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  • Squad Member Contact Action Response SOP Idea Thread

    Contact report Action Squad Member SOP

    "So since we are getting a calendar for scheduling, perhaps the "Tactical Drills List" sticky garthra made can be a living document so-to-speak, where he lists all the approved SOP's. I would think each SOP had its own forum thread where it is explained. Then once an SOP is approved, Garthra adds it to the "Tactical Drills List" in short summery and links it to the thread that explains it, like an index essentially. I feel this would be more efficient/effective than our current first implementation of open submission style to one thread where no one is sure what has been vetted and approved." [MENTION=59167]VLAD[/MENTION]

    I agree and as such here is the first of many that I will submit.

    I looked in the forms and didn't find a "Action" response to contact as infantry. This is a fundamental that we should drill into people so it is just habit. When we come under fire or spot enemy's, we should each "know" what to do subconsciously. And I'm not talking about weapon status as we do a good job of telling the squad that. But before we can drill, we have to have a standard for what we do when we receive contact. I feel that there are plenty of more qualified people to write this out but as I'm only in control of what I do, I thought I might as well lay the groundwork and then people could correct and change as needed.

    As you all know we have a very useful and effective "comms" contact report. But the idea here is for the actions that each person has in the squad when contact is made. Most of us know about soft and hard contact and the general response to each. On soft contact (when weapon status is yellow) we normally look for and identify the enemy, so that if the order is given we can attack. With hard contact, (depending on our role) we have one of two reactions. Return fire or seek cover. That or you have supernatural powers like Alex, where you fire while floating to cover that seemed to just spring out of the ground... (Something good Medics know, is when it is good to take cover or fire)
    This is situational specific and where you are on the map really impacts what you do. But it can be those split second decisions that you make which can mean life or death to your squad.

    A link to our TG full SOP on Fire Discipline.

    Weapon status Can change the way you react depending on the Situation.
    "NOTE: The overriding principle to all of the above conditions is called COMMON SENSE. In other words, if at anytime the personal safety of a team member or themselves is jeopardized due to the enemy spotting or firing directly (no Spec Fire) upon the team, they should immediately engage with aggressive suppressing fire. Once the situation calms down, then they can send the appropriate "Contact Report" or AAR indicating current status. Once reactive friendly fire such as this commences, Fire Condition GREEN automatically takes immediate effect." [MENTION=15691]Jeepo[/MENTION]

    If your squad is sneaking you will be told weapons red, But if your whole squad is being killed off, the mission is already compromised and this is where Common Sense comes in. Unless given special orders Not to fire even if the whole squad dies, in which case you will follow orders.

    Here is my rendition of SquadMember Contact Reaction.

    Soft contact (this is where you see the enemy but they either don't see you or have but are too busy doing something else to fire upon you)
    1 Make a Quick and Precise contact report
    2 Quickly look around for the best Cover or Concealment
    3 Wait for orders, While keeping an eye on the enemy and the Surrounding area to make sure no one is sneaking up on you

    Hard contact (this is where the enemy engages you before or right as you come aware of their presence)
    1 Make a Hasty contact report (while doing 2 and 3)
    2 Move to cover, to take up the best position as possible (prioritize cover, and only go for concealment if no cover is available)
    3 Return fire in the general direction of the enemy while scanning for where they are
    4 Listen for orders and if the SL is dead make sure to help people get to safety.
    5 Keep reporting change of enemy position if necessary while keeping an eye out for new enemy contacts.
    6 If hurt badly or have gone down, call it out and move over to the nearest Medic.

    This is a general way to deal with contact and is no where near perfect. I would like to discuss number 3 on the hard contact as a spray of bullets in a general direction can have the opposite effect than what we want. I discussed this in "Suppressing Fire" and it seemed that others agree.
    Also I would like to talk about the idea of different people having specific reactions depending on their role. For example the point man has different responsibilities and should react accordingly. If we where to implement "hand signal" this something that would go alongside the audio cue. Let's say the point man crouches down if he sees soft contact or stops and starts to fire and move off in the direction of cover on hard contact. If this where implemented and people got used to it, people who don't have mic's would be able to run point effectively. Also if you are a infiltrator when you come under hard contact, you cloak and break away from the squad. (That way you don't catch a stray bullet) Than set up and suppress the target. This would be done within 40m of the squad as the squad wouldn't have time for you to go scouting around for a good sniping spot. Again this is up in the air and just my idea.

    Please if you read this and have any thoughts go ahead and reply. If no one replies there is no way for me to know if I should continue or not and my brain will tell me that either it was really bad, said something everyone already knew, or that no one reads it. And with writing on the IPad, this took me 2 1/2 hours to write pulse the time I spent brainstorming. When I get back home and can talk with you in game I will not have this problem but this is my only way of communicating with you guys and while I think what I'm writing is useful I can only tell by what you say or don't say. Thanks again for the great community and keep doing what you are doing in game.

    I can also write up a squad leader, Medic, Point, and Navigator contact action response if you guys want.

    Last edited by P.Drona; 02-11-2015, 01:13 PM. Reason: [SOP] prefix for official SOPs only.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.

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    Re: Squad Member Contact Action Response SOP Idea Thread

    +1 rep if it would let me.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: Squad Member Contact Action Response SOP Idea Thread

      Apologies for the bad formatting. I know it is a problem with many of my posts and I'm starting to address it. But congratulation if you made it through with your brain intact. ;)

      [MENTION=50907]Garthra[/MENTION] I don't know if you want to change the "tactical drill list" so that only "approved" drills can be posted. Or make it that one person posts them so we get the same formating and style. But what ever your decision is, I'm fine with it.

      As far as this SOP goes, I'm still not sure if it is a good thing to shoot in the general direction of the enemy For several reasons.
      • The enemy is liable to be less suppressed by the fact that people are showing that they either, don't know where he is, or that they are bad aim
      • When firing in a general direction, you move slower and limit your ability to look for cover
      • And random bullet doesn't have the stopping power as in other games and therefore less affective as takeing the time to find where the enemy is or getting to cover

      So maybe change number 3 under hard contact to something more like this. "Return accurate and precise fire on the last known position of the incoming fire, if possible. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      If point 3 gets settled and there is nothing else people would like to change or discuss, then we should make an official SOP or Drill. The wording might need to be changed and the format could use some work. I would be willing to do that but only after it gets the stamp of approval. And on my IPad things don't work well when it comes to changing format. So maybe best to let one of you guys put it in the official thingymbob thread.

      Still can't figure out how to get my IPad to give me bullet points. I can get the dot, but the format stays the same. Help would be appreciated!
      "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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        Re: Squad Member Contact Action Response SOP Idea Thread

        You can use BB code to get the bullet points. The list and /list tags, with a * tag for each bullet. Naturally, surround with square brackets ([ and ])




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