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How is redeployment working now?

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  • How is redeployment working now?

    In last FNF's alert, we were getting badly stomped by GOKU redeploying en-mass to prevent the captures of the two important bases we were trying to take control of (the NC started the alert backed up into a wall, and we got stymied at two very defensible chokepoints). The new squad spawn mechanics and changes to the reinforcements needed rules should be preventing "redeployside" as we knew it, but we were still seeing massive movements of troops to juggle these two lanes.

    So, what's going on here? While I noticed the troop surges, as a squad leader my nose was too close to the ground to see the larger picture and puzzle out how the troops were arriving to push us off. A few possibilities occur to me:
    • Platoons are still somehow able to teleport around (if the new systems are working, this shouldn't be possible).
    • The GOKU reinforcements were hopping through adjacent lattice links. This seems fairly likely to me, since the two bases they were covering were only a few lattice hops apart.
    • The VS reinforcements were arriving through Galaxy drops or convoys, and I just didn't see them because I was too busy shooting planetmans.

    Does anyone else have some perspective on this, either the specific operation in question or just in general since the patch dropped last week?



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