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The Invulnerable Armor squad.

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  • [INFO] The Invulnerable Armor squad.

    Me an ghostshooter101 have been running occasional armor squad for quite some time. Each time I like to test out some new tactic in order to iron out the difficulties experienced in previous run through. Through out these runs it has become painfully clear that these kinds of squads are not for the casual 'throw together' group. They require serious devotion to very specialized kits, as well as plenty of experience with it's use.

    These squads don't come with a cheap cert cost. Probably the most valuable assets in these types of squad are the most expensive (AP-AP vangaurd, 5-6 repair sundy). However I can say that the gross xp gain as well as the unmeasurable usefulness of these squads can more than easily make up for the 5000 certs that it may off set someone. As a result I've decided to post my particular loadout preferences, reasoning behind every choice, cert cost and combat methods. This way, hopefully someone who becomes interested in a particular asset can find an easy path to supporting TG in an amazing squad.

    This will likely be a fairly lengthy post so I'll put everything in a table of contents here:
    1.)Column structure
    2.)Class load-out
    3a.) Anti tank
    3b.) Anti infantry
    4a.) Repair
    4b.) Ammo
    5.) Skyguard
    6.) Gunners (I advise everyone read this particular section, where I go over the do's and do not's of the guns you will find in an armor squadcular weapons)

    Now without further adieu, lets get down to business....

    1.) Column structure (Asset roles/positioning available under in each unit's section):
    -2 AT vanguards
    -1 AI vanguard
    -2 repair sundies
    -1 ammo sundy
    -2 skyguards.

    2.) Class load-out
    Everyone should grab engineer. This is the most effective way to support your squad and heal/revives are relatively pointless when you have an AMS sundy always around. Everything else is entirely up to the player but being an engineer is absolutely required.
    Recommended repair tool level: 4-6
    level 4: 90 total
    level 5: 240 total (90+150)
    level 6: 740 total (240+500)

    Description: The Vanguard is a heavy tank who fires slow, high velocity, high damage, rounds from it's main gun. With enough certs/experience it can absolutely wreck house.
    Now for base load outs
    This is basically a toggle-able 'God mode' for our tanks. It blocks all incoming damage for 5-8 seconds and cools down for 60-45 seconds. It is recommended you only use the shield when trying too avoid large amounts of incoming damage (c-4, surprise lock-down tank, etc.).
    Recommended usage levels 1-4
    level costs: 100-200-500-1000

    -Nanite auto-repair
    Synergistic with the shield due to the fact that the shield can block damage and allow the user to gain life before the shield disengages. It also allows for the driver to spend more time moving and shooting instead of repairing
    Recommend usage levels 4-5
    level costs 30-50-100-200-500
    -Side armor/front armor
    A cheap alternative to NAR for those just starting out in their tank, it can either increase the shots to kill, on the front armor by 1 or by 1.5 on the side (making side slightly more powerful than front).
    each costs 100 certs (only one is equip able at a time)

    3A.) Anti-Tank Vanguard
    ~Role: Defender, the job of the AT vanguard is to eliminate all threats the cause a problem to members of the squad with speed and precision.
    ~Position: the AT vanguards should be position the the front left and right of the squad and should be constantly changing position in order to address any threats that affect the squad (even intercepting shots if necessary)

    -Main Gun: Titan-150 AP, The astounding damage, and muzzle velocity on this weapon. As well as it's ability to ignore some of a vehicle's armor make it an insane AT machine. It's only downside is a slow re-fire rate so 3-4 reload upgrades are recommended. (costs 500 to unlock and 750 for 3 reload upgrades)
    -Secondary gun: Enforcer, The damage over time and versatility of this weapon make the vanguard an absolute menace to vehicles and sometimes infantry (cost: 1000 certs, upgrades not required).
    The Halberd is also acceptable but requires reload upgrades and an experienced gunner (costs 750+reload upgrades).
    -Chassis: Racer, this allows the vanguard to over come it's hefty frame and fulfill it's role stated above (costs: 100-200-400)

    3B.) Anti-Infantry Vanguard
    ~Role: Heavy-Suppression, The AI vanguard should focus almost entirely on eliminating entrenched enemy infantry, or at least making them too scared to come out.
    ~Position: The AI Vanguard should be the forward most tank and will likely have to do a lot of backing up, It is recommended that it is supported by the AP Vanguards and a repair sundy because of it's low damage to tanks and the likely-hood that it will be sucking up a lot of damage in the front

    -Main Gun: Titan-150 HE, The heavy splash radius on this gun makes it a powerful means of flushing out and eliminating infantry hiding in cover. The HE suffers a very long reload speed so it is important to time shots and grab at least 3-4 reloads (cost 1000 to unlock and 750-1250 to upgrade)
    -Secondary gun: M12 Kobalt, A cheap but powerful AI machine. With a 100 round clip, high ROF, high bullet speed and a 2.5 second reload, Infantry popping in and out of cover ceases to be a problem. It is recommended to grab thermal with this gun so the gunner can find targets easy (Cost 100 to unlock and 200 for thermal)
    -Chassis: Rival-combat, It's likely the tank will have to do a lot of backing up so while on the front line

    4.)Sunderer(aka "sundy)

    4A.)Repair Sundy
    ~Role: In-combat support/Anti-attrition
    ~Position: the Repair sundies should be positioned near each other (so they can gain mutual reps) and near the Vanguards as support. It is the job of the Repair sundies to stay out of the line of fire.

    -Front gun: Bulldog/fury, for infantry suppression/elimination (250 for heavy splash bulldog, or 1000 for the ranged fury)
    -Rear gun: M12 Kobalt, for ranged infantry suppression that runs in conjunction with the AI vanguard (100 to unlock)
    -Utility: Proximity Radar; This way sundy drivers and gunners can see near by C-4 LA's and tank mine Engineers, which are the main threat to a repair sundy. (cost 100-200-400-500)
    -defense: Proximity Repair; Repairs ally vehicles. Recommend usage levels 4-6, otherwise the repair re (cost 100-150-200-400-500-1000)
    -Chassis: Any

    4B.)Ammo sundy
    ~Role: Supply unit
    ~Position: best position is near the skyguards/repair sundies who will constantly be firing and also serve as a fall back location for the vanguards

    -Guns: Twin walkers/twin basilisks, this way the squad has some form of AA support that can run in conjunction with the 2 skyguard's flak weapons (basilisks are free but walkers are more effective for 750 certs each)
    -Utility: AMS, to serve as a spawn for dead players or kit switching (cost 50)
    -Defense: Vehicle ammo dispenser, cheap upgrade that will supply ammo to all vehicles except the ammo sundy. operates well at all levels (first level cost 100)
    -chassis: none required but racer would probably be best. this way the sundy can do fast ammo runs without being exposed for too long.

    5.)Skyguard (lightning tank variant)
    ~Role: Aircraft suppression/elimination, eliminate air targets before they become too much of a problem
    ~Position: far back of column to the left and right flanks. Liberators should be given focus fire

    -Main gun: Skyguard, costs 1000 certs to unlock but no upgrades required past that (cost 1000 certs)
    -Chassis: any will do, but I would suggest at least getting 1 of them to level 2 (300 certs)
    -Defense: Either top armor or high NAR both work just as well (costs 200 for top armor, 380 for 4 levels of NAR)

    6.)Gunners (0 certs required, only basic understanding)
    Here I'll go over how a gunner should be managing each respective weapon they will encounter... but first a little something you all should know
    Rule #1 when gunning: do not fire unless engaged! This gives away everyone's position and lowers the likelihood of eliminating the target.

    This weapon is basically weapons free when it comes to engaging. The high velocity and rate of fire allow missed shots to be more forgiving, making it good versus just about anything. However, more rounds on target is always a good thing so try to avoid missing more than 2-3 rounds.

    This weapon doesn't have a lot of bullet drop and has a high muzzle velocity but, it only comes with one round so it is important to take your time when firing this weapon. It is a one shot on infantry if they don't have flak armor.

    ~M12 Kobalt
    This weapon is considered 'small arms' so shooting it doesn't do any damage to anything but; infantry, fighters, harassers and flashes. The Kobalt gains a small bonus versus harassers. It's also recommended that gunners DO NOT fire at air craft. The gun is a ammo hog, landing shots is harder then you think, and fighters get somewhere of an 80 resistance value to the Kobalt. Instead use this weapon to keep entrenched infantry at bay and eliminate any targets who try to get too close

    classified as an AA machine gun, this thing is a monster versus enemy aircraft, especially when they're are 2 focusing on a target. The weapon is also capable of light damage to armor targets and (if it can aim at them) pretty good damage to infantry. Basically, keep your eyes in the sky but don't be afraid to shoot at other stuff once the sky is clear.

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    Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

    The Vanguard fired its gun.

    The Vanguard fired it's gun.

    One of these is not right. :P

    Aside from that, it's an excellent writeup. If I had to pick anything to add loadout wise I'd recommend NARS for skyguards - it lets you keep your eyes on the skies where they belong without worrying about the damage from stray shots.

    M12 Kobalt - try to pick up a few more ammunition upgrades than you have for your main gun. The M12 usually chews through ammo at a faster rate, especially when coupled with the slower-firing Titan HE.

    Gunners - your top-mounted weapons can rotate quicker than the turret and the driver is often preoccupied with the terrain in front of him and managing incoming fire. Scan around the tank regularly for infantry sneaking up on you. When you're reloading or there is a break in the combat, use that opportunity to take a scan around.

    Gunners and drivers - Spot everything you see. This is particularly helpful to skyguard drivers who have to scan the entire skybox for enemies, and AT Vanguards when they are flanking an enemy tank.
    Teamwork and Tactics are OP

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      Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

      yeah the correct one is "its".
      You should have seen the amount of times I misspelled "Vanguard" as "Vangaurd"


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        Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

        Good job on making this outline Zep! If you want me to get this cleared through TGU pm me and I can have it posted in te private forums to have it checked out. I am eager to have people play with armor a bit more in TG and have people learn what weapons and classes they perform best in when operating with armor.
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          Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

          Nice write up.

          I'd like to add that, if attacking a vehicle (any type, including aircraft) at range that hasn't yet seen us, I prefer my gunner to hold fire until the cannon hits the first shot. I don't know if this applies to those who are amazing shots but when we both rotate to a target it takes me a second longer to judge the shot with the cannon and sometimes the turret can scare the target into moving, causing the shot to miss. Also, if if I miss the shot and need to re-adjust most targets won't even notice; the gunner should keep waiting for that hit so you can cause maximum DPS early on.

          If it's injured, close by or a threat it's begging to be shot immediately.

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            Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

            great write up Zep.

            A lot of important information for anyone to know even if you are not a big fan of armor combat. Also for those to get the order to make your squad into an armor squad this can be used as the rubric if your not sure what to pull or who should do what.

            Even though armor is made to take and give out punishment, I feel like its also the most vulnerable compared to air and infantry. It can be easily countered or avoided. So as a squad leader even squad member always check around you and call out every target. Don't be afraid of calling a retreat while in combat because the longer you are engaged the longer you are exposed and the more time the enemy has to counter you.

            I agree with sirjengles about holding fire. Something that I have started doing lately and wish I would of started a long time ago. Is to move behind the target to cut off their retreat. This way you dont have to engage the target from the front so you avoid damage. You also don't have to chase the target which allows you to take them out sometimes before they even see you. I remember I did this to a prowler once, he let his frustration out in yell chat saying "prowlers are useless!!!!!!" I put two shots in his rear and my gunner finished him off all in less then 10 seconds.

            Some useful tips I can provide:

            When reversing while taking damage, don't reverse in a straight line. instead reverse at an angle or arc. combine this with your shield or smoke and you should get out of the danger zone alot faster then reverse stop turn around and go.

            When fighting magriders 1v1 and they are charging towards you is because they want to get behind you using their afterburners. To avoid this do the same as above its like the reverse maneuver on a esf. always keep them in front. The more advance tactic that I use is I charge them instead which is just a scary sight lol. Right when I get to them I activate my shield and drive under them. They take damage from the impact on top of the damage I did and my gunner. with the shield still on I swing my gun and shoot them in the rear while rotating the body of the tank. Also magriders are easy to shoot at range. its easy to predict where they are going.

            When fighting prowlers 1v1 the first thing you should notice is are they locked down, If so avoid!! prowlers are not as hard to fight as the magrider. Just keep them in front and you should always win.

            Also if you can always try to shoot the side or towards the back the target. Gunners should shoot the top of the tank.

            If you have any questions or would like to do some VR training let me know!


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              Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

              Unless there was a very big change that I am unaware of; where your shot actually hits the target changes nothing about the damage dealt. The damage dealt is relative to the enemy's rotation in relation with you.

              This is a key point and simplifies aiming to being one of 'just hit the target'.


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                Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                The back of the enemy takes more damage, and the part of the tank's side armor closer to the back takes more damage as well (tested this a while ago, may not be true anymore) so it is better for the main gun to hit that. I like to have a gunner fire on the main gun because it breaks their vision. If they can't see you, they cant hit you.
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                "Remember, no survivors" -Myself and probably what explains my methods the most


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                  Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                  That's not what YT is saying.

                  What matters isn't where the projectile lands on the enemy vehicle, it's where you are relative to the enemy vehicle's orientation. If you are to the rear quarter of the enemy vehicle, you will always do rear damage to that target even if your projectile hits the side of the enemy vehicle.

                  Likewise you can't be tricky and use your MANA turret to try to hit the top armor of a tank. If the tank's front armor is facing your character, the rocket will hit deal frontal armor damage even if it hits the top or side of the tank.

                  Rumor has it that this can also be exploited with Heavy Assaults who are capable of firing their rockets at the frontal armor of a tank, then hopping on a jump pad which flings them to the rear of the enemy tank before the rocket hits, which then registers as a rear armor hit.

                  The moral of the story is just hit the target any way you can, it won't matter at all where you hit, all that matters is your positioning.

                  Here is a video representation:

                  Teamwork and Tactics are OP

                  Strait /strāt/ (Noun) A narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two large areas of water: "the Northumberland Strait".


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                    Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                    The following video shows some of my 1v1 against some magriders. It shows just how easy it is to take one out.

                    Hope you enjoy and please watch in HD =)


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                      Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                      Come on Ghost! Where are those kills we made yesterday on those ESFs? we were getting consecutive kills with no problem at GeoThermal.
                      Questions about those who deserve it!
                      "Remember, no survivors" -Myself and probably what explains my methods the most


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                        Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                        I wasn't recording =p


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                          Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                          Lies, you were just gonna be embarrassed by how i outgunned you.
                          Questions about those who deserve it!
                          "Remember, no survivors" -Myself and probably what explains my methods the most


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                            Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                            Yeah ghost you got one, then Bolivian, than me..... In one minute! :p

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                              Re: The Invulnerable Armor squad.

                              No offense but, lets try to stay on topic guys.




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