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Odd Ball Artillery Idea: The Buzzard

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  • Odd Ball Artillery Idea: The Buzzard

    I have an interesting idea for a small support squad based around the Buzzard as a light mortar.
    I will need help testing this concept if anyone is interested.

    The basic idea is that the Buzzard is an area weapon mounted on the flash. Flashes can be configured for stealth and speed. (Infil cloak, stealth defensive system, speed chassis)
    The buzzard is effective up to approx 340 meters maximum range. Taking into account uneven terrain, lets call it 300.
    The buzzard takes 5-6 magazines, or 24 seconds to destroy a sunderer from first hit to last. (With one buzzard.) It kills infantry in one magazine of 3 rounds. (Unless they have explosive armor.)
    The buzzard has a 3 meter area of effect. This means its indirect damage area is 3x the area of say the bulldog.
    Flashes can aim using fire team or squad waypoints on the target to get a Left/Right aiming point. That only leaves the ranges to figure out...

    If you add this all up, the Buzzard could be used as great guerilla weapon. You stealth towards the target, get within 300 meters, and bombard it, and run before anyone comes to kill you. It would work for infantry or sunderer targets. Even if an enemy sends out a hunter/killer unit like a harasser to get you, and one atv was destroyed, they cost only 50 resources. Best of all the ATVs can split up, minimizing the chance more than one will be tracked and killed.

    The weaknesses: 1.) Air units. The only defense I can see would be infiltrator cloak, to simply hide from aircraft. 2.) Sunderers with cover on 3 sides. (Hard to position on the one remaining side.)

    Squad composition would be 1 spotter to correct rounds, and 2 to 4 ATV driver/gunners. So total squad is 3 to 5 people. Given that time to kill a sunderer for 1 buzzard is 24 seconds, time to kill with 2 is 12. With 3 it is 8 seconds of fire. With 4 it is 6 seconds. Allowing for one or two misses before the rounds are on target, you could still theoretically kill a sunderer from about 300 meters away in under 30 seconds. That is hardly enough time for anyone to come and get you or react. The only limiting factor is your ability to range the target.

    To make this idea work will take some lab work to get ranges. Anyone willing to help in this crazy idea, post here. Asorr and Muffin helped some already.

    The gunners will require some training to be effective... But hey, I guarantee you a chance to try a new strategy no one has tried before. And this is a way for a small "remainder" squad of 3 or 4 guys to do something really off the wall to support the squad.

    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Nice post Garthra.

    I would be happy to lend some time on this. I can be a spotter or a shooter. Let me know!




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