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  • TG Legends #2

    (As with all TG legends parts of the story are made up and parts are true. this is not meant to be taken as an aar, It is quite simply supposed to be a story and dramatization of the events ive experienced inside of tg and meant to capture the essence of what was done in story format! I also apologize in advance if any people were ommited from the tale told here! Also just because you werent in this squad doesnt mean in my book your not an allstar everyone of us here is and i hope we can bring that to every squad we fight in")
    -It was your Typical week on Auraxis... The skys were blue, the Gals were flying over head as thousands of troops died and were brought back to life again. Prowlers and Vangaurds lobbed rounds at each other bringing firey chaos the troops rushing past them. Today was interesting. Early we had several great point hold and caps in a squad led by Fatz but as of now it was disbanded.

    Slowly but sureley though I noticed the leaders of the outfit appear on my hud, Garthra Mindkill and Starstriker among others. It was an odd occurrence to see all of them at once. I myself had joined one of our squads, led by who i beleive to be skwitt. In the background i heard rumors, of another squad going on. Official Officer business i heard when i inquired about it in my text chat. Oh well it was above my pay grade I thought to myself. I had to follow orders if I still wanted my bonus check at the end of the month.

    I was in the squad with Fatz at the time, we were currently en Route to indar comm array, when i heard in my radio "Hey Fatz and Raymond you guys still there?" It sounded like Slyfox. Odd considering I had just fought him earlier today on hossin. "Yup"I replied. The reason it was odd was that we hadn't seen Sly in months, and we had fought him a number of times whilst he was with the Terran republic. I had assumed he had joined them permanently.

    "Allright ill pass you an invite, were talking about breaching drills and stuff." I had already practiced breaches a number of times with Garthra and Frequently stayed afterwards to help teach the newer trainees on the protocol. As it stood breaching for the outfit was slow, quite a mouthful, susceptible to a wipe pre breach, and rareley ever used it seemed for that reason, though in the past weeks the outfit had started to clear its corners witch was a step in the right direction.

    I spawned into the sundy parked at the warp gate and immediately I was amazed, before me stood an Avengers like cast of people from the outfit. There was Garthra (one of my personal Favorite SL's), Starstriker(And excellent SL and very intense though we didnt see him much because he was in the cyber security division of the nc.). but that wasnt all there Was DOT, Zombie Snacks, Even MindKill And Drona, who rareley stepped out into the battlefield, as they were the outfit Leaders.
    I myself, a corporal... was admitedly geeking out. It was the question i had always asked but never got an answer too, How much butt could we kick if we got all the outfits leaders together in one squad the best of the Best, the Creme de la Creme, the Allstars of tg.

    The Biggest suprise was Slyfox standing there at the head of it all the Squad Lead.

    The comms were busy talking and discussing the breaching drill and the different things that could be improved upon. It was all sort of confusing coming into it halfway. Then Slyfox spoke up.

    "I do suppose we should bring raymondscout and Fatz up to speed on what we've been talking about..."

    "Yeah that would be helpful" Fatz said.
    "Allright so here it is", replied sly "Ive recently spent some time with other outfits, courtesy of the nc's merc for hire program, and over the course of that time ive sort of gathered how a lot of outfits perform breaches and there drills, and so i've learned alot from them and I was hoping to bring it to tg. So me and the other officers have been discussing breaches, and how to accomplish them, this is what we've decided on...

    + + +

    "So thats the drill," sly said. "Id like to get Fatz and Raymond's oppinions on what we have here today..."

    "Well..." Fatz started "If you can get people to do it in under 5 seconds than i think its effective..."

    "I agree" I said

    "Allright thats true that we can work on the speed of it. That being said I think we all get it and should try bringing into the real world, alright who's got my gal?"

    + + +

    "ALLRIGHT GET READY TO DROP!!!" Fatz called out from his comms inside the galaxy. Everyone inside cocked and loaded there weapons. The Galaxy began to shake from the flack fire outside. The metal Casing rattled us to our bones, but it held. I had assumed a skygaurd was hitting us from below.

    "ONE... TWO... THREE... DROP DROP DROP!!!" Famous words uttered thousands of times by our gal pilots. We each pulled the levers in front of us. The seats dropped out from under us and before you knew it we were in free fall. The nanites in the air below us softened our drop onto the roof, as we landed.

    "ROOF HOT" Cried Mindkill. As a funnel of magnetic rounds poured into a poor light assault that had no idea TG was coming...

    Slyfox Gave the Order "Alright squad drop down and stack up!" we followed, the procedure given to us earlier. Half the squad was on one side of door the other on the other side. the demo man tossed the frag, and we moved swiftly, together, and as a team! We didnt dash into the room! We walked weapons at hip fire. Those on the left side of the door moved left and those on the right side of the door moved right. "RIGHT HOT!!!" I called as i pulled the trigger on a heavy assault. The rest of the breachers on the right side did the same and the enemies inside didn't even stand a chance against the torrent of rounds striking them. In the heat of the moment a single round bounced off my shield but that was it. The last of the enemies in the point room evaporated.
    "Point Clear someone called out in the chaos.

    "Allright squad! Stack right no grenade." We followed Orders. "BREACH!" We moved in i looked right 1 enemy, he was down before we had the chance to make a callout. I took up position on the northern set of stairs. I heard other callouts behind me from the rest of the squad. "LEFT HOT!!!" as the blakka blakka blakka of there weapons rang out, each round meeting a different target. The point room was clear and as per usual we locked it down.

    A voice rang out this time in person "HEY TG IF YOU WANNA GRAB THE SCU WE'll KEEP THE POINT CLEAR"

    "Actually Yes," Sly fox replied "Alright squad group up on me! Were Pushing up... NOW!!!" We moved as one unit firing on the unsuspecting space communists as we moved forwards
    BLAKA BLAKA BLAKA BLAKKA... First Two Then three then 4 enemies down!!!. We stacked up at the edge of the L shaped building

    "Breach" Slyfox ordered. We rushed the room. Our feet funneling through the door. the man in front of me went left witch means I looked right. The room was clear but we still weren't at the SCU yet.

    We pushed out the way we came this time moving right and torwards the SCU "CONTACTS FROM THE SPAWN." 6 to 8 tr were pushing us! I fired at one heavy downing him than switched to his light assault cousin killing him. A medic dashed out of the spawn room looking to res him but before he could I whipped out my underboss and fired 3 rounds killing him. I could hear my squad mates doing the same, to the other contacts...
    the squad broke into the spawn room and set of scu gen. In 40 seconds it was down and we had one the battle, as the TG banner appeared over the base...

    + + +

    " Allright Squad last op for me tonight!" Slyfox said. "Lets make it a good one!"

    As one we Dropped... and as one we stacked against the wall, just as we practiced!

    "Grenade Out!" the demo man called and we rushed the point. The Left up the stairs was clear. "RIGHT HOT! I heard called out behind me as the enemy gunfire rattled out. Something was different though. on the innitial breach we lost about two soldiers that our medics quickly resed after they cleared it out. the Squad stacked the same at the top of the stairs right outside the room.
    "GRENADE OUT" I heard, as the Conc was tossed. We entered I looked left a heavy assault and medic were there to greet me with gunfire, i kill one with headshots as the enemy led punctures my shields then my armour and I fall face first into the metal of the floor.

    MAX RIGHT... I hear as a my squadmates engage him. Rocket launchers blast the max until the pilot inside dies from internal bleeding. I start to feel better as i notice a green aura surrounds my body. Trusty Alex coming to save my life. i get up as the bullets drop out of the now healing pores in my body. i look like wolverine. Were not done yet though I fire at a light assault trying to get a kill through the doorway saving Alex.
    Before i know it the Squad lead is grabbing the advantage again.
    "SQUAD STACK UP!!!" "PUSH OUT!!!" We walk across the walkway weapons drawn.
    "CONTACTS RIGHT!!!" a torrent of lead opens up on a group of 2 to 3 enemy vanu, they all go down lickity split. We stack up next to the building dead ahead, A grenade is thrown, and our max enters grinding away at the few enemies inside. the room is clear. at this point we cant go any farther or we'll literately be at there spawn room. We set up our defenses as normal. This time replacing people as needed that were covering there doorway. Things start to get more heated though as more and more enemies tried to kill us there plasma based weapons launching small balls of hot energy at us. Through the window enough plasma bolts strike my head to kill me and I go down my hud shows me who offed me, an infiltrator. Not only that but I recognized a certain tag. A Tag I myself Dreaded it spelt [GOKU]!!! How i despised having to fight them, sometimes even more then having to fight heavy assaults. On more then one occasion i had cursed them under my breath. It wasnt that i had a vendetta against them, it was simply that they were a group of people so good they were miserable to fight against... in normal squads, today we weren't a normal squad... Once again Alex brings me back from the dead. I jump then hover over the bottom level firing my magnetic rounds down inaccurately at the enemies as they retreat back out the door and i pull back to the top level popping in a fresh mag and slapping the bolt of my weapon.

    Things become more intense, People start to die downstairs! more and more of our men until Slyfox calls out "Bottom stairs compromised!" Immediately our firepower shifts and the rest of the squad transitions and kills the Goku Squad members down below and we get our guys back up. THEN "FLASH COMMS REAR DOOR COMPROMISED!" The squad pulls back and fires out at the the 3 enemies that had made it in, I fire my carbine killing one of them with with a myriad of body shots. For another minute or so we hold against the pressure! Maxes are thrown at us as the ebb and flow of the battle moves to and fro. The point behind us is taken, but we no longer care. This is no longer a fight over land this a fight to prove the worth of our outfit! TG's Best, Making one last stand against the enemies i'v hated to fight for so long. SPARHAWXX, ALEX, FATZ, STARSTRIKER, DRONA, MINDKILL, GARTHRA, DOT, ZOMBIE SNACKS ME AND FINALLY SLYFOX all fighting the Vanu, an enemie that at this point can respawn!... we cant!!!
    Eventually we start to lose ground slowly but surely, Were down to 3 people. I Fire in the window killing a goku LA. Two squad members left plus me I look downstairs and kill a heavy trooper, 1 more squad member left with me. I am caught by surpise from the rear by a shotgun and down I tumble. Finally Alex Go's down and thats it were Wiped...

    We died in Glory and we ate in the halls of vallhalla that night! Allstars of TG!

    ... The question was asked "How much butt would TG Kick if we got all of our leaders in one squad together?" That night we answered that question "Alot alot of butt would be kicked!!!"

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    Re: TG Legends #2

    It was a very informative event, this night and a fun one as well, thanks for the write up [MENTION=101716]RaymondScout[/MENTION]. Its great to play with so many of the other leaders, officers and squad leads while using tactics from the 'other side' which might normaly take us down.

    As one of the medics, I tried Flack armour to start with, but soon changed back to Grenade bandolier, as keeping everyone else alive was easier with the extra revive grenades.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: TG Legends #2

      Great write up, Raymond.

      This was one of the most fun training events I've been involved in. Thanks to Sly for bringing us a more efficient way of breaching. The more our Corporals and NCO's utilize this breach technique, the more it will become ingrained in our members and become second nature. I look forward to the next training op.

      Thanks to everyone that took part in the training. Ops like this are why I'm TG.

      And, if anyone from GOKU is reading this, thanks to you guys for giving us a worthy opponent to practice against. /salute!



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        Re: TG Legends #2

        ^ This basically sums up how I feel.


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          Re: TG Legends #2

          Also! Check out this picture I took when we started! Wont see this type of gathering anytime soon! I don't know how to just post pics, but if anyone know how to post this properly I'd appreciate it.

          CHECK THIS OUT!!!


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            Re: TG Legends #2

            And of course, I'm derping around off-screen. :P


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              Re: TG Legends #2

              Haha well for now you can check out the one i did about alex though i think its under General discussion forums i believe. Also yeah if your looking for proof that this actually happened because I know it was sorta semi secretive due to the whole "figure it out for everyone else" nature of it take a look at the second image sly fox posted everyone's there sub for Sparhawwx and Alex I think, who we got on about ten minutes later, and roughly in the story timing they came into the squad right after the first set of pluses. Also with these stories i try to mix in some outfit lore and some of the ingame lore for instance vanus plasma based weaponry and how i imagine healing in ps2 would work, as well as the bit about the outfit leaders. I also tried to come up with an excuse as to why Sly could work with the tr and still come back to nc, as well as Star wasn't around that often, that was a bit of a challenge... Also during the course of the story I tried to emphasize the whole Goku being tough to fight, rather than the making them out to be the "villians". I hope in no way i came across as trying to be antagonistic and I think there an awesome set of players that deserve respect when they show it themselves, well done if there ever reading this.

              I had actually came across "Suit's" content before online and was wondering what it would be like to employ similar tactics, though we could never seem to make it efficient so it was particularly awesome to have the breach be as effective as it was I really am enjoying this and i hope it becomes as common as gal drops, but I will say its going to be the SL's that are going to need to emphasize it as opposed to hoping everyone knows it from a few training sessions. It could just be that we all had leaders in the squad but i feel like the fact that we actually had a "stack, then breach on multiple times proved that it was effective, because we actually employed it instead of making it halfway and then only sort of breaching like with the old method. the key im finding is to make it rapid, it seems like you need to be pushing through in under five seconds from stack or other enemy forces are going to weaken you, also the hip fire movement into the door can help with crosshair placement as described in a number of renzor videos. The stacking on either side of the door is also a rather elegant solution to ensure proper force spread without confusion. I also potentially see fire teams as an easy method for left and right designations. The more and more I did it (Pre-New Method) the more and more I like the idea of the SL being the grenade person, simply due to the fact that we know for certain that he knows what to do (Though i can see as the outfit becomes more used to it the more it will be easy to pass it off) though it does force the SL into a infil and Heavy assault role and potentially, a La if smoke is used, but perhaps thats a bias and just wishful thinking. also the max going in first is also a good idea as well because worst case scenario hes going to force heavy assaults into a long reload via there rocket launchers or a long switch to lmg timer, witch gives the rest of the squad an easier time taking out the defenses.

              Im also looking to ask Sly if he doesnt mind on teaching me how to teach it to Squad members just so i can employ it more often, than the last breaching method... all that being said hope to see you on tuesday Rayscout out...

              And also the answer is yes I will be writing more of these as time goes on...


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                Re: TG Legends #2

                Now that battle rifles (Warden) have underbarrel launchers, medics,engineers can also do smoke/grenades even while carrying rez grenades. And a Hunter crossbow with recon darts, means medics can also do darts at the same time. So it doesn't have to be the SL.




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