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    Basic Five Military strategies

    As most of you know TG PS2 is getting bigger. As we grow, the challenges we face change and so do our options. We now have more man power to throw at the enemy and as such we need to address some new things. I would like to start a more persistent look at different strategies as now PLs (And maybe even operations commanders?) will more often play a big role in our outfit. With that said we are still very small compared to the battle. And as such we readily need to keep are mindsets as the smaller force.

    I took the time to read through "Military Strategy: Theory and Concepts". By Randall G. Bowdish. I would like to review some important info I learned.

    He starts off with the observation that while the saying "God always favors the large battalions" has a lot of truth behind it, this has not been the real focus of most strategies. What truly peeks people's interest is how the little guy beat the big guy.

    Originally posted by Military Strategy: Theory and Concepts
    "The answer lies in the confluence between capabilities, resolve and strategy. Qualitative superiority in capabilities can sometimes overcome numerical advantage. Other factors being equal, greater resolve can occasionally result in outlasting an enemy. On the other hand, imaginative and focused strategy can be used to prevail when, on paper, all other factors point to a decisive defeat. Whether singly or in combination, capabilities, resolve and strategy are critical to victory, with strategy especially important to the weaker side of a conflict. Strategy can be the difference between victory and defeat."
    I would like to share the five basic military strategies to help form a better understanding of the principles and get us all on the same page. While this is the basics, that is where everything starts. The five basic military strategies are Extermination, Exhaustion, Annihilation, Intimidation, and Subversion. ("The strategies proffered are the result of a comprehensive meta-data analysis, hermeneutical analysis, and comparative meta-analysis of the works of past strategy theorists"). Along with a two objectives of strategy being physically or psychologically to help create a foundation for strategy framework. Don't mistake these two objectives of strategy as the same as the two polls of strategy which are battle and maneuver.

    Now these strategies are pretty straight forward. But I will go into a little more detail on each one. Than me and Ytman will work through them and how they apply in-game. All other military strategies are made up of variations of these core five strategies.

    The Strategy of Extermination

    The strategy of extermination is generally not described as a legitimate strategy in books or articles on strategy, for a good reason. In modern times, this is considered amoral and contrary to international law. As a strategy is take little imagination, skill, or innovation to implement other than the decision and justification to kill everyone and take what's left. But as a strategy, it should not be overlooked simply because it needs to be understood in order to develop counter strategies.

    The Strategy of Exhaustion

    The strategy of exhaustion, often favored by the weaker side, does not require a preponderance of force. But it does require perseverance and resolve because this strategy seeks to avoid decisive battle. Unless when local conditions point to a clearly advantageous situation where by victory can be achieved. Otherwise it engages "death by a thousand cuts" where it physically and psychologically drains the enemy over time.

    The Strategy of Annihilation

    The strategy of annihilation through attrition, focuses on destroying the enemy's physical fighting force to the point it no longer had the physical capability to fight. The other focus would be to break cohesion of the enemy's fighting force so that it no longer has the will to fight. The strategy normally requires a preponderance of force when accomplished with attrition. But does not require absolute superiority at the strategic level of war. But it does require at lest local superiority at the operational and tactical level. However surprise can substitute for combat power to dislocate an enemy and break it's cohesion.

    The Strategy of Intimidation

    The strategy of intimidation is most often used to bully and enemy into giving up a objective without a fight. Terrorism is a form of warfare based on the strategy of intimidation. But where the strategy of intimidation stands out is how effective it can be when used in combination with other strategies.

    The Strategy of Subversion

    The strategy of subversion is to be used to diminish a public's political and class loyalties to the state and its leaders. The strategy of subversion can be a high reward-low cost strategy. But can take a very long time to achieve. And it is less effective when the target is aware of it. It is overall difficult strategy to implement, especially if the necessary conditions for success must be built rather than pre-exist. This strategy is surprisingly a popular with the aggressors possessing the superior military power. Note: This is not a strategy that we would use in PS2 as it is not supported in-game like something like Eve Online would!
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.



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