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  • [INFO] when, where and why

    I thought I'd share some of the knowledge I've gathered along the way to having 64 days and 2 hours in game. Maybe this will help some if you and maybe not, but it's here for you to use as you wish.

    I specialize in 2 types of weapons but both actually fall under the category of 1 shot 1 kill weapons. In reflection I kinda find it amusing that 1 is a very long range weapon and 1 is a very short range weapon. But if you look under my in game 'RAGE3' on Planetside 2 website you'll find that out of the top 5 weapons I've used, they account for almost 60% of my kills. Both weapons have an Auraxium Medals and in fact have enough kills that if they gave multiple medals would have enough kills for 5 Auraxiums. They are my 'go to' guns in certain situations.

    The EM4 is by far the best sniping gun I've used and I've used them all. With the bullet velocity as it is there is less bullet drop over distance, making ranging much easier. It's the highest damaging sniper gun as well and has accounted for 3937 kills with 3478 headshots..........but my love for 'ole black Betty' is long known and as such won't be the main theme of this post.

    The second gun and the one I want to concentrate on is the Guass Compact S with under barrel grenade launcher (UBGL) which has given me 2269 kills to date. It's a very short distance range gun and one that requires a lot of patience and practice to use at longer ranges. From the Bio-dome spawn room on the second floor I can now reach and be effective laying fire on both air pad entrances independently. During an Esamir territory alert yesterday I could use the UBGL to effective eliminate and suppress the enemy from entrenching the top floor of a 2 story building from the ground. The UBGL has the most distinctive aspect of a lobbing arc. This presents various aspects to it's usage but also some danger.

    1: The lob has to be a set distance from anyone friendly crouched or standing in front of you. If someone is crouched you must take several steps back from them to prevent you from hitting them even if your arc if reasonable higher than they are, why does it hit them at all? It's the mechanics of the game for which requires a whole another thread.
    2: The UBGL has to be shot an X distance away from a vertical structure close to you, if not it will bounce off of it and be a dud and not explode. Again the mechanics of the game.
    3: The UBGL is slow to load taking a second or two between shots.
    4: The UBGL after about 5-6 shots takes even longer to reload. Sometimes to the point that you wonder if it is going to reload at all.
    5: The UBGL also at times won't reload at all, requiring the person to go back and re-equip it in order to get it to work.

    So why even use it at all you might ask..........

    1: It's a one shot one kill weapon, meaning if you hit a person (at their feet) they are dead.........plain and simple.
    2: Two hits on a MAX brings them down even if they have an Engy with their tool on them, if you don't hit them directly then you'll send them running for their Engy anyway.
    3: If the first shot doesn't get their Engy, then the second shot usually does.
    4: The explosion from it's appearance is suppressive in it's nature.
    5: The splash damage is large, large enough that if you don't kill a person with the first shot then the second usually will. You can see the 'hit indicator' on your crosshair to determine how much damage you've done.
    6: The UBGL can also be used against tanks, harrassers, and sundies to some effectiveness. Granted it takes many more hits to do so, but can make the person driving think twice.

    If a fireteam were to be setup so that 6 Engies (supplying their own ammo) could be arranged so that 3 engies were crouched down and 3 were standing, all with UBGLs would be an answer to any MAX crash, the MAX crash would be over quickly.
    This same fireteam could clear a room of enemies in short order, and with precision fire could also hold a point fairly easily.

    Oh and I wanted to add, both the medic and the Engy have the UBGL option. But as a Engy if you lay an ammo pack at your feet you have an unlimited amount of grenades.

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    Re: when, where and why

    I've found its always a good Idea to pull Flax armor on max, when infantry start pulling UBGL's, considering 100% of the damage done by UBGL is indirect-explosive (like c-4) and can really put a hindrance on any UBGL slaying plans. However, It forces maxs to abandon their kinetic armor which is a great help in dealing with other maxs/infantry.

    Although if the infantry were positioned at a high place, say the roof of a biolab spawn, and focusing down the same targets, I highly doubt it would really matter what kind of armor they had employed.


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      Re: when, where and why

      One other handy side effect to the grenade launcher is that even if you miss, you're position isn't necessarily given away by the hit indicator the enemy gets. If you're up in a tree in a biolab (my favorite spot), you can rain grenades down on them all day and they'll never even notice you.


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        Re: when, where and why

        In Bio-labs from the spawn room second floor balcony I can place grenades just inside the lower doorway on Bravo point, just inside the doorway to Alpha point, and outside landing on Charlie point. Now what good does that do? It keeps the enemy suppressed from the doorways and allows the friendlies to build up in those areas for a push on the points. All the while killing enemy that think for some reason they can get close to the doors. Additionally you can drop grenades between the Bravo and Charlie buildings as well as hit the air landing pads and you've just about suppressed the enemy in any open area. For total suppression, climb the rocks and place a UBGL Engy there, move over to the roof of the fan room and place one there, move over to the roof on Bravo point and place one there and then get on the SCU tower with one there. Any and all open areas will be totally locked down at that point. Shift under used Engies to the areas of higher enemy concentrations, rise and repeat.


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          Re: when, where and why

          UGL is an interesting weapon I will have to practice with and learn about!

          I have used it for smoke rounds to cover my advance, but not for indirect explosive fire. It adds teamwork possibilities like short range indirect fire/"mortar" suppression by two or three coordinated engineers. Or the classic indirect fire role -- shooting over enemy cover to hit previously "safe" enemies. Good possibilities here. Thanks for the tip RAGE!
          The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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            Re: when, where and why

            Now I may be mistaken but, the gauss compact S is a carbine so does that mean that an LA could use its UBGL as well?
            They obviously can't resupply their own ammo but a UBGL+C-4 LA would work pretty effectively in extending the range and strength of the siege. They also might be able to serve as a means of eliminating more entrenched targets.


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              Re: when, where and why

              That's affirm LAs can use the Gauss Compact S and the UBGL as well.


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                Re: when, where and why

                Great info Rage, +1 rep. Got the Gaus Compact S after reading this and knowing how/when/where to use it is priceless.


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                  Re: when, where and why

                  I've been using the UBGL for some time now, as much as I hate to say it, it's a great farming weapon and the perfect answer to when the enemy is spawn camping you. Recently (in the past couple of weeks) I've noticed more and more people are starting to use it as well in other outfits. I think that might be after seeing their MAXs step out of the teleporter room take a few shots and come running back for repair and NOT being effective against enemy MAXs, then seeing me and others taking out said MAXs with 2 shots has made them change their approach. Yesterday an impromptu fire squad of myself and several others effectively marched from the teleporter room to the SCU gen laying down a sequential fire barrage and flipped the gen. We didn't hold the room but that was more of not applying Gartha's technique for holding a point than the effectiveness of the UBGL. The UBGL in that op performed flawlessly for it's purpose.

                  Now for the bad new, I'm also seeing the enemy use it more and more and the only effective defense against a UBGL is another UBGL............unless you can tell me what other weapon can shoot over a building, over the top of a wall, or up a stair well.

                  Mind you this is'nt any real 'news' either, Randy mentioned the UBGL many months ago in another post. I just rediscovered it and the honed the use...........but the credit go to him.


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                    Re: when, where and why

                    Yeah, I have been a fan of the UBGL for a while, but I think my main thrust from months ago was using smoke, as smoke was very big in BF2 and especially PR (that's probably why you see E-Male using it a lot too). But the idea of using the frag launcher is one that you have championed more, RAGE. You actually got me to try it, and I must say I like it a lot. So you can take the credit. :)

                    I think this is something we should use more in game. Could you imagine the volume of indirect fire even a half a squad of Engis/Medics/or LAs could lay down with this? It would be like a small local artillery unit. No wonder it has piqued Garthra's interest. lol

                    It's pretty inexpensive too, only 100 certs IIRC. That, and you can then use it on 2 different classes (Engi and LA) makes it a no-brainer to purchase, IMO (Medic can get UBGL also, but that is on a different (full size/assault?) Gauss rifle, which is a pretty good gun in it's own right, many even say OP for a Medic).
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