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Refining Our Sunderer Destruction Tactic

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  • Refining Our Sunderer Destruction Tactic

    This situation seems to be happening quite a lot of late. We're travelling via Galaxy or Sunderer and spot an enemy Sunderer and decide to go for it as a target of opportunity. The squad drops a short distance away and Heavies begin engaging with long range AV while one or two more persons runs up to the Sunderer to plant C4. Either the C4 is detonated prematurely from the Heavy's rocket fire or there's still another squad member near the Sunderer when it goes off resulting in one or more team kills.

    I'd suggest if anyone in the squad intends to plant C4 on the Sunderer, they need to call it out via squad comms first so that all the other members can hold their fire until the bricks have been planted and they can safely exit the area and avoid the unnecessary team kills.

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    A good point. The guys running up with c4 are placing themselves at risk of both friendly and enemy fire.
    Coordinating that by holding fire is a good way to mitigate that risk.

    However, my thought is that we really shouldn't be using c4 in that situation at all.

    As you describe the hypothetical facts there is no doubt that the Heavy Assaults/Engineer turrets/sunderer guns will destroy the target... Its a target of opportunity, meaning we chose to get into this fight, likely because we thought we could win it fairly easily.

    Asking the rest of the squad to hold fire until the brick of c4 is placed may slow the time until the target is destroyed, particularly if the squad is large and has several heavies/a MAX/ anti-tank engineer turrets. Maybe with a small squad the c4 brick may do enough damage to speed the kill up, even allowing for the decreased damage while the rest of the squad waits for it to be placed... but it would have to be a squad without much AT. The distance between the friendly sunderer "dropping" the squad and the enemy sunderer would also be a factor.

    But beyond the time to kill the sunderer, I don't see how it is worth the risk to the guys with c4. What's the gain? Often the class with c4 is a medic, which makes that person even more valuable to the squad. If there are any defenders at all, running close to the sunderer adds to the risk. Even if the c4 placement and detonation is a success, the risk of the c4 guy getting killed by hostiles is real even with a small defense force. If the c4 guy goes down, even if the good guys win the battle, it will force the squad to stay at the location longer to pick up its downed member.

    Also, the c4 costs nanites and requires a re-equip to restock. The other types of ammo being used do not.

    In summary, based on the situation you describe, I don't think use of c4 is the best tactic based on the increased risk and use of nanites for little gain.

    However, I am in favor of using coordination and teamwork to minimize risk. Assuming you are going to send the c4 guy forward for some reason, it would be wise to coordinate it with the rest of the squad. I suggest the SL tells the heavies/engineers to target the front of the sunderer while the c4 guy runs for the back side. That way their rockets will not hit the friendly or his C4. (The SL could pick any side or portion of the sundy, this is just an example.)

    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      I agree, the use of C4 is mostly an xp thing, and can be much more effective with just rocket usage, I dont even carry C4 for that reason
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