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Fire Team Lead/Sergeant role in TG

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  • [INFO] Fire Team Lead/Sergeant role in TG

    Before DBG implemented Fire Teams TG has had an unsung hero within a lot of our squads. Utilizing Fire teams and Fire Team Leaders(FTL) in the High Paced squad has made me appreciate this role more and more. Those that squad lead can think back on times when a veteran TG member stepped up to help in squads. Whether if it was helping enforce orders given, pull assets or suggest a different attack these unsung members have definitely helped us when we have been distracted by a litany of other concerns. This post isn't just to praise these FTLs (which they most certainly deserve) its to show how utilizing a Fire Team Lead can increase a squads potential.

    Within the High Paced squad we have been using squad chat for the whole squad and the fire teams use 2 separate Teamspeak channels. This helps clear up comms when the two fire teams are separated. Both fire teams are designed to be able to function as miny squads within themselves class wise. We learned overtime to set this up before we start. On the battlefield we have used the fireteams for flanking, hammer and anvils, holding separate points, covering more ground, and intel. It also helps when the SL gets separated from the squad for whatever reason and someone is right there to carry the momentum forward on the battlefield. I think this is an underutilized role in our outfit and has a lot of potential if two people work together over time. We have found a lot of success with this tactic/role and hope it can help other Squad leaders.


    PS: Big thanks to Bl4xxn, Heleana, and Rybthod for FTLing in High Paced squad



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