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How to be a good Medic

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  • [GUIDE] How to be a good Medic

    Alright, so I think I've gathered enough experience as a medic to share it with other and maybe help the medics to be more effective. I'm not saying our medics are ineffective, not at all. I'm just wondering if someone can learn from me and if I can learn some stuff from others.

    What it means to me
    For me, being a medic isn't about all the certs it gives. TG isn't about farming. The role of medic is about getting everyone back to the fight so they can win it, but it's mainly about helping the others.
    Why choose the medic?
    If your aim sucks, shooting friendly with Medical Applicator is quite easier but still challenging ^^
    Medics are powerful!
    I really gotta tell this. That was my very best moment as a medic (and nobody saw it!). We were running infantry in the field next to Howling Pass on Indar with Starstriker leading. I think it was Vladimiric in a MAX and he got a bit ambitious and died in the open.. I ran to him and revived his MAX in front of two Magriders who were attacking the squad. Than I turned around to come back behind the rock where the rest of the squad was and EVERYONE was dead. So I throw a Revive grenade and got the whole squad up and healed everybody. THAT, is how a medic can be powerful and turn the tide of a fight! Haha

    Anyway, lets get serious.

    Here are some tips for the medics:

    1- Your job is to be the last one to die without killing much enemies and keeping the whole squad alive. To do so, the squad is watching the enemy and YOU are watching the squad. You don't need to take a look outside to see what's going on. Personally, my weapon is only for self-defense.

    1.5- To constantly keep an eye on the squad I mostly look at the map and the squad member list on it's right. At the same time I also move in the game to look at everyone, so if some needs heal I'll see him too. When possible, I stay in the back to have a better view of the squad... or even the whole platoon.

    2- Priority of revive goes like this:
    1st - Medic (they can help you revive everyone and even revive you if you die right after) even if it's a blueberry medic, it is a priority.
    2nd - MAX unit (Well, they cause a lot of damage) But not for long if there's no engineer.
    3rd - Squad Leader (they can place a Spawn Beacon)
    4th - Any other squad member. (even if he's farther, go for the one that is already disappearing.)
    5th - Platoon Leader (When we get wiped, his role is to prepare our next move. So reviving him while he's looking at the map can be irritating.)
    6th - Blueberries.

    3- When you rez someone, don't leave him alone unless you know he won't get killed in the next second. Continue healing him until he's safe. Because most of the time, when you get revived, everything is confusing.. you don't know where the fire is coming from, which way to go, if you're in the line of fire of someone, etc.

    4- Don't rez someone you know will get killed. (that doesn't count for final rez grenades, those can be useful) But sometimes you rez the guy and an enemy jump of nowhere and kill him.. that's understandable.

    5- Call the engies when you rez a MAX, don't leave him looking for repair for 10 minutes. So grab the attention of engineer before the MAX is back alive.

    6- When you drop from a Galaxy, make sure to land on the highest point you can so can revive people who are dead in unreachable places like roofs or high mountains.

    7- The shield bubble can be useful, but it also attract much attention from the enemy. So something good to know is that these bubble aren't well visible at day time, but at night it is a giant spotter to our squad. Also, when that bubble hit a hard surface, it become bright white. In some situation, you can hit behind that.

    8- Shield bubble can also attract blueberries. Don't count to much on it, but if a bubble covers a door, you'll see more blueberries there than the other doors.

    9- When moving as a small group of infantry, the medic should always be in the back. If there's two medics they shouldn't be together, one in the back, the other in the middle.

    10- When moving as a bigger group of infantry, I tend to be a bit on the side. So if the group get run over by a harasser or killed by an enemy aircraft, a medic is still alive to get everyone up. (although, this can be trouble if the medic on the side is killed before)

    11- Revive grenade are really cheap so don't be afraid of wasting some. It's really rare that you'll run out of rez nades. A Final Rez nade can be thrown just before you die and probably save a point or give another chance to kill the remaining infantry. It's a guess.. sometimes it works, sometimes it don't.

    12- In that type of building that has only one stairway and one entrance 1st floor and one 2nd floor. The best place for a medic in that building is actually on the stairs. Not behind any box or other cover... in the stairs.

    13- That's kinda cruel, but you can use blueberries as cannon fodder by throwing a rez nade on a bunch of corpses.

    14- Something most people don't think about is that the green ray of the medic tool is a benediction to every dead corpse, but it is deadly for the medic himself. That thing is flashy and can be seen really far away. So when you revive someone in an open area, you can either try to hide the ray inside a box or if your really in the open, you gotta crouch on the dead body and hide the ray yourself.

    15- That is valid for everyone, but medic should be double careful since we're the one who move the most in a room..... DON'T run in the line of fire of a friendly!! A dead medic is worth nothing, even more from tk.

    16- If someone his going in a vulnerable position like shooting through a door for some seconds. Heal him while he does it. It increase his time to kill enemies, and it also give him more confidence to show himself and push the enemy. (cause that's a big problem with the NC, we only push at the last second cause we're too afraid to die.)

    17- If a squad member is dead on a roof and you can't reach him, you can throw a rez nade at the highest angle towards the sky and it will possibly explode right on the top.. but I gotta try that a bit more.

    18- If you gotta throw a rez grenade right on your position because your walking on a ton of corpses.. throw it at the ceiling. It will avoid it to bounce on a player running in front of you.

    19- A medic on a flash isn't as useless as it seems. You can act as a decoy for a small tank squad, you can revive everyone that you run over, you can spot the enemy armor, and c4 it. Sometimes a MAX can be dead all alone in the open and you just happen to find him and revive him. (that happened two times for me xP)

    20- On a Tech plant balcony, medics should be hidden on the left/right extremities behind the box and aiming at the outdoor balcony watching the rear flank.

    Tips for NON-medic infantry:

    1- PLEASE, look at your map when you die. If a small medic crux is near you or running towards your position, please wait before redeploying. It just make us loose our time and maybe put us on a dangerous situation. Of course I understand it's sometime hard to see on the map, and you just redeploy right when we start to rez you.

    2- If you are dead, there's no need to call for a medic right when your down. Just wait for about 10 sec and if nobody rezed you, then cry for us. Most of the time you don't even have the time to say your down that you're already back from the death.

    3- If you need heal and can't get it, please don't run to the closest sundy to change class to medic and heal yourself. If you think we lack medic ask SL, that way we don't end up with 6 medics for a 12 people squad. lol

    Well, that's it for now. There was some basic stuff.. but I don't think it's all worthless. I'll be glad to hear you if you have some other tips or if you think I'm wrong on something.
    Thanks for reading. :)

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    Re: How to be a good Medic

    great guide!

    think you've logged so many hours as medic you forgot one thing.... MAX OUT YOUR RES TOOL FIRST! you will revive friendlies more quickly, and they will come up with full health. Maxes will also revive with a good chunk of health (believe 15%) as well.

    There is a lot of important info here.

    If you know there's a medic nearby, be ready to accept the revive as quickly as possible. There's nothing more frustrating than picking someone up and they don't accept for five seconds and you get killed standing near their dead body.


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      Re: How to be a good Medic

      Excellent write up, Alex!




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        Re: How to be a good Medic

        I like the "as a medic you watch your squad, not the enemy" tip, since it's the one I most consistently forget. It even applies to the squad leader to a great extent, but I find it tough to get past the "SHOOT ALL THEIR MANS" mentality.


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          Re: How to be a good Medic

          Really good guide !!!

          I think u cover all the aspects Good job!!!


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            Re: How to be a good Medic

            Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
            I like the "as a medic you watch your squad, not the enemy" tip, since it's the one I most consistently forget. It even applies to the squad leader to a great extent, but I find it tough to get past the "SHOOT ALL THEIR MANS" mentality.
            But I like shooting mans!

            A pilot who doesn't have any fear probably isn't flying his plane to its maximum. -Jon McBride, astronaut


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              Re: How to be a good Medic

              also, I have found medic assault rifles are extremely useful. Don't underestimate (Under non squad conditions) the ability to go on long killstreaks with them. Other than that, who better to write this then everyone's favorite medic? keep up the awesome medicing.


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                Re: How to be a good Medic

                Medics are very capable of being front line combatants (and have some fantastic close quarters weapons like the GR-22 and Carnage), but I think we often typecast them as pure support troops. There's no reason we can't have several medics in that capacity and THEN some extras in an assault capacity, dishing out AOE heals and C4 while being able to switch to a medic role as needed. The problem comes in focus in both roles, which is admittedly a huge problem in my experience. The support crew needs to be able to stay out of the fight and heal, while the assault crew needs to be able to focus on the fight without running to res every corpse they see, which is a tricky balance at the best of times WITHOUT having differently tasked medics in the squad...


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                  Re: How to be a good Medic

                  I would agree with starstriker. Medics are type cast, with good reason. Yet, they are armed and can fight. The issue with using them on the front line is lack of AA or AT. But they certainly can fight.
                  The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                    Re: How to be a good Medic

                    All those good weapons we have as medic are to keep us alive so we can revive more people. It's all for self defense and protecting a revived soldier if needed. Heavies can do their job and Medics make sure they are, while staying alive. That's how I see it tho..


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                      Re: How to be a good Medic

                      What's weird is that medics get some really powerful weapons, they're the only class with assault rifle access. It makes a little bit of sense as they tend to be longer ranged than their carbine equivalents, and medics are more likely to be providing support fire... but it's also bizarre that what's effectively each faction's signature infantry weapon (the empire specific assault rifles from PS1) are relegated to a support class instead of a more assault style class.


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                        Re: How to be a good Medic

                        -I mean I realize the intended purpose of doing that as striker said that medics tend to be long range support but I also find it funny that these weapons tend to feel so great. Its sort of like the rate of fire and recoil of carbines with close to the reach of LMG's. I remember one time on esamir in my vanu day's I was soloing with no spawn a single point against a squad of 5 (Granted disorganized as hell). Id go in cap the point wait from a distance and pick off the men that moved inside, I was amazed at the accurate fire at distance I could achieve with the weapon as well as the ability to hold my own in qcq. That combined with my healing abilities meant I was able to keep up the relativeley small fight for about 10-20 min. Another troll tactic I saw in my Vanu days (As Briggs is full of the Trolliest tactics you will ever see). Is whole entire squad's of just medics running around, and provided the enemy force didnt outpop them to much, they were darn near unstoppable because they didnt suffer from damage degradation. Of course on briggs their was the mass sunderer heards, galaxy c4 anti air kamikazes, and more nc and 4th factioning you could shake a stick at but I'll save those stories for another day.
                        -Moving on, Im really curios as to how an all medic (and mabey a couple engineer's) squad would fair on the battlefeild. Granted you dont have the sheer pushing and killing force of a heavy, but then again TG has never been one to play a numbers game, but rather a smart game, witch I think might fit tg's smaller squad playstyle better.


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                          Re: How to be a good Medic

                          An all medic squad would be really badly handicapped by not having at least a few of the other classes in there (engineers in particular) and would have next to nothing for anti-vehicle work... I've seen those squads, and they can be aggravating to fight, but they've got some very major handicaps.


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                            Re: How to be a good Medic

                            Just wanted to add something I tested recently in my tips list.
                            21- When someone dies, you got max 30 sec to revive him. The distance you can cover while sprinting in 30 sec is 195m (that is without obstacles). A quick way to see the distance is to zoom all the way out your mini-map, then if your mini-map is extended: press five times the zoom in key, if it's normal size press 3 times zoom in key. After you done that, anyone within you mini-map can be revived as they are 195m or less from you. But.. yeah, that is if you see the person die right when he does and you start running at that precise moment.... still, I think those numbers are interesting. :)


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                              Re: How to be a good Medic

                              So, given some fudge for managing timing, enemy action, and obstacles, you can get to someone 150m away in a pinch. Good to know... though, if you've got someone dying in the other direction, you now have to choose who to let time out. Even trying to cover a 50m range means that you'll only be able to get three people up in that range before someone ticks out, assuming they die simultaneously.

                              TL;DR; the tighter you make that coverage range, the faster and more reliably everyone gets up.




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