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Setting up a quick FOB/siege position in enemy territory

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  • Setting up a quick FOB/siege position in enemy territory

    (Just to separate it from the Building thread)

    Setting up a quick FOB (Forward Operating Base) tactic:

    One could take a team of 6 or more folks, collect cortium in safe zones near warpgate (or even grab it from an abandoned silo, even faster)

    - Every person load up with turrets/AI module but do not deploy them yet.
    - Load into a galaxy.
    - Drop at the FOB or siege location.
    - Instantly deploy all the turrets and garages/walls, vehicle terminal/spawn tube that your squad carried with them.
    - And get into the turrets to defend the FOB until...
    - infiltrators hack and bring ANTs to fill a local silo from a more local base. (or one guy bring a full ANT to the location to start a silo and fuel the place,
    - built out from there.

    Even drop a glave and turrets onto a spot to temporarily siege an enemy base, no silo required?

    Could be fun.

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    As above, but now we also have the vehicle terminal.

    This can be dropped on location to be able to pull at lease one ant locally as the Silo starts with 1k cortium when dropped.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Yes, so..
      One person has a silo in their inventory.
      One person has a vehicle terminal.
      One person has a Spawn Tube for forward logistics.
      One person has a AA turret,
      One person has a AV turret,

      And you could make a fast base and build it out from there, no vehicles, no sundies required.


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        Interesting idea. Huh.
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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