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  • The Far Ambush

    The Far Ambush Generally:
    This post describes a tactic I used to great success on Esamir on 2/20/16, and have used many times in the past, the far ambush. The central premise is if you can hit the enemy quickly, then pull out before they can respond, you manage to destroy some enemy assets, and take no casualties yourself. The far ambush is a classic infantry tactic, and can best be explained in contrast to its opposite, the close ambush. A close ambush is one where the enemy is close enough to overrun your position, and your goal must be to utterly destroy them. (Within grenade range is one metric, but the precise distance involved depends on the terrain. What is “close” for open field may be far for dense jungle.) For instance, a squad of infantry or armor set up within 50 meters of a road just around a bend. When the enemy comes around the corner, either all of the ambushers, or all of the ambushed, must be dead. Neither side can really retreat at those ranges, and severe casualties will happen quickly.
    In contrast, a far ambush is more like a few snipers weakening the enemy, then retreating before the enemy can approach. The far ambush does not seek to destroy all of the enemy, but only to bleed them, take out a few critical targets. Casualties are relatively low on both sides, compared to the close ambush. The far ambush is a classic guerrilla warfare tactic because a small force can wound a larger force while taking no casualties itself, thus surviving to do so again.

    The far ambush is a tactic I use a lot. It relies on fire discipline and coordinated firepower, both assets TG can bring to the table against larger organized outfits and zergs.

    *Right terrain. Terrain must slow the enemy approach to you, while giving you a good line of sight on them. The classic example is the top of a hill, but it could be a series of valleys between you and the enemy. The South Eastern corner of Esamir is a great example of favorable terrain for this tactic.

    *Right equipment. The squad must have long range weapons, with a few short range infantry to cover flanks. Ideally a raven MAX, but not necessarily.

    *Escape route. The whole premise is you are not going to stand around and fight forever, because your force is assumed to be weaker than the one you are attacking. The more organized your enemy the quicker they will respond in force and the better your escape plan needs to be. Since you do not know if you will face a strong outfit or a bunch of solo players… plan well. Terrain mixed with logistical vehicles creates a good escape route. The ambushing force must have high speed way of escaping and pursing forces. A galaxy is most common, but a sunderer could work as well. You could use a valkyrie, harassers, even flashes if you so desired. (A good escape route for a sunderer such as a narrow valley leading away, may not be useful for a Valkyrie, etc.) Most commanders assume if they have a good position they should stay there until dislodged. The problem with that plan is it assumes sooner or later you will be dislodged, i.e. killed. Better to accomplish your aims and keep your squad alive by moving before that happens. I know PS2 gives us infinite lives, but the less time you spend dead and regrouping, the more time you spend playing and having fun.

    *Fire discipline. Against deploy shield sunderers and other vehicles that are the most likely targets of this tactic, the ambushing force must focus fire and not spring the trap early. Without concentrated and disciplined fire, the enemy can escape and repair before you kill them.

    *Map reading skills. The leadership must be able to very quickly read the strengths and weaknesses of the map to assess where their “target” area is, what positions would be suitable far ambush locations for that target, and what the escape plan is from that far ambush location. This is a skill that can be learned and improved. Anyone can master it. I am happy to talk to anyone about how to do this if they have questions.

    How To Do It As Squad Leader:
    1.) Identify a “target area“ on map where you think enemy can be found.

    2.) Choose a good ambush position for that target area. Check the range to target using half a grid square as the maximum range of your force. (250 meters) Make sure you have an escape route.

    3.) Then plan your logistics, how to get there, in conjunction with your escape plan.

    4.) Give orders to your squad members so they are properly equipped. Ensure they have the correct equipment for the terrain.

    5.) As squad is getting ready, or in transit, explain your plan briefly. This involves calling targets, roles, and contingencies. For instance, “When you hit the ground enemy tanks will be stacked up to your south. Enemy sunderer is first priority. Weapons yellow on landing. Wait for the raven MAX to call a first target. Medics are covering our rear at the position, the raven MAX identifies priority targets for the anti tank guys. Gal pickup will be east of us when it is called in, so be ready to run that direction.”

    6.) Conduct the ambush.

    7.) Call for Retreat/escape. Remember to call for it as soon as your objective is achieved. Do not wait around longer than you have to. Take into account that the galaxy or other logistics may take some time to arrive. Be ready to tell the driver of the vehicle which way to drive/fly, or if you trust them let them figure that out.

    8.) Plan the next move, or back to step one. Use the intel you gained while on the ground to pick another target area and far ambush location. I often find that one far ambush position can force the enemy to take cover or shift their approach in a way that makes a different position much more advantageous. Thus by doing a series of fairly small movements you can inflict massive casualties as the enemy puts themselves in a corner. If you do not see another good local target area and ambush area, then just change battles entirely.

    I hope this is useful to other squad leaders.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: The Far Ambush

    Excellent post! I'd only add that this is one of those places that eyes on the ground can do real wonders with, either using scouts of your own, surveying the AO yourself before dropping, or communicating with elements already on the ground.


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      Re: The Far Ambush

      Anything that involves the Gal doing rapid combat pickups and re-deployments over short-med distances is something I am in favor of. :)
      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw




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