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Helpful Tips For Planetside play in general

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  • Helpful Tips For Planetside play in general

    -So over my time in planetside ive come across a few helpful videos that i figured id bring up for you guys that are new to planetside may find helpful in general, a broad range of topics i may add to it as I see fit...
    First up are a few videos by wrel the first of witch is ttk vs lag compensation... even meet a br 100 that seem nearly impossible to kill in his heavy suit odds are there using this tactic like alot. Raw concept being when you a round a corner theres a split second were you can see the enemy and the enemy cant see you and because hit detection is handled on ytour own computer you can get a very slight advantage by rounding the corner first in a 1v1
    Combining it with this technique works fairly well as well
    Next up very important for taking cover Character animations and you very informative and the reason why sometimes youll see me with my face looking down when i take cover in low lying cover.
    The final wrel video but nonetheless important in this game

    Allright now to another one of my favorite dudes Rensor ins spite of my personal oppinon that he sounds like a bit of a jerk oh well :/ also the dude seems super intense like all the time in every one of his videos lol skip to 0:57 to skip the intro
    pretty good to implement on room breaches too.

    Next up prefire! better to use for the heavy but still great for getting out of rough patches

    Finally Flanking
    great tool and exactly why la's are useful

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    Re: Helpful Tips For Planetside play in general

    Very good information. That first Wrel video is crucial for all PS2 players to understand, Rensor stuff on crosshair placement is great, too.
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