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    So lately I've been thinking about my kits of choice and others' loadouts. For example:

    As Heavy, my #1 class.
    For CQC I use either the NC6 Gauss SAW or the Naginata for suppressive fire, or the NS15 for assaults and using 1x scope for all. And equip the Hawk rocket launcher for dumbfire, as well as air deterrence. I've also unlocked C4 but I get yelled at for using them on sunderers.
    For AA/AV, regardless of the launcher I'll usually have an LMG with a 2x scope, which can take down pilots, drivers, or other infantry at a distance.

    As Medic, I use a Darklight on the standard rifle. I feel that support classes (Medic and Engineer) should have the Darklight on their main for instant cloaker detection, as otherwise people would have to pull their sidearms if they even have Darklight on those.

    As Engineer, the common dilemma seems to be two hardlight barriers, or one barrier and one turret. I usually run reserve hardlight with Spitfire auto turret.

    Any comments or criticisms on kits?
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    no weapon is better than another. They are just better suited for different situations. The starting weapons are the jack of all trades, the most average.


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      Also, to xbow or not to xbow? I know we don't use smoke very often, but there also isn't always an infiltrator in group so no recon darts. If a Medic has Darklight on his primary, would xbow with Detection darts be worthwhile?
      "I am actually looking forward to watching Jon and Kate plus 8." - Dirtboy


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        The recon darts are situational and up to the player in my opinion. The main issue that I have with them is the low lifetime. An infiltrator with SMG would be much more useful overall.


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          Yeah one infil can be the difference between holding a point or losing one, if they make sure to capture strategic turrets and go for a sundy spawn. The very few times iv been infil has been to sit at a base or get behind the enemy line with a cloaky sundy or drop a beacon.

          As for loadouts - I usually run with the Saw on my heavy or shotgun for close range. My medic is always with a shotgun as for the most part I don't expect to be shooting much unless its to help clear on a push or to get rid of knifers. Blacklight on my sidearm only, as a lot of infils run about cloaked anyway blacklight is only useful for those that know how to crouch and sit still for almost perfect invis,

          My engi - I have anti tank, with the Bishop and a 2.5x scope, mana turret and mines. for infantry as i'm sure most of you have seen, I use the gatling turret, hardlight barriers and again a shotgun, the turret is my mid to long range option, anything out of range of this and I am being inefficient, that turret is my go to for defence and its going to sound silly, but I mainly use this to draw fire rather then get many kills, its great suppression and usually draws the maxes to me.

          All my shotguns have the black and white heat scope as again mid/close range is what I use it for mainly and my KD has taken a definite improvement.

          Something I think would be a good idea, for newer people like myself is having a guide as to where to place my certs, I have thrown quite a bit at things like making a repair gal - cloaky sundy - and engineer and medic tool upgrades, Im gradually improving my implants but im still a little lost on where I am supposed to get ISO-4 from as I normally get about 50-70 after 5-6 hour sessions Im hoping that is way under par and i am missing something, perhaps a suggested kit doctrine?

          I have heard a lot spoken about under barrel rocket launchers which I understand are anathema to max's when I save up another few thousand certs I might invest in one and give that a try as well on my fairy, What are your thoughts?


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            I've always thought we should try to get one infil for full squads. Radar is a massive advantage. Back in the day I used to turn even pop statemates into wins just by sitting on a scout radar flash at big fights when I noticed a lack of radar. Stopped that because of directives, but I bet it still works.

            I stopped using the crossbow radar bolts when I got ASP, because the Jackhammer is just more useful individually, and when I run in a squad I kind of expect someone to be running radar who can do it better.


            I get ISO-4 primarily from alerts. This is why I want us to try to play to win them, as a win is worth a lot more than 2nd or 3rd place. If you see a continent control alert pop up, do your best to play for that entire 90 minutes. Don't quit with 15 minutes left in an alert, stick around if you at all possibly can so you can get the rewards.

            Here's a good guide on where to put your early certs:

            I would also add that I would always try to be working towards some directive or three at any given moment. Probably the most useful one is the LMG directive, because when you get your medals in the 5 LMGs, you get the Godsaw, which IMO is worth it. Most but not all other directives are "fluff" for rewards, but they still give you something to work towards. Before Directives were in the game I manged to get over 5000 kills with the Piston (still the best infantry shotgun in the game IMO), but I wish I got the auraxium medal on the other shotguns instead so that I could have the shotgun directive already done.

            If you're going to spend money on the game (i.e. Daybreak Cash), you should probably only buy Nanite Systems weapons, and possibly implant packs (I believe the Recycler is the best, because you have the best chance to get Exceptional implants for the money you spend). And maybe one or two camos/helmets that you really like. Everything else I tend to buy with certs, including faction-specific weapons. The real exceptions are the special "platinum" or "AE" weapons I used to get the Exceptional Directive done. The best way to get those is from the Anniversary Bundles though, so wait until November to get them.




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