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(Liberator and air Squads proposition)

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  • (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

    So today, I tried something relatively new with a few squad mates earlier on today.
    -There were four of us to a squad which meant one pilot one gunner, for two libs. We had a relatively good amount of success despite the large amount of flack and lockons. we were able to stay in the air for large amounts of time, and wreak havoc with our shredders on enemy lightnings. All of this got me thinking.
    -For a while now ive been wanting to try air squads with different load outs vehicles and so on and so forth. Infantry and ground squads tend to be common in tg it seams but air seems to be a little more rare.
    -Provided it is fine with the SOP's and other officers id like to try out some tg air squads from time time to time. Much like the harrasser squads that tend to be run on esamir (GREAT FUN BTW). Perhaps one night we focus on reavers, stick together and scramble when we encounter other enemy esf's. Or perhaps other nights liberator squads that fly together. Focus fire can be extremely effective with multiple libs. For instance SL gives the order to hold fire until all libs are near than points out the target and orders for them to fire all at once. (much like infantry occasionally do)
    -With that said some short and brief training pieces may be in order perhaps in the vr training area.
    -For anyone thats had experience with air before Id like to Politely ask your opinions on the idea. My ultimate goal for something like this is for it to work alongside infantry, things like platoon lead marking a sunder and having the air squad attack said sundy.

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    Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

    All types of specialty squads have had their various heydays over the history of TG's PS2 Outfit. Armor, Harassers, Air Superiority, Airborne Infantry, Battle Gals, you name it. We actually have a very long and proud history of very good air squads here at TG, and have a lot of great pilots in the outfit (I'm too lazy to search and link right now, but the AARs and etc. are here in the forums if you look for them).

    All it really takes is one or more interested people to start and run those squads. I think you will find almost everyone in TG willing to support your endeavor, many because they love to fly, and others just for variety and a change of pace from infantry. And the latter sort will have an opportunity to improve their skills by flying in an organized air squad.

    Another suggestion I would make is to name the squad " CAS (pilots wanted)" or some such, mark it private, but open to non outfit. All private means is that people have to select your squad out of the list, they cannot join randomly. By doing these things you will find lots of pilots even from other outfits who want to fly, and you should be able to scrape together an air squad even if there are not a lot of TG (much less TG pilots) online.

    Best of luck!
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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      Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

      Thank you this is very good information to know. I think ill try that method of finding pilots sometime in the near future. while i have a pretty solid grasp on how to handle Liberator squad leading, esf's I think might tend to confuse me just a little bit. But with the resources the way they currently are I think given enough time I could bring myself into a confident leadership position for air.
      -I think ill start out with liberator nights or mornings depending on what time i'm on. After we have had a good few runs with that move on to esf's for other nights.
      -Perhaps for about 5-10 minutes before we get ready to run we may want to practice formations at the warpgate.
      -Next time I have the free time ill try and put a squad like this together.


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        Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

        The main thing to remember about managing ESF pilots is that they're basically cats and any target anywhere is a laser pointer. :P


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          Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

          ^^^True, the key would be getting them to fly in formation, then transferring the squad to Scatter mode when engaging multiple esfs or other air, perhaps the order to scatter would be good for taking out groups of esfs, flying in formation perhaps may be better for making runs on enemy spawn points or armor targets I.E. We go in low following each other and lay a consistent bit of damage into the sunder and after taking cover and repairs make a second run on the sunder. Or perhaps medium speed runs when taking out large groups of infantry.


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            Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

            (Liberator Squad After Action Report)
            -So for the majority of the night we had 2 liberators up and running at a time. Our first few runs were relatively unsuccessful, as we were taken out by flack or other enemy pilots or a combination of both.
            - After a while we had started to have a little bit of success, we were starting to consistently take out tanks and enemy armor however we still would die a little more often then id like usually from the same sources. Particularly there was one or mabey a few liberators that were excellent at executing, what I am now dubbing as the kill maneuver. (basically the lib would tank buster us from above and once he was close enough turn his belly gun on us) In one attack he was able to kill a full health liberator outright.
            -eventually we had enough people to get a third liberator in the skies with us. This helped just to keep an eye out and to cover our flanks as one liberator repaired.
            -Although it may not have been the best set of runs as far as staying alive and effectiveness was concerned, It was definatley a learning experience, my notes are listed below.
            1: a set of orders is key and having all pilots and gunners know them is vital as well. Good examples are as follows.
            -weapons status set to ; green, yellow, or red. standard as with all other squad units
            -declaring which liberator is to take us to attacking point (flying in formation tends to keep enemy pilots away whilst we are on route to point)
            -declaring which liberator is which. I.E. SL's lib is lib 1 the next lib to join is lib 2 the next three and so on and so forth. This tends to keep every set of guns as one unit in the mind of SL
            -Concentrate fire on: (insert target here)
            -declaring speed and height of front liberator and a 5 sec countdown till stopping or cutting throttle. (This was Garthra's Idea) Great for avoiding midair collisions when flying in formation.
            2: Having gunners that are vocal. Whilst not key for success this is a great and valuble asset as they are the only ones with eyes pointed to the ground and able to point out targets.
            3: For liberator and Air rookies it may be a good idea to hop into the VR training and practice some for a few minutes before hand. a good idea is practicing maneuvers such as the belly up maneuver, the kill maneuver witch is good against armour as well as liberators and as also how to provide covering fire for friendly libs, circle runs is also a good idea and just general training as well.
            4: Special thanks to Garthra for having quite a few good suggestions throughout the night, all of witch I cant list here because frankly i dont remember all of it but their are two very important things that he brought up that I do remember
            HAVING a liberator squad alongside and infantry squad has the potential to win TG quite a few different fights, especially on defense.
            HOWEVER, running a squad like that will have alot of boring times as well were we will be simply waiting around for 20 to 40 minutes doing nothing until the infantry squad needs us. What this will require is for the liberator squad to be ready at a moments notice having alot of boring times until we are needed to take out high Priority targets. This leads me into...
            1 A genuine interest in air squads
            2 The ability to follow orders when in an air squad
            3 Platoon and Squad leaders not to be afraid to ask for me to lead an air squad to take out priority targets
            4 patient players.


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              Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

              Hey, I was with you yesterday in that Lib squad. I just got some things to say from a rookie Lib gunner point of view:
              1-Being the belly gun on a Lib is the MOST disorienting thing in PS2! So to counter that, it would be nice when attacking a specific target to place the squad waypoint on it. I think saying stuff like "sundy, East" is perfect for infantry and armor squad, but for Air it's not much relevant cause East can soon become West or even directly bellow/over us. Also, when there's multiple sunder on the direction called, waypoint helps to concentrate fire on the right one.
              2-Regarding weapon status, the SL really gotta be clear about it. Yesterday I was a bit confused about attacking or not... since we were a small squad, attacking to early (not synchronized with other libs) and even attacking the wrong target would've just lead us to our end. Grabbing to much attention as 2-3 half-gunned liberator is deadly when attacking a massive enemy armor column followed by a strong air support.
              3-Gunners that have mics (and use it) is crucial sometimes. As a non-vocal player, it was a bit difficult to be a gunner yesterday.. for example: I was trying to hit a sundy but the angle range of the belly gun wasn't allowing me to, and I couldn't tell my pilot (Garthra) to slightly move the lib. (didn't had time for squad chat neither) I think non-vocal player should be pilot when possible since the communication on that position isn't as important. And when pilot isn't possible, tail gunner can be second option. I think belly gun having a mic is the most crucial.

              Anyway, I'm interested in air squads, I'm really patient and I have no problem with boring times. So I'll gladly join your air squad experimentation anytime. ;)


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                Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

                ^^^ so to address #1 the problem with being a pilot and marking attack locations more precisely is the fact that that as a pilot you lack the capability to look torwards the ground, so I may try out haveing me SL as a belly gunner for simply knowing what to attack next time. The other thing is when you as a pilot are under flack lockons or other pilots fire the seconds it takes to mark an objective could mean either life or death. The Other key is for the gunner to be vocal. The third thing that will help with this is having a ground squad marking positions with smoke for us.
                #2 Yes that is something I need to work on as a squad leader being clear and precise about that. This is what I tend to use.
                Weapon status Red: Dont fire under any circumstance
                Weapon status Yellow: Fire if fired upon
                Weapon status green: Fire on any target you see fit.
                But being clear and obviously vocal is high priority.
                #3 yes I agree those without mics should be pilots. I'm going to do a bit of training the next time I do an air squad so those with less experience should get help from me id put my flight skill level at about a 7 or 8 so i know at least some basic maneuvers i can train you guys on.
                Great to hear feed back the biggest thing to workout will definatley be figureing out the best way of concentrating fire.


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                  Re: (Liberator and air Squads proposition)

                  Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
                  The main thing to remember about managing ESF pilots is that they're basically cats and any target anywhere is a laser pointer. :P
                  MacKahan -- Mac-Kay-an In case you were curious. ;-)





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