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Making full use of your Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX)

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  • [INFO] Making full use of your Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX)

    MAX suits are an insanely powerful weapon that (if used in the right hands) can slaughter whole squads of infantry. However, throughout the past few days, being a part of numerous max crashes (as both the crasher and the victim), I've noticed a series of problems that seem to plague Max users. I intend to address a number of theses as well as provide effective (in my opinion) solutions for these problems.

    Problem #1: C-4
    C-4 on a LA is can be one of the most devastating things to a max unit/squad. It can not only one-shot several MAXs in close proximity but take out its engineers and medics as well.

    Solution 1: Be aware of your surroundings
    I personally can not count the amount this has saved my MAX/squad/sundy/etc. by simply looking over you shoulder or above you every now and then (especially while out of combat).

    Although this is a very simple thing to do it is a problem that seems to plague a large portion of the Planetside playerbase. Enemy infantry will simply walk up behind a squad of people, drop a few mines then fire off their CQC weapons effectively taking out 4-8 guys with them. In fact I commonly exploit this bit of negligence with my own infantry classes. (see any of KoolAidMan's planetside videos)

    Solution 2: use your aegis
    Say you looked up too late or you just disengaged from combat and all of a sudden you see C-4 or a grenade raining on your head; simply pull out you aegis and face the explosive while attempting to back away, this will mediate (if not eliminate) the direct damage that your max receives from the explosive)

    Problem #2: Over extension
    Although you MAY feel like a super awesome juggernaut who can take what ever the enemy throws at you... you're most certainly not. A Max suit can only realistically take 2 direct rocket shots and one block of C-4 can provide massive amounts of damage.
    A dead max is a useless max, and takes attention away from the combat by not only a medic but also an engineer, in order to bring you back to strength

    Solution 1: use cover, and don't over work your engi's
    it is important to keep in mind that your engineers are infinite resources of life for your max, and may sometimes even overheat their Repair Tool if you sustain too much damage. This will give the engi more time to attend to other MAX's, Drop ammo, or focus on your flanks. Also if the engineer goes down and your stuck without one until the medic can pick them up, you will be capable of providing cover until he is revived.
    My general rule is to pull out if my max has fallen between 55% or under or if I need to reload (due to the lengthy Reload time of NC Maxs).

    Solution 2: target the closest enemy first and prioritize dumb fire heavies
    Unless is if there is a Fracture max in the room (i'll reserve that part for later) you should always be keeping your attention on the nearest heavy.
    You should be attempting to do one of two things:
    A.) Kill the heavy before he fires
    B.) dodge his rocket with a bit of side strafing action

    Solution 3: USE YOUR AEGIS (or in this case sometimes charge)
    If you could instantly stop other enemies from providing any direct damage to your max while you reloaded/gained repairs, why wouldn't you? It can pull you out of some very sticky situations and 9 times out of 10 save your max.

    Now I feel like there are a few extra things that I could describe or elaborate upon in here, but they can completely change with different play styles, load outs, or combat situations. But using the methods I've poster here I commonly find my self not only the last max standing but also the the last player. whilist racking up to 10+ kills on heavies, LAs, Maxes, or anything else that tries to pass through my max's corridor. I typically only ever die to attrition.

    Now I'm going to go over my particular AI Max load out and my opinions on why I chose that particular piece.

    Twin Grinders w/Extended Mag and slug ammunition

    I mostly chose the grinders because they were "cheap" (250 certs each) but they also come with 2 extra rounds in each magazine allowing for more damage to enemy max units (who will likely not die and a clip of any other weapon) Making the deal the more damage per clip than any other max weapon.
    however this increased magazine size also results in a slight loss in accuracy and reload speed when compared to a scattercannon (I can normal fix this by simply activating my reload shield)
    Although I do have a Hacksaw, I have mostly decided against using it due to the fact that it virtually feels like a water gun out of point blank combat (which is extremely risky for a max). I also decided against the Mattocks due to their even lower damage than the hacksaw.

    Suit Slot:
    I've actually certed out 2 of these suits and will go over where I think they are more important

    Kinetic Armor:
    Although it is basically worthless until level 2 and not a real game changer till levels 3 and up, that small reduction that the max suit gains can take a huge load off of repairing engis an is best used on an AI max.

    Flax Armor:
    By level 3 this is probably one of the best things I've ever bought for my max it has saved me from countless rocket pods, daltons, tank shells even c-4 and I would never pull my AT or AA max without it. I'll even sometimes run it with my AI max when I'm certain there will be c-4 falling on me.

    I wish I knew more about it's effectiveness on NC MAxs, I've heard it is great when you are defending a base and can't find an engi. With a 1.5% heal per second I could imagine its pretty good at running you max solo as well.

    Ability Slot:
    This is literally the best thing the NC max could ever get, and is one of the favorite parts of my max.
    the applications for squad tactics are nearly limitless and, as long as you remember to reload before lifting it, you can reload behind the shield.
    If you get the Aegis Shield (which I highly recommend) you should at least put it up to level 2. The second level will increase the shields effectiveness by 40% and at max level your shield will have the equivalent hit points of another max suit. This means that they need to kill 1 whole max suit before they get to you.

    The Fracture MAX:
    (I've saved this bit of the thread for last due to the fact that I've never really had an effective encounter with a fracture max and even my twin grinders are incapable of killing one faster than it kills me.)
    Fracture maxes (although a bit of a rarity in the field) can be absolutely devastating to both MAX's and Infantry and would most like require a large focus fire from the max and his squad members in order to kill both the max and his supports.
    Tactics on this can vary from, distraction will an LA comes around with C-4 or an large wall of fire coming from both dumb fire rockets and maxes(engineers and medics should be in the back due to the likelihood of casualties during this process.

    I hope this has at least helped some of you in improving your MAX's effectiveness or maybe even as an engineer/medic during crashes. I look forward to hearing your opinions on load out and possibly better strategies for fighting, either against or with a max.

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    Re: Making full use of your Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX)

    Some math on the 'Kinetic Armor' (which I personally would suggest)

    level 0--->level 1--->level 2--->level 3--->level 4--->level 5(Maxed) _Level of Kinetic Armor_
    --80%--->81.5%---->83%---->84.5%---->86%---->87.5% _Bullet Resistance_

    @ level 0 you have 80% reduction in bullet damage with a health of 2000.
    The average close range damage a TR Carbine does is 143.
    Damage Prevented 143 x .8 = 115.4
    Damage Recieved 143 x .2 = 28.6
    Percent of Health 28.6/2000= 1.43% (70 bullets)

    @ level 2
    Damage Prevented 143 x .83 = 118.69 (+3.29)
    Damage Received 143 x .17 = 24.31 (-3.29)
    Percentage of Health 24.31/2000 = 1.21% (83 bullets)

    @ level 4
    Damage Prevented 143 x .86 = 122.98 (+6.58)
    Damage Received 143 x .14 = 20.02 (-6.58)
    Percentage of Health 20.02/2000 = 1.001% (100 Bullets)

    @ Level 5
    Damage Prevented 143 x .875 = 125.125 (+9.725)
    Damage Received 143 x .125 = 17.825 (-9.725)
    Percentage of Health 17.825/2000 = 0.89375% (111 Bullets)

    Actual benefit in bullet protection from Level 0 to Level 5 is

    17.825/28.6 - 1 = 37.67%

    Considering that you survive more and more bullets as you level up, and considering that bullets will in the long term be the most common weapon used against you, I think the boost given by Kinetic Armor is well worth the certs. I can say that personally my ability to stay alive (and keep killing) has increased thanks to my use of high level Kinetic Armor. While certainly maxing out Flak can be beneficial against rockets/grenades/C4(??) you are still almost left dead.

    In my experience Kinetic Armor is a must have when in AI roles. Flak is a must have when in AA/AV roles.


    I really like the Grinder, that is the one with extend magazine? I always get confused with Mattock/Grinder, the extended ammo is great and I find that I run AI Maxes well with a Grinder-Hacksaw combo. Aegis shields are not to be forgotten either and you've done great pointing out their uses. MAX units should look to fully cert the Aegis Shield line as well as get some modifications (slugs) to some of its AI weapons.

    (Now while the Mattock does less damage it is meant to be a medium range 'shotgun', this is why it does less damage than the Hacksaws)


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      Re: Making full use of your Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX)

      Where as I don't usually do the "Max Crash" thing because the support is so under whelming, I do take a lot of them down. So just read this and know that this is another thing you need to be worried about, and maybe the most worried about.
      Just today in the afternoon bio dome alert.....the one where the TR were so over poped, I took down 5 maxes that I know of and had several 600+ point kills that I couldn't see who it was I hit. What did I hit them with you ask?

      Under barrel grenade launcher, I highly recommend it for your Engy kitting as I usually get more points and certs with that than I ever could by winning the bio dome alert. I even have a special Engy character slot for just bio dome alerts. While your spamming away nades your also getting points for using the nades from the ammo you lay at your feet. But bottom line is that it's difficult for the Max, his Engy, or his medic to get out of the way of something they never see coming. I can't find the damage amount it does but read this

      So bring on the Maxes.........and tell them to bring their friends too, there is nothing funnier than seeing a Max running away from you...............and leaving his Engy and Medic standing there playing "catch the nade".




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