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"Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

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  • "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

    After the recent galaxy spawn updates and implementation of the WDS series, I have found it increasingly difficult to cause a significant impact on the battles available.

    This stems from several reasons
    -Battles are too large
    -dramatically under/overpopulated
    -no available small fights

    It seems that, whenever an impact is starting to occur in our fights, we experience severe retaliation from the enemy "zerg" (ie. 20 magriders/scythes that only survive long enough to wipe the squad).
    So, for the most part, any kind of squad that's survivability is dependent on the entrenchment of the units, becomes worthless when we look at resource and timer costs.
    This also means that the squad in question needs to pack a huge punch while engaged.

    This makes me turn away from my beloved vanguard and makes me ponder "what has an extremely high alpha-strike damage, fast movement speed, and relatively low resource/timer".
    This actually produced several answers...
    -Lightning tanks (especially with an AP cannon)
    -Reavers (especially with speed frame and breaker pods/hornets)
    -Harassers (especially with halberd)

    The main downsides to these units kind of cover each other, in a way

    Lightnings are vulnerable to entrenched units
    reavers and harassers are very good at flushing them out.

    Reavers are vulnerable to skyguards and AA maxs
    Lightnings and harassers are not threatened in any way

    Harassers are vulnerable to MBT's and ESF's
    Lightnings (with a skyguard) and Reavers are pretty good at dispatching both given focus fire.

    The objective here is when one group comes into trouble they can call upon the other groups for support.

    General platoon load out would look a bit like this:

    Lightning squad:
    6-8 anti tank lightnings
    maybe 2 or 3 anti infantry
    2 skyguards

    Harasser squad:
    6 anti armor harassers
    6 gunners
    drivers should be medics gunners should be engineers

    Air support squad:
    6-8 reavers (preferably with a speed frame)
    2-3 liberators with gunners (preferably High-G with Dalton)

    Infantry overflow and support squad:
    2 repair sunderers one ammo,
    AT maxes and lock on heavy assaults

    The purpose of the last squad is to grant the 3 squads a safe R&R location as well as some suppression on enemy tanks.
    Most likely located just a bit back from the front line.
    AT maxes are welcome to jump into the back of the harassers to provide an additional bit of surprise damage on enemy targets.

    I would like to hear people's feed back on this platoon design. I want to try utilizing the blueberry zerg as much as possible for pushing objectives, As well as trashing the cohesion of enemy forces through constant re-positioning and surprise attacks.

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    Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

    I personally like the load outs for each squad a lot. Are you planning on using this in a platoon yourself anytime soon?
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    "Remember, no survivors" -Myself and probably what explains my methods the most


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      Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

      I like the overall concept of a coordinated, mobile combined arms unit that focuses on taking enemy assets out.

      The first thing that occurs to me is that the primary elements are extremely vulnerable--and prone to being caught--out of position. Lightnings and
      Harassers caught in the open with enemies in strong firing positions can expect to see rapid attrition or obliteration if they don't have good nearby cover or retreat options, likewise if they accidentally run into an infantry AT squad. Similarily, aircraft that overextend tend to get shot down, and running into flak or an enemy air squad unexpectedly can happen almost too fast to react to.

      As a suggestion, why not combine the lightnings and harassers into a single fast attack squad, and then have the first squad run with vanguards instead of lightnings, and a more traditional static formation with the ammo and repair sunderers? (you kind of have that with the overflow squad already, to an extent). The fast attack squad (and air squad) can ambush and flank enemy units as they show up, while the vanguard squad serves as a "home base", extending the front lines, providing a safe point to retreat to, and making it harder for the enemy to catch the fast attack and air squads off guard. If you're thinking hammer and anvil, you're not far off.

      I like the synergistic elements here. AA and aircraft form a deadly combo against enemy aircraft that allow our aircraft to hold off significantly larger numbers of the enemy and win what would otherwise be close fights. Aircraft and ground forces keep the enemy watching too many directions at once, and a coordinated Reaver attack has exactly the kind of alpha strike you're looking for. Static fire support elements pin while flanking elements kill.


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        Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

        Another addition to the Harasser squad would be to have at least two Burster MAXs and two Raven MAXs in the rumble seats. If you run into any ESFs or Liberators, the Bursters can deploy and deter or destroy the air threat while the Harassers stay in the immediate area around the MAXs. If you're jumped by heavy tanks the Raven MAXs can deploy and provide some extra firepower or draw fire with an AEGIS shield while the Harassers take their shots. Ideally both MAXs should have full Flak armor, extended magazines on their Bursters and a fully certed AEGIS shield.


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          Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

          Really appreciate the loadout.
          Assault9 contribution speaks to me.


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            Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.


            I'm aware of the vulnerability of the platoon, I want to address this by limiting engagement to very short very damaging runs.
            The idea is to run under the radar, strike, escape to infantry/sunderer support.
            If done correctly the enemy will likely get caught off guard from more angles than could be accounted for by the enemy.

            Ex: MBT team:
            Lightnings draw fire, infantry suppress, harrassers hit form the rear, reavers strike from above.

            I considered the Idea of maxes in the rumble seat, I think It would probably be a good idea to throw them in the infantry squad. Unless there is space with the harassers (12 guys= 6 harassers)

            I really want to run a platoon like this, (possibly for an FNF due to the numbers required). I want to set up the idea now, gauge interest, and possibly iron out any kinks/concerns.

            There appear to be a number of people on Saturday so I might do a short, sized down field test.


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              Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

              I think that it is currently fine in my opinion. Seeing as what Zepkron states, they platoon is very cohesive, meaning no one should go down unless one squad does not act according to plan. If they Lightnings don't get the assistance from a squad like air, then they might fail in an objective, but this is a DrawBack of ALL plans.
              Questions about those who deserve it!
              "Remember, no survivors" -Myself and probably what explains my methods the most


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                Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                I like the idea zep

                The only thing I see that may be an issue is organizing each squad once the enemy is engaged.

                "Lightnings draw fire, infantry suppress, harrassers hit form the rear, reavers strike from above"

                Thats how the platoon would normally fight the battles but lets say the enemy engages the harrassers first now they have to hold them off while the lightnings and reavers organize themselves. Same for the reavers if the enemy has a large aa presence you lose the strongest squad in the platoon. To operate like this the air squad is the most important squad. They can do recon runs to make sure the flanking squad isnt going to run into a trap.

                I would like to work on this with you, just like we did with armor starting off small and gradually move to a platoon.


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                  Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                  the general Idea would not to get engaged, I've been toying with the idea of running 2 vanguards with the infantry to draw fire.
                  Also, it is the task of the lightnings/harassers to prioritize targets that serve as a difficulty to other squads. Now if they were to pull AT mbt's, skygaurds, whilist zerging AT infantry torward us... then we get a problem and probably shouldn't have been there in the first place


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                    Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                    Your final squad is an interesting use of man power in PS2. I remember one TGer who runs with another outfit mentioned that they regularly have a squad dedicated to 'FOB' operations. I think this is a great situation to use such a squad.

                    I'd suggest, in effort to capitalize on the 'wolf pack' intent, to have a serious consideration to a reconnaissance element in EACH battle ready squad. Obviously, Aerial Recon is the quickest to achieve but the ground elements should be able to do this as well.

                    If we are concerned that battles are getting too large to handle in a way that we find fun I think we might also need to approach battles in a different way. Assuming that we are in an area with a good number of allied faction members such a platoon could be specifically tooled to destroying/suppressing important enemy locations with coordinated fire. Is there any way we could observe actual footage from an enemy attack on strategic scale?


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                      Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                      Originally posted by Ytman View Post
                      Is there any way we could observe actual footage from an enemy attack on strategic scale?
                      I've become a fan of just grabbing my infiltrator and going "people watching". The stalker cloak would make this even easier seeing as you would never have to uncloak.


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                        Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                        Oh yeah. Permanent, effectively invisible spotters, baby!


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                          Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                          Saunter around behind behind enemy squads and taunt.

                          "Live Free in the NC!"

                          Practice some psychological warfare.
                          Teamwork and Tactics are OP

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                            Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                            upon review last night I've determined that spotters are probably the single most important thing for this squad to work properly.


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                              Re: "Wolf Pack" platoon proposition.

                              At this point I'm giving serious consideration to running a dedicated recon squad in my platoons. It'd eat up a squad slot (and probably be a pretty tiny squad), but we can always branch into a second platoon if needed.




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