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Planetside 2- TGU Squad Leadership Course Part II - Link to Signups!

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  • Planetside 2- TGU Squad Leadership Course Part II - Link to Signups!

    Squad Leadership Course Part II Signups are HERE. Click the link and signup!

    Course will be this SUNDAY JULY 13th, at 1300 PACIFIC (1pm), or 1600 EASTERN (4pm), or 2000 ZULU.
    Duration 2 hours.
    This course was designed for people who have not squad lead before and want to learn, so don't be shy. Or if you have lead lots and want to brush up or see how other people do it, that's fine too. TG could always use more leaders!

    I did NOT attend Squad Leadership I, can I attend the course?
    YES! Please come and pitch in as a squad member for the trainees to learn with.
    However, there are some restrictions. People who have not attended Squad Leadership Course I will receive no credit, and cannot squad lead during the class.

    I am interested in this course, but missed the first part or cannot make this time...
    Please send me (garthra) a PRIVATE MESSAGE on the forums, or hit me up in game. Tell me your WEEKEND time availability. I will try to teach this whole class again within the next month or so (both parts I and II), but need to know when is good for the interested people.

    Thank you for your time.

    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"



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