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  • Infantry stealth in combat

    Alright, since my machine is still MIA and I can't participate in FNF, I might as well post something I've been musing about lately. That something is stealth in an infantry context, BEYOND the obvious context of the infiltrator (though I'll go into that too).

    Regular infantry has a lot to gain from stealth. Being able to maneuver without taking contact, then attack at the point of your choosing is obviously a big win, and is at the heart of a lot of successful flanking maneuvers and ambushes. It's especially important when dealing with a larger force where a head on confrontation under the wrong circumstances will end you. It's also a substantial tactical concern for the enemy force, as they'll have a poor sense of enemy force strength and distribution, and may not be able to make the right tactical decisions as a result.

    My objective here is to be able to maneuver a full squad of infantry--without any sort of unusual kit--in live contact in such a way that we minimize the amount of enemy attention given to us until the moment we want it.

    I don't know off hand what the real-life military SOPs look like for this (and I'd appreciate if anyone who knows a bit better could fill me in) but here are some fundamentals to keep in mind:
    • Minimize visual contact - The entire squad must maneuver in such a way that the enemy can't spot you. By necessity, this means minimizing your own ability to acquire intelligence, as if you can see the enemy they can probably see you. Moving with stealth in mind means avoiding silhouetting yourself against the horizon by cresting a hill, and by putting terrain features (cover or concealment) in between you and the enemy force. A good way to do this is to keep your squad below a ridgeline, ideally on the side most distant from your targets
    • Maintain fire discipline - Weapons fire will draw attention. Weapons yellow or red is ideal for stealth. Even if one person opens fire on you, you might be able to avoid further attention for a little while longer by not firing back unless they're an immediate threat, especially since weapons fire makes you flash on the minimap. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that you might be Q spotted. Use your best judgement as to when to go loud.
    • Minimize your audio profile. AVOID Q-spotting enemies or using voice binds, as the callouts will be audible to the enemy. Also consider using silenced weapons if you expect to take contact at relatively close range.
    • Confuse and overwhelm - Once you do go loud you still want to maintain information asymmetry with the enemy for as long as possible. There are lots of ways to do this, but some tried and true methods are interfering with their vision (concussion, flash, smoke, EMP), using silenced weapons to mask your assault, hitting unaware targets (especially if you can do so in a way that their allies won't immediately recognize, e.g. killing an enemy advancing in file formation from back to front), and maximizing your force at the moment of contact (ie fire ALL the guns). If they've got to be aware that something is happening, make sure they've got a really poor idea of the particulars and take advantage of every moment where they're scrambling to manage a response. A variation on this is the use of smoke in the battlefield to obscure movement; they enemy certainly knows something is happening, but will be fuzzy on the numbers and direction of movement and will be hard pressed to engage.

    There are also some planetside specific things we can do here:
    • Infils are obvious for this application, even if we typically don't want to build a full squad of them most of the time. Using one or two as forward scouts for a stealthy movement is a great idea; their cloak allows them to identify the enemy without being seen and help you plan your attack or avoid contact.
    • DON'T use infiltrator darts while in a stealthy movement, at least not thoughtlessly. The pings are visible on the map, so try not to employ them unless you're ready to gamble on them potentially alerting enemies to your presence. A safer way to employ them would be to put them down on more distant positions to ID enemy positions without painting a big bullseye on yourself.
    • Consider using stealthed flashes for rapid stealthy movement. It requires a 50% infiltrator squad and might run into dicey handling on rough terrain, but you'll have speed and be almost completely invisible even on open terrain unless you get very close to the enemy.

    What are your guy's thoughts on this?

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    Re: Infantry stealth in combat

    Been mentioning stealth flash use for a bit now rather than bashing our heads against the wall in an armor on armor fight.


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      Re: Infantry stealth in combat

      [MENTION=16189]starstriker1[/MENTION] as I'm in the same boat of not having a PC at the moment, I understand how you feel which is why I have been posting all over the place. I like the idea here and while not unknown to TG it is not really used as much with infantry. I have seen Ghost make a stealth approach to the armor side of PS2 and it really payed off. Maneuvering and positioning is such a big thing when it comes to infantry fights. Some points that I just thought of.

      If moving across country to reach your destination, this is one point where the Adrenalin Pump for the infil would be of good use. Not sure how much faster it makes them but it would help to keep your scout ahead of the group.

      A gal drop is a good way to deploy as it allows you to chose the best spot to come in from. At a distance and with the gall at max altitude, the drop would be hard to see and would give you the advantage of seeing the fight from the air as you fall before you sneak your way to your final position.

      If there is a field and some sort of consealment on the other side, but to much fire to cross with infantry, this would be a good time to use "Ghost Squad Dismount" to deploy your troups Next to the valley. And the enemy would have the pleasure of killing the Sunderer and thinking that is was one lone Sunderer that made a mad dash. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a link.

      The flash idea is good but has the one limiting factor of changing half your squad to infil's. This might not be a bad thing but unless they have unlocked a SMG or DMR they will be stuck with Sniper Rifles.

      Keep the discussion going.
      "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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        Re: Infantry stealth in combat

        I think the most important thing to focus on is core, generalizable skills. Stealth is something any infantry squad CAN employ, and would be well served in doing. We should avoid "gimmick" approaches (of which my own suggestion of stealth flashes qualifies)... most of them are one-offs that require substantial setup. They might make for stealthy insertion, but they don't make for stealthy movement. The former is valuable, but a very small part of the overall effect.

        An interesting aspect to consider: most of the forces we engage with WON'T have centralized command and control. If someone spots us, that might not get passed down to the people who need it or can do something about us. This even happens with us; we might be good about passing contact reports around the squad, but unless operating as part of a platoon or with good coordination on region/leader chat our spotting won't benefit other forces in the area. The counter to this is Q-spotting, since that information is sent to everybody, but that on its own can be misleading or unreliable. For instance, if a single lone wolf player or sniper happens upon us they might spot one or two of us, but to someone looking on the map that doesn't look anything like an organized squad maneuvering unless they're very diligent about it. Still, being Q spotted will put the dorito over your head, which emphasizes the importance of avoiding line of sight.

        How the enemy will respond to that sort of thing depends a lot on the kind of enemy you're fighting. Against someone with a zerg mentality, those blips on the radar are little cert pinatas and will be pursued aggressively. If there are enough of them it could result in the squad being overrun, but even in ones or twos those aggressive lone wolves will be constantly causing unwanted contact that compromises stealth. Against a more organized opponent, they might be cause to orient or reposition the squad, potentially spoiling the flank entirely, but maybe not drawing contact if the organized force is interested in their objective. If they figure the flank is worth dealing with, though, that could result in a dangerous and overwhelming attack.

        While I'm thinking about it, distraction would be another category for the fundamentals. Have another squad command their attention, place smoke in places that cover where you're NOT going, flip a point to draw the zerg away from where you want to go, etc. Speed is another... the more time is taken, the greater the chance of exposure.

        Another thing to consider here is implants. Counter intelligence will help you know when the jig is up and its time to go loud. Sensor shield might be a nice pickup as well, allowing you to stay off a sprint and avoid getting caught by motion sensors or vehicles, but that feels more niche. The other implants don't offer a lot for stealth... and really, if it's supposed to be a normal infantry squad, it'll want implants for other purposes. Stealth isn't the squad's purpose, it's a tactic to be employed for a specific objective.


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          Re: Infantry stealth in combat

          -Also While I realize that camo's are not the most important for our play they can aid in stealth, just think how hard it is to hit a vanu at range, thats because there natural camo blends in so well with the base colors (also the devs screwed nc color wise... bright yellow is among the easiest to see, with black and red being the first. (Something I miss from my vanu days) . Also if we know we are playing for stealth suppressed weapons should be a top priority. Its not a major investment but still something I think needs to be used. Also I like to use motion darts as distractions I see some guys headed torwards me I plink a dart at the building on my right. I havent certed into the distraction grenade. If the squad needs to get across an area I could easily see a infil makeing quite the distraction at a gate at range, dart up the area chuck a sound grenade or two make it seem as if there is enemies at the gates, possibly long enough for the rest of the squad to set up in the point building, or get across an area. Finally a note on the human Eyeball. The human eye notices movement before anything else... This can be applied to in game. The stiller you are when an enemy comes across you the slower his target aquisition and reaction time are going to be, witch can give you a slight drop or an added couple of moments to line up headshots. Also Ive noticed that Hiding underneath stairwells, or in really tight corners when crouched seem to get you noticed less.


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            Re: Infantry stealth in combat

            Originally posted by RaymondScout View Post
            Also if we know we are playing for stealth suppressed weapons should be a top priority.
            Agreed that suppressors are a good pickup for this, but I'd just like to quibble on mindset; this is less about "playing for stealth" and more about adding stealth to the toolbox of an infantry squad. It's a core skill I think we ignore, and it's something as applicable to a squad maneuvering around on a flank in close quarters (who would certainly benefit from the suppressors!) as it is to an AV squad trying to maneuver into a good firing angle.


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              Re: Infantry stealth in combat

              I agree If we were playing for stealth sake alone simply to annoy the enemies than I'd tell everyone just go infiltrator.


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                Re: Infantry stealth in combat

                In light of the discussion around infiltrators I figured I'd bump this. A lot of the principles outlined in here apply to individual play, and as infiltrators in particular you should be paying attention to these fundamentals. The cloaking device isn't a "get out of jail free" card with regard to stealth, it's a force multiplier for your basic stealth skills. If you run around in the open guns blazing you'll be spotted and killed, cloak or no, but if you're managing line of sight, using good intel, and keeping a low audio profile, the cloak will make you a ghost.

                Some other thoughts for bringing this to individual play:
                • Corners are your friend for stealth. Take them tight, avoid straightaways, especially if you're under contact. Corners allow you to break line of contact ASAP, which is especially important for stealthier classes like LAs and infiltrators.
                • LAs use maneuverability and speed for stealth as opposed to a cloak and usually quickly die if they don't.
                • LAs have extra options for breaking contact with a corner because they can treat doorways, roofs, ledges, and other vertical elements as corners! If you think three dimensionally, you can find additional ways to break line of sight.
                • Learn how to use concealment in approach and retreat. This is still a skill I'm trying to master, but it's crucial. If you know where an enemy is and there's a tree between you, approach so that the tree blocks line of sight all the way up to it. Conversely, if someone is coming for you and you're behind concealment, back away from them with that concealment placed between you, allowing you to get distance without getting seen.




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