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Base Defence - Friendly Orbital strike.

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  • Base Defence - Friendly Orbital strike.


    In the last few months since this post, we have been seeing a slow increase of active base defenders using an orbital strike to defend their own base.

    As I understand currently, there is almost no downside to this. Other then slightly damaging the bases unprotected constructs (repair moduled) and some other such defences to 50% from 100%.
    This also causes casualties from the Strikes, but I need some more confirmation about this.
    Usually after the "cleansing" happened the enemies would be scattered or their assets destroyed. And this would allow defenders to regroup and get a breather.

    some unknown questions I have:
    Does it kill all the friendlies in the blast zone?
    Is it block by the skyshield nonetheless?
    Does it penetrate towers, bunkers and pillboxes?

    Should we allow use of this tactic here at TG?
    If you have anything to add about this touchy tacic please do.

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    Pretty sure it's 100% friendly fire on it. If friendlies are in that AO, they get blown up. Skyshields, AFAIK, merely prevent an orbital strike call down beneath them as opposed to being any real defense, and it's possible to put a strike down at the edge of the shield and still hit everything under it that's in range. I haven't tested it, but I believe the orbital strike penetrates everything, terrain, buildings, etc. If you drop one on a Bio Lab (briefly possible with an exploit) you're going to catch a bunch of the people inside.

    Using such heavy ordinance to defend your own position is necessarily risky and it's likely to create collateral damage. IMO it fits with our playstyle and restrictions so long as we're making every effort to keep our own troops and friendlies out of the blast radius, but dropping orbital strikes essentially on our own position is a desperate last resort.




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