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Close Infantry Support Artillery (3-to-5-men Squad)

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  • Close Infantry Support Artillery (3-to-5-men Squad)

    This has been developped with 031's and it's the main version of the Close Infantry Support Artillery.

    One ANT
    Provides for a Vehicle Pad and additional cover.

    Two "Artillery" Sunderer
    • Armament :
      • M60-G Bulldog
        • 2x Optics
        • Magazine Size
    • Equipment :
      • Utility Slot : (to the taste of the driver)
      • Defense Slot : Vehicle Ammo Dispenser
      • Performance Slot : (to the taste of the driver)
    Squad Composition
    2 to 4 Engineers (gunners)

    1 Infiltrator (squad leader, the pointer)
    • Sidearm: Hunter QCX (with HeXO (6x) Optics)
    • Tool: (to the taste of the operative)
    • Ability: Stalker Cloaking
    • Suit: (to the taste of the operative, recommend Chameleon Module)
    • Utility: (to the taste of the operative, recommend Medical Kit)

    Alternatively to 4 Engineers, there could be up to 2 MAXes in order to provide a last ditch effort of defense in case the supported unit fails.

    How To (general)
    General idea is to be able to fire from complete cover on enemy position. That is hard to accomplish, alone, and it is even harder to be really efficient. The problem is solved once you get someone to mark targets as it goes along and to guide your shots round after round closer to the mark. Make sure to level your Sunderers with a player-made Vehicle pad for optimal precision.

    So the role of Squad Leader is given to the Pointer. That way, he can give a good, precise and fixed mark, with the squad Waypoint.
    Once Sunderers are on their firing position, the Pointer goes as close to the target as he has to. The Stalker Cloaking device is then a must. Then, once the mark is acknowledged by the Gunner, the Pointer orders a calibrating fire. Once he sees the rounds, he tells whether they are too long or too short. Then, the calibrating Gunner applies corrections accordingly and fires again, once Pointer orders it. When direct hit is achieved, proper calibrations are shared to every gunners. This is why the sunderers must be very close to eachother and why the guns must be identical in loadout.
    waypoint 2.png
    Given proper training, one should be able to have direct hit on target after a couple rounds.
    Option is to outfit this team with an AA/AT-MAX to improve its survivability. It has been observed that aircrafts are a real problem for the Artillery unit, since it stands still.

    How To (waypoint)
    The waypoint is used to aim at the target for both declination and right ascension. First, identify the four points on it. Us 031's, for instance, have them identified as
    • #0 "top of the icon"
    • #1 "lower V"
    • #2 "lower armpit"
    • #3 "upper armpit"
    • #4 "upper V"
    • #5 "top of the waypoint"
    Use these references to align your crosshair. It's necessary to identify your crosshair too. As an example, we consider "zero" the upmost point of the crosshair and count up for every notch under it.

    Note that when crosshair's zero is aligned with #4, the range on flat ground is approximately 370m for a waypoint set on a target 400m away.

    When using Optics (2x),

    400m waypoint = #4+4ʌ

    for a target at the same altitude.
    Also, note that you can add a line and dots on your personal map overlay between you and the target in order to place your squad waypoint properly even when its closer or further than the target. However, it is a poor choice, since you then have to account for the altitude of the target while the waypoint seems to already take it into account.

    m60-g bulldog's reticle.png

    How To (timed-shots-barrage)
    Here is the sequence used in order to call for and conduct a proper barrage. I assume you already placed your Sunderers, your Pointer and your Squad Waypoint and that the waypoint has been acknowledged. I also assume that you have a metronome set on the good beat (1 gun is 48 bpm, 2 guns is 96 bpm, 3 guns is 144 bpm and 4 guns is 192 bpm.) You can type "metronome" in Google to have a satisfying one.

    1- Assign numbers to your guns.
    2- Call for a calibrating round to be shot.
    3- Communicate corrections and repeat #2 until you get a hit.
    4- Communicate confirmed proper calibrations.
    5- Gunners fire continuously upon their number being called out after the countdown. Countdown is to match the metronome rhythm.

    Timeline of a barrage with 4 maxed out Bulldogs

    re-fire time: 1,25s = 60s/48
    time between guns: 0,3125s = 1,25s/4
    reload time: 4s
    time before hit: 4s approx

    t0 : first shot gun 1 = t0
    t1 : first shot gun 4 = t0+0,9375s
    t2 : first hit gun 1 = t0+4s
    t3 : last shot gun 1 = t0+12,5s
    t4 : last shot gun 4 = t0+13,4375s
    t5 : reload gun 1 = t0+13,75s
    t6 : last hit gun 1 = t0+16,4375s
    t7 : last hit gun 4 = t0+17,4375s
    t8 : gun 1 reloaded = t0+17,75s = second cycle first shot gun 1
    t9 : reload gun 4 = t0+18,6875s
    t10 : 2nd cycle first hit gun 1 = t0+21,75s

    As you can see, there is a 4,3125s window where there will be no hit instead of a 5.25s window for 1-gun M60-Bulldog action. It's an asymptotic improvement converging but never touching 4s, which is the reload time.

    It also means you have a 3200 DPS output for 17,4375s on direct hit and approximately 1600+ splash DPS inside a 6 meters square, the corollary being that infantry would have to go more than 9,6 m/s (34,56 km/h) to only cross the square and live, because it would take 0,625s in it for a footman without Flak Armor to die.

    (timed-shots-barrage variants)

    In order to mitigate the 4,3125s window, I thought about a way to spread the guns first shots in separate cycles. The actual version gives

    beat 1 : gun 1
    beat 2 : gun 2
    beat 3 : gun 3
    beat 4 : gun 4
    beat 5 : gun 1

    The variant version I picked out would give

    beat 1 : gun 1
    beat 2 : (silence)
    beat 3 : (silence)
    beat 4 : (silence)
    beat 5 : gun 1
    beat 6 : gun 2
    beat 7 : (silence)
    beat 8 : (silence)
    beat 9 : gun 1
    beat 10 : gun 2
    beat 11 : gun 3
    beat 12 : (silence)
    beat 13 : gun 1
    beat 14 : gun 2
    beat 15 : gun 3
    beat 16 : gun 4

    which leaves windows less than a second wide (0,9375s to be exact.)

    Here's a picture of the different time patterns
    barrage different time patterns.png

    the last one being the one I picked. The difficulty is to learn the pattern, but the advantage overcomes it.

    Preferred target
    • Bee-line incoming from the spawn room
    • Dat untouchable deployed Sundy
    • Open-air Capture points
    • Masses of infantry.
    • Turrets

    N.B.: This really is for Close Infantry Support purpose. It will mitigate or totally prevent the redeployside, but the specialization of this element forbid it to ride alone. It is an area denial asset, developped to deliver massive continuous bombardment.
    Last edited by bregard031; 06-25-2017, 11:04 PM.

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    bregard031 , sign me up for this tactic. You've clearly put a lot of effort into working out this strategy.


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      Part of my calculations on the barrage timeline was wrong, now it's corrected.

      I also added a variant for a more experienced crew to provide a more reliable and continuous barrage.

      Make sure your crew understands the use of the waypoint.


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        VLAD is actually working on providing a more regular calibration for distances and good approximations for altitude variations!


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          Note my calculations below. They are based on being in a sunderer with nose pointed toward waypoint and range taken from third person view. add about 20m if you view from the guns. Elevation did not seem to have a "significant" impact because the waypoint is the reference point and it moves up and down with the elevation, BUT it can and will alter slightly. Note that the cross hair notches start at "zero" being the first main line and go to the end of the line being 8. Added a few more references as well:

          200m Top of Waypoint icon (0), Notch 7
          250m Top of Waypoint icon (0), Virtual Notch 9
          300m Lower V (1), Notch -.25
          350m Lower V (1), Notch 4
          400m Upper V (4), Notch 0 OR Lower V (1), Notch 7.5
          450m Upper V (4), Notch 4
          500m Top of Waypoint (5), Notch 0.5 OR Upper V (4), Notch 8

          These will get you within 3 meters of the target if properly executed.

          Thanks to Bregard for the patient assistance in getting these measurements.


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            Note: I play in windowed mode and use a spreadsheet on the side of my screen for quick reference when playing. This morning was self gunning and saw a enemy TR hive i was near. I never did see it with my own eyes but I set up at the 500m mark and just let loose with those fire solutions and hit it (presumably) first shot, every shot. Was pleasing to know. Didn't kill it though sadly. guess i wasn't hitting the core...


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              Originally posted by VLAD View Post
              Note my calculations below. They are based on being in a sunderer with nose pointed toward waypoint and range taken from third person view. add about 20m if you view from the guns.
              is aiming from third person more accurate than from guns?
              Adding a plus about 20 meters seems like a big error factor.

              Vlad, confused what you is as 0 on waypoint. bregard system has 1-4 on waypoint...

              Very exciting stuff Vlad and Bregard. Would like to try it with you some time.
              The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                cool tactics. NC science! (pshsaw Vanu Science!) :)


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                  Confused indeed. My apologies for the confusion. I'll elaborate:

                  Originally posted by Garthra View Post
                  is aiming from third person more accurate than from guns?
                  Adding a plus about 20 meters seems like a big error factor.
                  That isn't for aiming at all. Its for range finding by means of viewing the distance to the way-point only. If your driving the vehicle from 3rd person or if your viewing from gun. When I position the vehicle i'm not in a gun. So my calculations are based on range finding on the fly while driving in 3rd person view for the purpose of getting into an ideal position. But the calculations work if you get your range from the guns too, but you have to add about 20m to the range find. Example of this would be if your in your guns and position but the target changes. At this point you need to take a new measurement. Its not necessary to switch back and forth to get the measurement from the drivers seat 3rd person view, or the guns respectively. Either will do, whichever is more convenient for the situation.

                  Originally posted by Garthra View Post
                  Vlad, confused what you is as 0 on waypoint. bregard system has 1-4 on waypoint...
                  As I had noted, I added a couple references and 0 is one of them. Basically when you put a way-point down, on the screen displays an icon on the ground where that waypoint meets the ground. From the top of that Icon is reference 0. I had also added reference 5 which is the top of the way-point's beam from the heavens. The way-point actually has an end point at the top of it and doesnt actually extend into infinite. Use the top of the way-point for the 500m shots.

                  Hope that clears it up.


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                    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                      Dudes, this is awesome! :)

                      Keep up the good work!
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