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Best MAX Implant?

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  • Best MAX Implant?

    I've noticed that the MAX class is limited from most of the implants that would be of the most use to it (presumably to prevent overpowered combinations).

    The MAX can't use:

    Concussion/Flash Immunity (Would be perfect for CQB MAX units)
    EMP Immunity
    Health Regen (For obvious reasons)
    Fall Damage Reduction
    Hold Breath (No weapons which can use it)
    Sensor Shield (No stealth MAXes)

    Now, the AA/AT "Outdoor" MAX still has plenty of useful choices in the spotting-related implants, but what is the most useful certs for an Assault-MAX?

    I'm leaning towards the tier 1 Battle Hardened for reducing camera shake and flinch, which can be pretty spectacular when you're breaching a room, but I don't know how effective it is. Has anyone used it?

    The temptation is to go with the EOD HUD, but I'm not sure how much of a difference that would make in the insanely-packed furrballs that an Assault MAX gets into. thoughts?
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    Re: Best MAX Implant?

    I use the basic starter implant (name escapes me) because I like to do a lot of ant-max combat and it lets you know just how much health the enemy max has in comparison to yourself.




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