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  • [GUIDE] Use of breaching tools

    I have noticed that TG uses breaching maneuvers, but we don't use the breaching tools that are available. I see smoke used sometimes, but there is concussion/flash/emp grenades that are vital for breaching as that is what they are designed to be used for. EMP grenades are important for taking out shields, not only for the troops, but most importantly it takes out the max shields and disables turrets which makes breaching easier. Used all at once they can be devastating. I feel this should be practiced more and used for all breaching maneuvers. (just my opinion) Also, when breaching do so from the LEFT side of the door as all troops in Planetside are right handed and this exposes less of your whole body to enemy fire

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    While I agree its partially an under used tactic, I see regularly (especially my squads) calls for "nades in" or something of that nature. I do disagree with you on the part of "used for all breaching maneuvers". My favorite thing to do is actually have my squad hold their nades when breaching into a point and using them when the capture timer is around 30 seconds left. Nothing ruins an enemy rush like a few concussion grenades!

    I feel like this concept of breaching grenades could be a good training for members as well. A training for where to throw grenades in buildings, their effect and how their effects stack with other grenades. (I.E. concussion/emp combo) Maybe even procedure for throwing grenades and minimizing the risk of having it come back at friendlies. (Things like where to throw when outside a door, where to stand when throwing and the like) sorry if this is off topic, I haven't slept all night :D


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      Good point Shadowthumper. I will try to us more grenades in my squads in the future.

      It is harder than you think to strafe into a door, and in that second when you can see inside, instantly throw the grenade in a useful way. If you linger too long to throw the grenade, you likely die, if you rush too much, you don't throw the grennade well, or at worst bounce the grenade off the doorway. Practice makes perfect.
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        I'm definitely guilty about forgetting them; I try to keep the pace high and the orders simple, and omitting the grenade is often not much of a loss.

        The big issue for me is that so rarely do we run into a concentration of dug-in defenders that really justifies the full procedure. When you know the enemy is in a room ahead of time, great; but if they aren't currently being engaged in pitched combat very few squads have the discipline of a TG point hold where they'll stand their ground and hold their sector, instead they'll push out until they hit contact.

        Grenades are overkill if you've got to sweep multiple rooms in sequence and are encountering enemies in small groups as you go instead of running into a hard defensive line.


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          The following is pure opinion based on my own observations

          I believe the primary reason for all the issues we are having with breaching, whether it be technique, discipline, or tactics is because we are in a rush 90% of the time. Squad leads, slow down, plain and simple. Call the door to stack up on, wait for everyone to get there, then follow through with the breach in what ever manner you decide.

          I find our breaching is generally sloppy due primarily because the training level of the average TG member is not to the level necessary to follow through the procedures with fluid expertise for which squad leads are assuming will happen. But for the sake of urgency, squad leads will generally forgo proper "form" in executing the procedures. I believe this is the primary reason why TG as a whole is not noticeably improving in this tactic.

          The onus is on the squad leads to recognize the level of the lowest trained person in the squad and to execute tactics at a level that would most benefit those members to bring them up to par and thereby increase the level of execution.

          If you find that you are leading and your the one with the lowest training/skill level in the tactic, then delegate the procedure to someone that can execute the procedure at "best of form" and can improve your own knowledge and skill. It is ok to be the squad lead and not be the most qualified. This is what makes TG such a welcome community. So swallow your pride and let yourself take the back seat to learn when you should.

          Speaking of taking the back seat... With the exception of a few, most squad leads are consistently leading the charge. In short, delegate and lead from behind "most of the time". I know the media and popular entertainment and even important moments in history teach us you should lead from the front in order to reap success. Fact is that leading from the front should is one tool of many to achieve success.

          There are many pros and cons from leading from the front or back in any given situation, and i'm not going to dispute those. I will speak to what I believe TG needs more of right now and that is squad leads that are leading from behind and shoring up discipline in execution of their intent. Or delegating an assistant to do this for them. This would provide an evaluation loop for which would serve to provide feedback to improve with.

          Wall of text happened... Bah


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            Just came here to bring a correction. Although all soldiers are right handed, the bullets and grenades all come from the center of the character. So left or right of a corner/door doesn't make a difference. (I may be wrong, but that's how most fps work)

            Also wanted to point out an additional scenario when we can't throw nades in. I've seen it multiple times when we stack up for proper breach, blueberries are just rushing in before us or are already in the building... so we can't just nade friendlies.
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              Vlad: I liked your post.

              I believe Garthra often has a "point man" that does the leading into the breach, rather than himself when he is SL, but I also understand that the nature of PS2 and its interface, sometimes because the SL has the big star on it, its easier to just say to the group, follow the SL, instead of follow alpha 6. y'know? I have seen Fatz do both leading from the front and leading from the back effectively.
              I have seen eMale also be SL and rightfully so, lean on someone else to be the "point man" on the ground, which works well. eMale is very effective in the support Sundy or Repair Galaxy.

              I think of it more like a "sargeant" in WW2 would tell his men "on me!" and go into the breach first, rather than a tactical commander (PL/SL) that is worried about logistics and positioning.

              On Slowing down: In any case, I agree with the slow down and breach methodically point of view, yet there is a balance in that we can't be laggards when the battle is ebbing and flowing and seconds can count for a lot for a capture.

              On Training: 100% true that if we slow it down until people get the rhythm of stacking up, and moving together, and breaching rooms, clearing rooms (zippering each side), at a slower speed, then methodically speed that up it might help, but there comes a point where the individual soldier has to make instant micro-tactical decisions that may help the SL and waiting for direction on every movement may not be as effective.




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