrasser running when all of a sudden we encountered 2 TR harrassers with the vulcan guns. They tore us to shreds. Drona and Jer were there and they pulled a Harrasser. Their Harrasser didn't have all of the certing I have for mine that that didn't matter because we came up with a very effective technique for handling the enemy 2 harrasser team.

    First they appeared to be using 1 harrasser as bait, as soon as you took the bait and started the chase the second one coming from God knows where would fall in behind you lying rounds on you. Once you started smoking the first would spin and together they finished you off. Personally I think that was brillant and the technique was greatly appreciated by Finestyle and myself. So how do you counter such a problem?

    Here is what we did, run with a engy in the back with tank mines. That might work or it might not depending on if they see the mines. When we incorporated that technique we couldn't find them to try it out.

    Drona and Jer pulled and together we were crusing looking for them when lo and behold while sitting at a captured base Finestyle and myself saw both of them coming down the road. Them not seeing us went pass us and we fell in behind them laying rounds on the back harrasser. They took off for the frozen river with us right behind them. The back one was starting to smoke as we hit the river, once on the river the first one spun around and started coming after us. We spun around and started heading back to the base. Drona and Jer were behind us at a distance so when we were high-tailing it back to the base with the first one in tow, Dronna and Jer passed us and started laying fire on it. Now both of the enemy harrassers were smoking. By this time Finestyle had us repaired and we spun around. Drona and Jer had the enemy smoking and they were smoking as well. Finestyle and I now at max health lit after the one Drona was chasing and finished him off. The second one it seems had ducked behind a large rock and started to repair. Finestyle and myself saw the smoke and took off after that one and finished him off as he started to flee.

    So today Finestyle and myself saw 2 very effective techniques that we should incorporate while running a harrasser squad: The Hare and the Hound technique, and the double reverse technique adding this to our growing list of harrasser techniques will keep us ahead of the enemy harrasser squads as they throw them together to try and address their ever growing lose of armor. Ahhhhhhh it was a good day indeed.


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      Re: Harrasser guide cont......

      How do you feel about Harassers as part of armour squads? Armour squads are typically less mobile and more interested in grabbing advantageous terrain, staying close to each other and acting as artillery, which is somewhat antithetical to the Harasser play style. However, when running my armour squad yesterday we had Daddy and Lucia running a harasser and it seemed complimentary. I don't think they got to roam quite as much as they were used to, but they were able to scout and hunt down targets that the big guns had difficulty hitting from their position. The tanks, skyguards and ammo Sunderer provided a relatively safe "home base" for them if they bit off more than they could chew or needed to resupply. There were also a few instances where they pulled enemy armour into the Vanguard Murder Zone (TM) and many laughs were had by all. Except the enemy tank, obviously. :)

      Given that harasser squads are fast, have their own set of operational requirements, have to improvise on the fly, are independent minded, and are far roaming by their very nature, they present a very similar issue for platoon leaders to that of air squadrons, namely that they need to be on a very long leash in order to be effective at their jobs. This is a challenge for PLs who are trying to think in terms of squad cohesion, concerted effort, explicit tasking and territory control because those squads don't typify ANY of those traits. Armour squads, on the other hand, integrate very nicely with infantry squads in a fire support/hold the high ground sense.

      If hybrid armour/harasser squads work well for everyone, that might be an interesting compromise that gets the best of both worlds. The PL gets his reliable artillery, the tank commander has scouts and hunters to track down juicy targets and take out anyone who tries to run away or hide behind a rock, and the harasser squad gets to (mostly) roam free with the added advantage of having a reliable "home base" to rearm or drag enemy air/armour into. If tying Harasser squads down to big slow tanks isn't a major irritant for the Harassers, it's something I'd like to try more often. :)


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        Re: Harrasser guide cont......

        Harassers are synergistic with armor, yes.

        They're good at covering what armor is bad at 1) Chasing down wounded targets and 2) Finishing enemy Harassers who go after your armor.

        Meanwhile armor covers a couple harasser weaknesses 1) Inability to hold ground (although still not great at it) and 2) Anti-air firepower in the form of Lightnings.

        However, there is a numbers concern. Bare minimum, you should have 2 Harassers working together. That's 4 squad members. Once you factor in a sundie driver and 2 skyguard drivers (and armour squad minimum, IMO), you've only got 5 drivers left for real armour.

        1 Sundie
        2 Vanguards
        1 Lightning
        2 Skyguard
        2 Harasser

        It's an interesting formation. The more I look at it, the more I like it, actually. That's a tight unit.

        It doesn't do any one thing exceptionally well, but it does cover all the bases.

        Ideally though, I think you should fill an armour squad and have a medium-strength harasser squad of 3-4 harassers for support. 2 really is a bare minimum for a harasser unit. It's pretty fragile. 3-4 is better. 5-6 is probably excessive unless the enemy is really zerging armour but hey, the more the merrier.
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          Re: Harrasser guide cont......

          Looks like another instance where the built in 12 man limit isn't QUITE what we'd like to work with, organizationally speaking. I would point out that it's not always necessary to fully man Vanguards, so you could have five of them in that formation, though there's tradeoffs there like not having someone to repair you in active combat or keep the second gun going.

          Almost seems like you want two squads: one large armour squad for the heavy artillery, and a smaller harasser squad to range around them. There's comm issues with that, given that both squads will have scenarios where they want close coms with the other.


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            Re: Harrasser guide cont......

            The make-up of a Harrasser squad just depends on several scenarios:

            Terrain, because there is some terrain that just isn't fitting for Harrassers and they will go down fairly easily. The terrain variation is greater than it would be for armor specifically. But there are limitations to it because many times the terrain will kill you faster than the enemy.

            The enemy, specifically the TR due to the strikers and the Vulcan guns. Both of these in-game weapons will do the greatest amount of damage in the shortest time. If there are 2 HA's with strikers then your dead before you can react.

            The make-up of the Platoon, there seems to be an understanding that the Harrasser is the end all of any armor. I can't tell you how many times I have heard over comms, there is an enemy Sundies at my location. First, we have no idea exactly where "My location" is, and secondly, if you see it then shoot it. If on the other hand while engaging the Sundies you see additional armor or other enemy Harrassers coming in on your mini-map, then call for help. Too many times we have pulled off location and traveled around an entire tech plant or across hostile ground to get to the Sundies and it was already taken out. Making our trip useless and depriving the area we were covering.........of coverage.

            To the people in a Harrasser squad, yes the Harrasser squad is a loosely formed squad and the areas of operation are wide ranging. Wide ranging but centralized, if you bite off more than you can chew such as getting too close or coming barreling over a hill into an enemy armor column. Then your on your own. If it's the first example then you need to learn the effective distance to engage. If it's the second you just outta luck and call out the column to the rest of the squad. I do it while driving and Finestyle does too, it's the nature of the beast but we just deal with it and I don't think we have ever called out for help per say.

            If your operating too far away from the squad then your on your own. There are some of us that have taken on multiple targets with no problems because we are use to running Harrassers almost exclusively. If you don't understand the necessities of a Harrasser unit (2 guys and 1 Harrasser and whats required in certing) then ask. And I would add that you might want to stick even closer to another Harrasser until you gain the experience and the certs. Timing is critical in running a Harrasser, from driving, gunning and to's a difference between being up taking out armor or on cool down. I could go on and on but this isn't the tread for it.




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