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Small squad Tactics during large seiges

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  • Small squad Tactics during large seiges

    During a large battle revolving around an area I have noticed the due to the size of the outfit, the effectiveness of TG greatly diminishes during these battles or what some would like to call it (the grind). However I have taken mental notes of how a battle progresses over time and have found to realize that they're other tactics that can be used to overcome this if used effectively.


    tactics more effectively used in regular bases


    This tactic is usually in small fights, but when used on a small base combined with maxes can be extremely effective.

    ADVANTAGE: By using a gal drop on a base instead of a regular MAX crash by ground. you can circumnavigate many of the causalities you would by moving through enemy fire and allows you to drop directly on the point and deal massive causalities.

    DISADVANTAGE: Can be hindered by heavy air or AA requires time and requires a good amount of coordination and a semi good because if the pilot misses the mark or engies and/or medics are unable to do their jobs this tactic can fall apart also GAL drops can take a bit of time to set up.

    AIR-SUNDERER CLIFF(with armor depending on the terrain).

    This tactic is more effectively used on a base that is near a cliff that allows direct access to the point or points which makes it hard for the enemy to attack or reach from their position and makes it easier for us and any blue berries that follow to attack them directly.

    ADVANTAGE: The sunderer quickly drives up the incline side of the cliff .Air can be used to quickly secure the cliff and protect the sunderer from any enemies, that may try to stop this tactic from running,however due to the quickness and speed of this tactic very seldom do you see heavy resistance while attempting to reach the needed position , also the enemy is usually to preoccupied with the blueberries to respond. From here once the sunderer is set up the cliff provides a good firing position and angle into the base.(I stole this from the Vanu)

    DISADVANTAGE: Usually requires a decent air squad.


    This tactic is as simple as it can be, when the enemy is overwhelming you with armor bring your own.

    ADVANTAGE: As the NC we are considered to have the best armor in the game why not make use of it? This is espescially good when turning the in a base defense. When the enemy is spawn trapping with both armor and infantry, bringing in some quick and effective armor support may turn the tide of battle.

    DISADVANTAGE: this tactic won't work if the enemy is close to capturing the base. The enemy Armor exceeding out numbers yours, or they have heavy air support.



    These bases represent the epitome of grind fights, very little strategy maybe involved as the battle will usually center around one point and who has the most numbers,
    however there are a few things one can do.


    This tactic require great speed and coordination, throw in the concussion MAX CRASH the area and dislodge the heavily entrenched enemy from the position.

    ADVANTAGE: The distance between a spawn/sunderer to the base is usually sort and even if it isn't, at this time the outside of the base is usually taken and the enemy is tucked inside one area making this tactic (and concussions) fairly safe and effective. yet extremely effective.

    DISADVANTAGE: Requires a somewhat good coordination , friendly fire is common, may fail if enemy heavily outnumber you, prone to counter-attack if your unable to dig in fast enough.


    Grind fights are annoying, being forced to attack from one area allowing the enemy to focus all their troops and fire power on that area is even more annoying.

    ADVANTAGE: Allows multiple angles to attack a single base, this is especially advantageous during the early phase of a battle in which, the outside of the base is still a battle ground, also if the initial battle fails you still have the ability to quickly regroup and attack the main base.

    DISADVANTAGE: Can take a while, if the small is too squad this tactic can easily fall apart without effective back up.


    This is a simple but can be a extremely important move during siege battle. During a major siege,, if is not uncommon for the enemy to do major gal drops orarmor rushes to retake a base. Having your resources saved up and being ready for these moves can be the different between victory or defeat.

    ADVANTAGE: Having resources saved up for any counter-attack slowing the enemy down, whilst keeping them off your allies can be the difference between victory or defeat.

    DISADVANTAGE: You are not in battle. due to squad size the counter attack may just be too much to handle.

    Well that was a mouthful people, if you have any other ideas please let me know and i'lll try to include them.
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    Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

    I like the idea of standing by:
    Grab a full squad of assets and wait 15 minutes (good time for a break or traveling time)
    Meet the with the target armor/air
    When an asset dies gun for another
    When that asset too dies pull another assit and wait in a safe area until you are a good size unit (AA AV)
    When there are too few assets fighting to be effective, they can try to disengage and rally up with the waiting assets

    Then assult a differant location or return to the last fight as a full squad.

    If the res flow is ok then the armour unit could be active for a long time, able to change as needed and repull when destroyed

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      Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

      We tend to do worse in grindy situations primarily because those situations actively destroy squad cohesion. My own personal preference is to not fight directly in these scenarios, and instead try to work from an outside or a flank where the brunt of the enemy force won't be engaging us but we can have a significant disruptive effect. Bringing in armour from the outside, especially in defense of a sieged base, is one such approach, and it's very effective!


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        Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

        I think in the other thread Zepkron made the discussion of breaking down larger grinds into smaller sub-set objectives is just as important. That Alpha point in the base too hard for the twelve to thirty-six man platoon TG is running? Well focus on securing the building complex so that the other larger groups have safe passage into Alpha point.


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          Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

          Something like seizing (and holding) a generator is a good example of picking a goal that allows you to make a meaningful contribution to the fight while staying within an achievable goal.

          Things to think about:

          - Seizing and holding the gun deck at a tech plant fight
          - Seizing and holding generators in large facility fights
          - Asset denial ambush squad to take out enemy vehicles attempting to reinforce the fight
          - Setting up firebases in flanking positions
          - Infiltrator harassment squad flipping terminals and other reducing-quality-of-life efforts, pulling units away from the main fight
          - A straight-up coordinated breaching squad for breaking heavy positions with a quick concussion + flash + EMP followed by MAX units. Sometimes all the blueberries need to take a position is someone willing to lead the way.

          And if all else fails, leave and strike at other targets to force the enemy to pull units away.

          We did this to excellent effect while winning the Amerish territory alert on Sunday. With the New Conglomerate holding on to a slight lead (36% territory control) I had my squads almost constantly on the offensive. We assaulted Auraxis Firearms corp alone three times as well as attacking other territories whenever they came up undefended. We never successfully captured these territories but what we did do was flip one/two points then dig in, forcing the enemy to spawn twice our number or more into their own territory, as well as forcing them to pull slow assets like vehicles and MAX units away from the frontlines.
          Teamwork and Tactics are OP

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            Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

            I think these are good suggestions. really any ideas that can be filed away in our SL's arsenal of maneuvers and tactics is good for us all.

            "ADVANTAGE: By using a gal drop on a base instead of a regular MAX crash by ground. you can circumnavigate many of the causalities you would by moving through enemy fire and allows you to drop directly on the point and deal massive causalities."

            I'd just like to add that this tactic also bypasses move detection systems and darts as well as a dedicated flash set up with radar. which by the way is an outstanding asset when used. Especially when in a large base and max crashes can be seen developing within the tunnels by the enemy before they take place. Also, more strategic use of grenades is a huge bonus prior to room breaches, I think would benefit us well.

            One last thing about Galaxies, I've rolled with VCO in a few alerts recently and they use Galaxy drops extremely effectively. Now that galaxies have the ability to be spawned in, the whole squad (platoon even) need not meet back at the warp gate. VCO selects someone in the squad to leave before a base capture or from whatever strategic point is being held until enough blueberries arrive, pull a galaxy and start heading towards the intended next target, once it's pulled and under way, the squad joins the pilot and normally is usually seconds from the next target and a drop. this was usually done with just stock galaxies, obviously if it's outfitted so much the better. Most times the galaxy was assumed to be sacrificed, however if it could be saved and not all squad members were needed on the ground the pilot would then head towards the next target and hold for the next drop. I've seen this tactic used to great effect over and over throughout an alert, it does require discipline from the entire squad/platoon because capture point XP or cert farming is usually forfeited in the interest of quick movement and blitzkrieg type tactics for the purpose of winning the alert.


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              Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

              I acknowledge the effectiveness of the rapid redeployment tactic you describe, and the amount of coordination required to pull it off. Simultaneously, I rue its inclusion in the game.


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                Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

                Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
                I acknowledge the effectiveness of the rapid redeployment tactic you describe, and the amount of coordination required to pull it off. Simultaneously, I rue its inclusion in the game.
                The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                  Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

                  Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
                  I acknowledge the effectiveness of the rapid redeployment tactic you describe, and the amount of coordination required to pull it off. Simultaneously, I rue its inclusion in the game.
                  I also concur vehemently.


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                    Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

                    Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
                    I acknowledge the effectiveness of the rapid redeployment tactic you describe, and the amount of coordination required to pull it off. Simultaneously, I rue its inclusion in the game.
                    Are you speaking of the reduced redeployment time in general, or do you mean deployment from a galaxy? I certainly do not begrudge anyone for things they dislike in game or out, however I am curious as to what it is exactly.
                    I suspect there are game mechanics reasons that have not occurred to me and perhaps my viewpoint would change were I to understand your point of view better.


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                      Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

                      Deployment from a Galaxy has its issues (mainly in small fights where the AA capacity to knock a Galaxy out isn't available), but my larger bugbear is the way being able to hop from fight to fight so effortlessly makes the strategic pace of the game so lightning fast that there's no time for defenders to be deployed or get their bearings, the fight's already on top of them! It makes midfield fights--which are the most interesting in the game, IMO--less common because that requires the defenders have time to regroup and counterattack before the attackers get to the base itself, and it's one of many issues making sophisticated operational or strategic play less viable. It's a related issue to my complaints about how trivial it is for defenders to get reinforcements, which I also think is killing the strategic game.

                      I've also got an aesthetic reason for disliking it: unless you're carting MAX units around, you've got no reason to land your galaxy at all! You can pick up your squad from literally thin air and then drop them from high up. I think that landing a Galaxy and having a squad embark or disembark is a core aesthetic of the "dropship experience" and I think the game is lesser for cutting that out.

                      Together with the power concerns I've mentioned above, I don't think Galaxies should be able to simultaneously be able to circumventing landing to pick up troops, AND landing to disembark troops, AND be this big tanky powerhouse all at the same time. I think it should have to choose between them, possibly by having three different configurations:
                      • Squad spawning, but no hot drop and weakened armour. Can do the rapid redeployment tactic you mentioned, but has to spend time and effort landing to safely drop troops and is more vulnerable to AA and interception
                      • Hot drop, but no squad spawn or armour. Have to load it up on the ground, but can insert your troops from relative safety at high altitude and to pretty much anywhere, while still being a little vulnerable to interception.
                      • Armour, but no squad spawn or hot drop. Have to load up AND drop off from the ground, but good for a battle-galaxy or for someone who wants to insert troops right into a hot fight.

                      If there were tradeoffs like that, I don't think I'd have a problem with the squad spawning and all the tactics it enables.


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                        Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

                        Starstriker1 , just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to answer my question. While we have differing views, I do respect and indeed share some of your concern regarding the ease of re-deployment.


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                          Re: Small squad Tactics during large seiges

                          I agree with StarStriker in that galaxies shouldnt be as powerful as they are, Troop deployment Hot drop, gunship Etc..., However I have a few suggestions myself as to how squad spawning might work better.
                          (keep in mind these are all suggestions and may not necessarily work.)
                          I like the idea of having different types of galaxy or galaxy load outs for this.
                          1. troop spawning galaxy's must be deployed in order to spawn and hotdrop. What I mean by deployed is that a galaxy will lock position and have some sort of deploying mechanism, much like a sunderer except it will be hovering and not moving once deployed, in order to hotdrop from a galaxy, the galaxy must also be deployed or you will plummet to your death if you try and get out without having that nifty no fall damage that we all love about galaxys. Also the deploy time would be significantly longer on the galaxy than the sunderer due to its having higher armor. having three of these in the air would give a much more important target for esfs, other than just dog-fighters and ground pounders.
                          2. a second thing I would love to see is the ability to pick up smaller ground vehichles think flashes and harrassers for tactical insertion behind enemy lines. think like the pelicans in halo, however, with only 5 seats, 1 for the pilot and one seat for each of the gunners. Of course, they shouldnt be able to pick up Armour due to the fact that we don't want to have an army of skygaurds on the roof of a tech plants. this might give squads the opportunity to flank an enemy Armour column briefly and do enough damage for the rest of the team to push through.
                          3. hot drop specific gals, should have to pick up their squads manually, in order to hot drop. pretty simple, basically what we have now, however there is no spawning directly into them.
                          FINALLY: again I have no idea how some of these Ideas would pan out in game, but I think at least some of these ideas could be adopted.




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