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  • [INFO] What are your specialities?

    This is mainly for me and my squad leading but also for anyone else that's interested in knowing what your fellow TG members are good at.

    So what I'd like to know is what classes and vehicles do you play best and have well certed so I know who to ask for certain kits or vehicles. Also a short description of what you use on it and how you play with it (defensive/aggresive/etc.). Feel free to put as many classes and vehicles as you want but try to have at least 1 class and 1 vehicle. There's not really an outline but something like this would be good enough. Feel free to be as descriptive as you want.

    Heavy Assault.
    I use adrenaline shield, c4, concussion (3 nades), shrike (but I also have the crow, hawk and phoenix). I play really aggressive and with help from my concussion grenades do a great job at flanking. I'm good at getting behind vehicles and blowing them up with a c4/shrike combo. I can usually take on several soldiers at once without too many troubles.

    I use racer chassis, nanite and fire suppression. Similar to my heavy assault I play aggressive and usually try flanking then dipping which with its low profile and high speed the lightning does a good job of. I usually use ap and sometimes the viper if I can get a good shot on infantry. I don't play armour much but when I do it's the ap lightning.

    I use fire suppression, nanites, and hover frame (all fully certed). My main gun is the vortek and my secondary is either hornets or after burner. I am very competent at flying and dogfighting. I play more defensive until I get engaged then I'm really in-your-face while dog fighting. With the hornets and vortek I can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time (50%-75% to tanks in ~5s) so I'm good at hitting key targets like sundies or tanks.

    My liberator is decently certed and I do a decent job at both flying and gunning it. I have and ams sundy with mine guard and GSD. My engi, medic and recon tool are all fully certed. I have c4 on my medic and light assault. I also have tank mines on my engi and can do a good job hitting deployed sundies with it. I have an av max (falcons) and ai max (scat/hacksaw) with level 2 aegis shield.

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    Re: What are your specialities?

    Basically: I fly Liberators real good.

    I also enjoy playing Light Assault and Infiltrator in squad support roles, using suppressed weapons to harass enemies from other angles and hopefully make my squad's life a little easier. I have maxed out recon darts, which I LOVE using(squad leaders, please: if you aren't specifically finding someone with high or max level darts and putting them on radar duty, you are missing out).

    My medic class abilities are maxed, I have a full bandoleer(4) of Revive Grenades and the Gauss Rifle S with smoke grenades.

    My engineer has max ammo box and the Gauss Compact S with smoke grenades(we should use smoke more often).

    Heavy Assault is my worst class. Somehow I'm bad at shooting people with machine guns.


    My Lightning is maxed out with AP/Racer. I like to flank enemy armor or chase down damaged units. Sometimes I even live!

    I have a HEAT/Racer/Enforcer Vanguard that I do okay with, but I'm no Ghostshooter...

    Here's the fun part: Liberator. I have, in no particular order:

    Subtotal, excluding weapon attachments: 8946
    Subtotal, only weapon attachments: 14638
    Total certs invested in Liberator: 23584

    next-to-last respawn timer(1441)
    max afterburner(2925)
    max fire suppression(830)
    max auto-repair(1000)
    max composite armor(650)
    max precision bomber(700)
    max high-g(700)
    max racer(700)
    tankbuster(thermals, max mag size, 6 ammo)(2243)
    spur(thermals, 4 ammo)(291)
    shredder(thermals, high zoom, max mag size, 6 ammo)(2444)
    dalton(thermals, high zoom, max reload speed, 6 ammo)(2994)
    zepher(thermals, 2 reload speed, 6 ammo)(750)
    duster(thermals, 4 ammo)(291)<---- DO NOT WASTE YOUR CERTS OR STATION CASH ON THIS GUN
    drake(high zoom, 3 magazine size, 6 ammo)(1244)
    walker(high zoom, 3 magazine size, 4 ammo)(1244)
    bulldog(thermals, high zoom, max magazine size, 6 ammo)(2243)
    hyena(high zoom, 2 reload speed, 6 ammo)(894)

    I think that's it.

    Reaver: I run default nose gun, high-g, auto-repair, fire suppression. I usually go rocket pods, but sometimes I use A2A lockons and shoot people that are dogfighting my teammates.

    But anyway, like I was sayin', lib is the fruit of the air. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, lib-kabobs, lib creole, lib gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple lib, lemon lib, coconut lib, pepper lib, lib soup, lib stew, lib salad, lib and potatoes, lib burger, lib sandwich. That- that's about it.
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      Re: What are your specialities?

      MAX, all certs.
      Medic, all of the important certs.
      Heavy, just started, but learning to play it.


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        Re: What are your specialities?

        Engineer, 85% of the things
        Heavy, I have the hawk for AA emergencies

        My typical setup is a GD-7F with 1x or NV, suppressor, foregrip and soft points. For longer range I use my turrets or a Hunter QCX. I also have a Gauss S with smoke, grenades, shotgun, etc. when it's needed. I run full nanoweave for cqb or flack for armor/anti-armor, and explosives to fit the current objective, or med-kits if Ryker is our medic.

        I'm focusing on vehicles right now, currently mid-range with:
        Sunderer: Ammo & Blockade Armor
        Lightning: Viper & Skyguard
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          Re: What are your specialities?


          My specialties:
          • Making the things go boom (big goodie bag of explosives on my engineer)
          • Reaver Pilot
          • Marksman (I love my Warden)
          • Lighting (second most certed vehicle after my Reaver, which an emphasis on aggressive tank hunting)
          • Squad Leading. Seriously, I seem to be one of the few people who see it as role they enjoy doing rather than a chore that someone has to do, it's weird.


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            Re: What are your specialities?

            I got my 90,000th cert yesterday, and I have certed heavily into everything except the engineer and the galaxy.

            You can count on me to play with anything else though I am most skilled with Lib gunning (Dalton or Shredder), Reaver piloting (I own every Reaver Weapon so I can adapt to many different situations), being a long range or stalker infiltrator, and medic (max bandolier w/ revive 'nades).

            Also, Squad Leading preferences consist of Air-to-air squads and infantry.

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              Re: What are your specialities?

              Medic: I play a much more aggressive than most people are familiar with. I consider myself a forward support unit, going the extra mile to rez the guy who wandered just a bit too far and dishing out a lot of pain on the way.
              weapon - Gauss Rifle S (compensator, 3.4x scope, underbarrel grenade launcher, soft point ammo)
              suit - max shield capacitor
              grenade - standard
              Utility - 2 C4

              Light assault: I play my light assault like a ninja: silent, swift, and deadly. I've been known ghost entire squads inside point buildings (the more windows the better).
              weapon - NS-11C (suppressor, 3.4x scope, forward grip, soft point ammo)
              suit - adrenaline pump
              grenade - standard
              Utility - 2 C4 or health kits depending on the situation

              Vehicles: You don't want me in the drivers seat of anything but I can do a good job in any gunners seat.


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                Re: What are your specialities?

                Yelling at people.
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                  Re: What are your specialities?

                  Originally posted by Randy_Shughart_ClwFL View Post
                  Yelling at people.
                  This is golden.


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                    Re: What are your specialities?

                    Originally posted by Llamar View Post
                    This is golden.
                    I agree lol

                    I was kind of expecting that also =p


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                      Re: What are your specialities?

                      light assault:
                      I love the la, one friendship brick grenade bandolier and a scilenced gd7f is great for doing damage. Also i have the gauss compact with grenades or smoke to either provide high ground shelling or visual dominance
                      This is my primary useful to the squad class, like emry I am very aggressive with it as I rush max suits and armour with my double friendship bricks I have 3 weapons that I use for it, gr 22 when hip fire close range is needed the default for aim down sight and quick kills and ns pdw for versatility.

                      heavy assault:
                      I am not a fan of nc heavy as I can never land head shots with the recoil, but i have an well enough certed one if you need with conc nades and such

                      Edistanelp ( the name of my lib) edis; ee-dus, for short is a fairly good lib , nothing is maxed but its well rounded and you can use either thermal or zoom for both bulldog and dalton.

                      And then there is the...

                      Space whale:

                      If Im not leading Im probably either in or complaining about how I am not in a galaxy. The battle cruiser as I called it though will be naming it "Battle star galaxia " or "Battle star auraxia" once I finally break down and drop the last 3 k certs into it and get those last bulldog and drake mag sizes. The battle gall has max fire suppress nanites 2 drop max top walker reload 9 round of bull dogs and 2 back drake mags. I am a pretty good battle gal pilot but less good at ferrying squads around as i probably need to practice flying 1 m off the ground cover to cover not dying while trying to actually get in and out of a hot hot hot pick up. Though I have a crutch for if that is needed cause i can slap on max composite and give you my cattle bruiser gal made for just that sort of thing as well as one way drops into the fire.

                      Side note; if you want me to pick up your squad in a hot pick up give me a place to land in cover cause waiting around for people to get in while 2 sky gaurds and some bursters shooting at my billboard is frustratingly hard on my resources. Oh and your squad is probably going to die as well lol..

                      Any way the gall can provide aa to small groups of air as i can ram most pilots 100 percent of the time, the great pilots though I usually only have rammed when they are at least sort of distracted. I can crush lightnings and sky guards
                      making short work of them and I believe I can crush mbts but i dont recall ever doing it out side vr.


                      Medic and galaxy but i can do anything well except drive those wheeled things..
                      SPEAK UP! and lets combat the fog of war together.


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                        Re: What are your specialities?

                        Not trying to hijack the thread but I wanted to point out that we disallow deliberate air-to-ground ramming of vehicles here. The previous discussion thread can be found here. Back to the topic at hand...

                        * *


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                          Re: What are your specialities?

                          I think i can do just about everything except gal pilot

                          I think what i'm best at though, is fancy/reckless driving and keeping friendlies alive.

                          Need something to kill infantry? ... I got it. Need something to kill Tanks?... I got it! Need something to do a little bit of both? ... I GOT IT! Need something to take out a very specific target nice and quietly? I STILL GOT IT!!!

                          i've got certs for A2G stuff but I vastly prefer to run A2A. I use fire suppression, Hover and auto-repair (all maxed). I'll use just about any nose gun but I vastly prefer the rotary. For secondary I use Ext. Afterburner

                          If you're down count to 10. I'll get you back up.
                          I use the carnage or NS-11A depending on range. I use Nano-weave armor because it stacks a bit with the medic AOE heal and I tend to play a bit aggressively when my squad mates are down.


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                            Re: What are your specialities?

                            Originally posted by P.Drona View Post
                            Not trying to hijack the thread but I wanted to point out that we disallow deliberate air-to-ground ramming of vehicles here.
                            What about gals ramming ESFs, libs or other galaxies?


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                              Re: What are your specialities?

                              I can play any kit and any role needed, except av max.

                              Pull any vehicle except the gal and sundie.




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