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The Hot Box (The numbers equalizer)

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  • The Hot Box (The numbers equalizer)

    Greetings TG,

    No this is not a thread about various suspect substances, Rather a guide to smoke tactics.

    We all know about the wondrous powers of smoke and its ability to provide visual cover for our boys in blue as they scurry through open fields safely, But lets take this underused tool to the next level! Today I took out a squad to run the experiment, not of something nobody has thought of but of how one can make mass smoke + IR scope work, And not just work but utilize its blinding abilities to use it to equalize our small number and make them effective against much larger forces via changing the playing field.

    So how did the experiment turn out? Well after some hic-ups it was a roaring success! Though to use this tactic it has to be in a very particular fashion. Throughout the experiment we learned that yes we can fend of large number of enemy troops but not in small buildings. When in small buildings a couple problems arise that lend this strat to faulter compared to more traditional tactics (AI turrents on door ways, maxes with pocket engies, squishy medics in cover). These issues mainly are that emp's will render your nifty IR scopes useless(and being in a small space the emp hits more people), When enemies manage to enter your strong hold and you turn your crosshairs on to him he will look identical to friendlies and this causes frienly fire incidences( though this can be solved to minor effect by telling people to never go in the middle ) and lastly when your designated cancer producers die due to no place to fall back to, every one is put on a disadvantage with the scope it self as the friendly haze dissipates.

    So First of to preform this strat you need to get the correct squad composition.

    - You will need 2 designated smokers who are throwing down smoke at all times, the weapons that achieve this are the gauss rifle S for the medic and the gauss compact S for the engineer and light assault. Keep in mind it is preferred that your designated smokers are engineers as they can spam their under barrel smoke grenades with an ammo pack.

    - You will need every single member equipped with a IR scope.

    - You will need more people then just the two designated smokers to be capable of throwing down smoke, this is so that if your smokers are down you can still keep the smoke curtain up and the enemies confused. The light assault class and i think medics can carry smoke grenades so tell every one who has them to equip.

    - If you have a max he requires a pocket engie so your designated smokers don't have to stop and repair him.

    - 4 medics, in this strat since your enemies can't see very well your medics don't necessarily need to be hiding in the back and because we have two engies not shooting at all they are part of your damage output; Though because they are not hiding they sometimes get killed so we have a sizable number of them to keep every one alive.

    - Every one else is heavy because you are facing larger numbers you need between 4-6 heavies depending if you have a max and his plus one.

    Now that you have your squad kitted up you need to be in the correct battles, Open space and big buildings are your friend. If you are in a relatively open space get smoke on you AND the enemy, they will not be able to see where they are going, Lose cohesion as they bump into things and you will be laughing as you picking them off on their way to you. In large buildings like the power house or the triple there are large lanes that the enemy have to cross to get up to you to adequately see you as you can shoot at them (mainly the stairs and catwalks to the fan) and your smokers have room to run back if they are getting shot. This strat makes bio labs fun! you can hold the gen room power house and push to scu even against larger numbers.

    SQUAD LEADS, you are going to have trouble the first time you do this. You need to have every one to be on the ball, you can't have people moving around the building they need to be holding one door and staying in one spot and moving as a group is even more essential. Keep in mind the strengths of this and don't divert, You can move through the open with out taking too much heat, you can hold in the open if the enemy is smoked, you can breach buildings like pros if you curl in the door ways and tell people to not go in the middle for their friend behind them to shoot them in the back of the head as they stay in the door way path. And lastly you can hold large buildings and biolabs against significant enemy numbers.

    Good luck leads, Happy hunting.
    SPEAK UP! and lets combat the fog of war together.



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