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Cloaked Infantry Insertion

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  • Cloaked Infantry Insertion

    This is an alternate way to insert a fireteam.

    ANT Loadout
    Passive Systems: Cortium Storage (maxed out)
    Utility Slot: Transport Cloak (maxed out)
    Defense Slot: (to the taste of the driver)
    Performance Slot: Racer High Speed Chassis (maxed out)

    Once equiped that way, it can be very surprising how far one can go.

    Full Cortium cargo: 10000Icon_Cortium.png
    Utility Cortium consumption: 150Icon_Cortium.png/s
    Total cloaking time: 66,7s
    Speed on flat ground: around 95km/h ≅ 26,4m/s
    Total cloaked distance covered on flat ground: 1760m

    So if one is interested to, say, insert a full anti-tank squad behind hostile lines with a maximum effort on going unnoticed, I think one should give this a shot!

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    Assault and I have been just fooling around with Infils so if we use more that seems to be a good option thanks.



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      An alternative that I've tried (for more of a larger team) is to do the insertion with 6 infiltrators and wraith module equipped flashes. Not sure how much I can recommend the approach, since it constrains at least half of your team to infiltrator roles, but if that degree of specialization is acceptable then it can be a cheap and convenient way of executing this sort of thing. For some HIVE busting squads that might be acceptable, and if you've got a large enemy infantry group that you want to put withering long range fire on that might also be doable. Might also work for a Sunderer busting squad with a bunch of heavies riding shotgun and furies/basilisks mounted on the flashes, but that's a bit of an odd utility.

      This is a neat approach that I hadn't considered; it's easy to forget about the ANT carrying capacity. The cortium requirements add a steep logistical burden, but if you can get your fuel from behind enemy lines then you get to deny it to the enemy! You also have the opportunity to grab construction items as you go; the only thing that'd be worse than an AV team showing up behind you unannounced would be for them to also plop down an infantry tower and a few Phalanx turrets at the same time! Doesn't even need to impact the cloak duration, if you're planning ahead; get your construction objects pulled while you're fueling up the ANTs.

      Does anyone know if an ANT can transport a MAX? That'd be the cherry on top for this.


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        Glad you like it!

        Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
        Does anyone know if an ANT can transport a MAX? That'd be the cherry on top for this.
        Last time I checked, this is a negatory.


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          A shame, but a tolerable loss all things considered.

          The nice thing about this is that excess Cortium (or fresh deposits) can turn the squad into a combat engineering team, and you can plop down a bunker if you want an equipment terminal to pull a MAX.




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