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  • PS2 and SLI

    I was getting decent frame rates before, averaging around 60 with high settings. But for some reason the SLI profiles that came stock from NVIDIA would literally shut my computer off. I played with my .ini file (which deserves a whole thread alone) and still nothing would allow my game to run properly. Basically when I had SLI turned on, I was averaging 25 or so FPS, which was way lower then a single card.

    Fast forward a week, I played with virtually every setting there was and bam - 125+ FPS. That is running ultra setting which basically adds a few lines in the .ini and raises most settings from high (which is represented as a 3 in the file) to ultra (represented as 5s).

    For those of you running SLI and want a big boost, in the SLI profile adjust the "Max GPU Rendering Mode" to "alternate frame rendering 2", turn off "vertical sync" and set to "single display mode" if only using one monitor. Spent a whole lot of time restarting the computer, especially since this should have been a simple profile from NVIDIA that worked from the jump street. I am running dual GTX 590s (3gb each) in quad SLI, so I knew it should be running a bit stronger...

    Also, I did not see a thread on .ini tweaks or other hardware tweaks. Was there one on the forum?
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    Re: PS2 and SLI

    there were two :D

    and the later end of this one:

    I have an ATI 6850 so i keep most of the settings down but i use a custom .ini to make it still look awesome with good framerates
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