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Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

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  • Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

    The normal way I see our Platoons Defending besieged bases, goes as follows.
    1. Drop Squads on points to get more time and hold till wiped
    2. Push from spawn to attack enemy Sunderers
    3. Push back on now weakened attacker and get the points

    There is nothing wrong with this other than the fact that we often end up being wiped. And the fact that there is no Armor. :) So I would like to suggest a new strategy and get your guys opinions and ideas. Also I would like to point out that I haven't been able to be on for like the last 5 or 6 FNF. So if the way I think we normally do it is wrong or has changed, let me know.

    The Strategy
    1. Clear Air from long range
    2. Clear enemy Armor with Armor squad
    3. Clear all spawn points and hold base

    This would require two squads to be effective. Alpha Squad would be Mechanized Infantry basing out of a Sunderer. Bravo would be Anti Vehicle Armor.

    Alpha could pull their Sunderer and start moving before Bravo is all Set.

    Alpha would move near to the base with is Sunderer and set up a AA nest. They would have to been near enough to easily engage Air but somewhere that the Zerg attacking the base wouldn't be able to derectly counter attack. The Air would have to be cleared quickly as Bases generally don't have long timers.

    Once the Air is cleared Bravo could then roll in with full Anti Armor tanks and not have to worry about the having AA in their Squad. Alpha in the mean time could change to AV and move to the flank of the enemy Armor if Bravo was going to need help. The combined force of Bravo and Alpha should be able to clear all Armor with few casualties.

    The elimination of the spawn points should be easy for Bravo while Alpha would be able to move up and set a AV or AA nest to intercept the next enemy push. And by the time Alpha needs to fall back Bravo should be done clearing the base and would be able to attack the now weakened enemy push.

    The main problem I see with this is that blueberries would be the ones to cap the points. Even if the clear everything from the outside of the base, you can never tell you can't say for sure that blueberries will clear the inside. Any thoughts or maybe ideas of different strategy's would be most welcome.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.

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    Re: Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

    * If you run one squad in a sunny, you have the power of choice. AA AV or <=AI
    But when you have all three attacking you your strength is divided by four with at least 3 fire team leaders calling their targets.

    Support (medic/engy heal/repair/supply)
    Offence/Defance (AA/AV/AI)

    Unless your running a platoon of Battle buses (2 or more) you need to run/disengage from one of these elements and hunt for one or two of the other elements.

    Its hard to hold a sunder in one place for too long, while engaging. Soon the sunderer will be subject to a dedicated attract (mainly Light assaults from the air to Loaded Flashes)

    Choosing who should load out with what will depend on which side you are fighting and what upgrade(Continents) they have won, so its hard to set up this off server as you may end up ONLY fighting Air with your armour element idle off site and your infantry sunderer getting taken out as soon as its deployed.

    I like your planning ahead and thinking about how to split the jobs of each squad to cover all based but your plan read (to me) like your only going to be hitting one element at a time in a set order.

    Just remember your plan may need to change at a moments notice.

    Thanks for your input [MENTION=91703]MatthewDaManiac[/MENTION]. Would you be willing to Platoon lead your ideas on a Pre Fnf night or other night?

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

      I'll try and outline my thought process on managing a defence. There are a lot of things that go into deciding what to do on a defense, but also a ton of strategic options that are viable compared to an assault on an enemy base.

      The first, and biggest, is size of the forces involved and especially the timer on the cap. If the timer is going down and the forces are fairly even, dropping or pushing to the points is the best way to stabilize the base and get some breathing room. If the forces are uneven, then attempting to gain control of the points is often a lost cause, and you're better off attempting to degrade the enemy force peripherally or setting up a forward defense for the next base.

      If the timer isn't in play, you've got a lot more flexibility. For me, I prefer to attempt to relieve the base from the outside by flanking the enemy force, taking high ground if available, and attacking their spawn logistics. There are many ways to do this, including infantry AV, deploying armour, coordinated air strikes, etc. Attacking from the outside gives us a lot more mobility, and doesn't tie us down in a grind. It also gives us our pick of the engagements, a distracted enemy, AND some juicy targets.

      It's recently clicked for me just how inflexible a squad is when engaged in heavy combat; from a a broader tactical perspective, it's pinned down and cannot really respond to orders. If your entire platoon is locked down this way, you're strategically inflexible and a smart commander can find the weaknesses in your line and exploit them without you being able to respond effectively. This is why I've become very fond of having airborne infantry as a basic strategic unit; a squad in a Galaxy is unburdened by combat, moves quickly, and can be deployed anywhere I please. This is also why I feel that 3-4 squads is the sweet spot where a platoon can really do some heavy lifting; one or two squads can be tied down with heavy engagements or point holds while the remainder are free to maneuver, support, change tasks and fight fires. When operating with less than this, I prefer to assume that the blues will serve the fixed fighting positions and treat my own squads as the maneuvering elements wherever possible.

      The problem with the exterior attack is that you need to be confident of your timelines. The slow, measured flank of their armour and logistics with your own armour or AV squad will gain a ton of urgency once the capture flips and the timer starts clicking down, and you won't have time to waste. In the worst case scenario, your exterior attacks will degrade the enemy logistics far too slowly to prevent the base from flipping, and you'd have been better spent attempting to reclaim control of the timer.


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        Re: Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

        In response to [MENTION=14750]vts[/MENTION]. The goal of that approach to attacking a besieged base, would Not be to limit your engagement of all three types of enemy's. But to do it in a way to limit the enemy to being able to only engage you with one of the three. If this would work or not really depends on the situation. How far can Alpha be from the base and still clear air. Is there mountains the air can hide behind. Are the infantry and armor mingled together like in a tech plant battle etc. So it really dose just depend.

        And Sure I would be willing to try it with a platoon.
        [MENTION=16189]starstriker1[/MENTION] I agree with you fully. I didn't think about it but I was thinking of a base where the enemy is over populated and taking the point is suicide.

        I also relised how flexible a squad with a Sunderer is. It is the only thing that can change class without re-pulling. Which to me is a wonderful tool. But it is not as flexible as a Galaxy is with where it can go.
        "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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          Re: Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

          In either case, as a PL I appreciate the mobility and flexibility each provides.


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            Re: Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

            I would like to emphasis my enthousiasm on this thread! I have nothing to add at the moment, but please keep it going!


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              Re: Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

              Many good points.

              Another issue is scouting prior to attacking from exterior. Proper intel informs the squad lead so he can select best method for circumstances.
              The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                Re: Discussion on Platoon Defenses of Besieged bases.

                Amen to that. Stopping an attack is usually a matter of killing the logistics, which is much easier when you're not just guessing and sweeping.




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