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  • How to git gud

    I can't really go in depth with this, I'd like to - but it's probably not the best format. What I'd really like is some scrimmage against TG, probably on the PTS server so we can work through tactics and infantry combat basics in a live-fire exercise. A monkey-see monkey-do format rather than lecturing.

    Anyways, here's my disorganized seat of the pants rambling on how to git gud at planetside:
    • Increase your fps to something like 120+ in warpgate; 60fps minimum in a major fight
    • Lower your mouse sensitivity
    • Never go further than 1-3m from some kind of cover
    • Get/have recce so you know where the enemy is
    • Read some or all of the following:
    • Learn to ADAD
    • Aim at their head
    • Flank people
    • Make the area safe before attempting to revive someone
    • Control line of sight so you're only ever dealing with one enemy at a time
    • Darts/motion spotters/radar are the biggest force multiplier in the game
    • Let someone else go first so you can see where the enemy is shooting him from
    • Attacker/peeker has the lag advantage

    Probably the biggest thing to fix is your FPS. Seriously, crank that fps up as much as possible - if you only follow one thing, make your priority the framerate. It doesn't just make the game smoother, it reduces input lag and gives you important information at a faster pace. It's a serious game changer.

    When it comes to combat tactics, basically what you want to do is the following:

    Find out where the enemy is
    Figure out how to fight him in the most unfair way possible given the circumstances and time available
    Kill him and repeat

    Don't be obvious, don't expose yourself, don't be a predictable lemming, stick to cover, run away if you're losing - double back and catch him by surprise if the opportunity presents itself. Be like water my friend.
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    These are more like tips/tricks, so I moved them into a second post:
    • Wait 0.2 seconds after aiming down sights before firing; your CoF doesn't settle instantly
    • A larger field of view reduces felt recoil, likewise higher magnification sights increase it; see above for details
    • Activate resist shield BEFORE taking damage
    • The vast majority of fighting and dying takes place within something like ~30-50m
    • Give up on a target if you take too much damage (or think you will) before killing him; don't tunnel vision
    • When in trouble your rocket launcher is a one-hit-get-out-of-jail-free card
    • Engineer AI turrets are useful for jumping on top of things
    • Don't use the gauss saw, please just literally use anything else
    • Pressing E at a terminal and then E again as soon as the inventory screen pops up will instantly refill your ammo and shields, it takes like 0.5 seconds to do this
    • You're dead meat if you're caught sprinting, don't stop to shoot if it happens, start juking into cover instead
    • Vanguard AP is the best AA in the game
    • When you have lots of fps you can literally jump straight up sheer walls (only applies to some walls)
    • Adjust your audio settings so that you can hear infantry footsteps and infiltrator cloaking noises, in quiet empty buildings I can literally hear people walking in the room next to me and track them via audio cues
    • Bullets are physically modeled, they have travel time, you have to lead targets even at short ranges, this matters A LOT with pistols and shotguns - even the vehicle shotguns
    • A whole bunch of classes and vehicles have passive systems that can be certed out but aren't shown in the normal class/vehicle page; infiltrators can cert faster terminal hacking and harassers can cert faster turbo regeneration for example
    • If you're playing heavy and you're going to stand still and shoot someone, turn on your overshield, even if nobody is shooting at you - there is always a sniper watching
    • The medic health regen will save your life in long-range shootouts
    • The less the enemy can possibly see of you, the better
    • Try not to use your overshield, health regen, or heal people while in smoke, you glow in the dark

    I can't really add much more than this without getting further into opinion territory. A lot of it is just intuitive/instinctive and comes about from practice. I think scrimmages on PTS would help the most, coupled with both sides recording gameplay so we can pick at it after the fact.
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      Allot of this is cool, but what do you have against the gauss SAW?


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        Everyone thinks it's great. I think it's mediocre at best. I have a thread where I looked at a bunch of different weapons in the game and their actual effective DPS based on statistical data available in daybreak's API - for your average player the Gauss Saw is straight up the worst LMG in the NC arsenal and it's right down at the bottom out of all three factions. Even for the top 2% of players its performance is awful - a situation where the actual data completely contradicts the commonly held player beliefs.

        People want to think the gauss saw is fantastic; I'm not going to stop anyone believing it, but I sure as hell won't agree with them.

        I've got ~15,000 kills with the Godsaw and another ~3,500 with the Gauss Saw; They are two of my most-used LMG's. I'm no stranger to how they work. I want to love them, but they just don't perform to par for a lot of reasons, and you have to really know your gunplay to get the most out of them.

        Ironically the weapon I do best with right now was the other worst-performing NC LMG at the time I put all the stats together: The EM1. The big difference there is the EM1 got a couple huge buffs over the past couple months.

        To try and keep it relatively short, the problem with the Gauss Saw falls down to the following:
        • Its RoF is too low, this introduces too much variability in damage application which is exacerbated by network latency/lag/packtloss
        • It's a long range weapon in a game where very little fighting takes place at long range and where the close-quarters LMGs it competes against are still effective right into its best range bracket anyways
        • It has lower DPS out of the gate than the CQC LMG counterparts, so it's at a disadvantage even before you take into account the unreliability of its low RoF
        • The three headshot schtick is meaningless to about 90% of the playerbase who can't string headshots
        • The reload speed is ridiculously slow
        • For a gun with a 100 round magazine, it paradoxically has to be fired in short 3-4 round bursts
        • Burst firing brings the already low DPS even lower
        • With so few rounds in each burst, it's harder to accurately lead the target - you don't have wiggle room to walk into him, you have 3-4 bullets
        • You have to stand still to make the best of its accuracy, which makes you sniper bait
        • The strong vertical recoil makes it one of the hardest to control small arms in the game
        Please guys, just use any other NC LMG. Use the EM1, use the GD-22S, use the EM6 or the Anchor. Just don't use the Gauss Saw.
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          Wintermote Join us on a Tuesday or Thursday. A lot of this is stuff we are going over or honing. Would love to have your perspective in squad. Once the squad gets more comfortable I was going to take a trip over to PTS. Figured it'd be fun to scrim with each other.




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