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Thoughts on Assaulting Powerhouse

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  • Thoughts on Assaulting Powerhouse

    Some thoughts on assaulting the powerhouse structure. Credit to Jackrol and DIskordia for helping develop these.

    Premises: 1.) The powerhouse (the building with the fat and skinny stairs, doors numbered 1 2 and 3...) often has a capture point. Thus it is worth thinking about attacking it just as we have thought about its defense. 2.) The standard zipper split off the door is not ideal for that building. The zipper split was designed for small room clearing. Some room are too large for it to be easily applied, or shaped wrong. Example Entry through door one of the power house, the primary danger IS the right corner, not the "center" as oriented from the door.

    Possible solutions: A.) If assaulting the Fat stairs:
    Use supporting fire from door three to thin it out prior to an attack from door one. If possible use smoke right on the top of fat stairs and have supporting fire team use IR/NVG scopes. If possible you can even use a vehicle (shooting from outside the structure- it is possible on some bases, not others). This supporting fire may kill enemies, and at least will get them looking to door three, not door one. Then begin assaulting from door one, crouched behind the stairs, so you have 90% cover from enemies on top of the stairs. Throw grenades to the top, then keep advancing.

    Theoretical basis: Real attacks are more than 50% supporting troops, and less than 50% assaulting troops. Indeed some documents I have found say that less than 1/3 of force is the assault element and 2/3 focused on fire superiority from the support position. While PS2 is not real life, and the tactics and ratios must change, the general idea applies-- We have been ignoring the importance of supporting fire in most of our planning. We need to find ways to employ it in larger rooms as we would in open terrain.
    References: ;

    Alternative: before assault begins assign areas - everyone coming from door 3 focuses on clearing ground floor, door 1 assaulters focus on stairs and second floor, door 2 focus on assisting door 1, etc. (This is an example, not saying it is best plan.) Assigned areas promotes concentration of fire, and everyone knows which of the several enemies in the area to shoot first.

    B.) If assaulting skinny stairs, have a rifle barrel smoke grenade shot from door two. You can smoke the top of skinny stairs from DOOR 2. Thus granting concealment to the skinny stairs force. (Or, although I have not tried this personally, maybe HE grenades on the same arc to clear the top of those stairs?) This can be useful for surprise, and also if skinny stairs are hot.

    All this thinking reminded me -Training can be boring, but is useful: Reminder to get back to basics on breaches. Need to practice grenade throwing followed by breaches. It is not easy, but practice makes perfect. Things like aiming at the ceiling to ensure grenade lands roughly below and slightly behind point of impact, rather than flying over intended area and striking behind it. Strafing just far enough into the door to throw the nade, but not too far. Stacking while covering different directions. Going in right after the grenade, and not before it has blown.
    Maybe a good lesson for FNF?

    What do you guys think? Any ideas for helping our assaults?

    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Neat tactical discussion there....
    I notice that typically blueberries become the targets at the most obvious door (the one closest to the nearest spawn) and also do the de-factor suppressing fire from a distance as they don't like to die and are conservative.

    So if the allies have one door, and the enemy is firing towards them, sending 12 guys breaching into the least obvious door makes for a good tactic, or at least the 2 "other" doors. And yeah we don't use grenades enough for these kinds of assaults...

    regarding suppressive fire, I was thinking that if Slyfox or Garthra Alpha squad is the CQC breaching squad, then Bravo can be the suppressive (Suppress-by-fire) squad using Air/Vehicles or maneuverable infantry like Infiltrators/Light assaults to spread out around the point in question, keeping Alpha from being flanked in a particular doorway, and keeping Q spotting (recon/intel) from a distance for Situational Awareness..


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      Here is a video on how to support a door 1 attack with grenades from door 3.
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Hmmm maybe having a grenade bando Squad member in my High Paced squad would be beneficial. I like the idea of two fire teams attacking from door 1 and skinny with a "demoman" dumping grenades on fats from door 3.

        I'm personally not a fan of smoke. I think its to niche. Concs, emps and basic grenades do a better job of obstructing the enemy and work in all situations. Smoke also obstructs our view as well. On top of this both sides can still Q spot each other and players that are decent shots can work around it. Finally the squads would have to switch out to the IR/NVG scopes. One of the main problems with those scopes is that they take a bit of time to go to scope and they aren't good in cqc. Be that as it may I'm willing to try it and see what happens.

        Attacking doubles can be treacherous if on foot and you have to walk across the narrow bridges. But if the team inserts from roof or the doubles have better cover its a great place to stack and push in. Usually the double rooms have plenty of cover for the attacking team to move in and hold. Its also fairly easy to beam grenades straight in or off of a wall or cover and towards the back of the room.


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          True Sly, but I have seen many base defense missions where the NC is assaulting up the fat stairs to take out an entrenched attacking point hold.
          The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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